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Fight On State has added a new regular feature for premium members called the FOS Friday Football Forum where members can ask questions and have a dialogue with FOS staff members on topics ranging from players to prospects to playcalling and more. Today the subjects ranged from Justin King and Jimmy Shaw to team fatigue and the running game.

Here is a transcript of today's chat:

PlaybookMark: Well Connor is still on the scout team at MLB

KokobewareHI: koko in da house!

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PlaybookMark: Hey Koko - representing the South Pacific!

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KokobewareHI: From parts unknown...weight unknown...

KokobewareHI: ...actually that's the missing link

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PlaybookMark: Seems King may be seeing more offensive touches tomorrow - have been working him more on that side of the ball this week

WeRPSUPlaybook: and speaking of the unknown... there's brennan..

KokobewareHI: Mark...Ed Johnson? back in 2006?

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jwtanger: Will Sargent get more PT? Possibly punt return?

mxbscout: hmmm

mxbscout: yes

mxbscout: that's a guess

PlaybookMark: Koko - good question - they have setup guidelines for him to return - if he adheres to them (which he has thusfar) yes

WeRPSUPlaybook: I agree with that guess

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MeadowLion: King seeing more reps? that is good since he wasnt on the two deep at WR....i know he rotated in some but still, that is good

Psu96: Joe's not stupid. He knows that King is a gamebreaker and needs to be on the field a lot.

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PlaybookMark: Meadow - observers said not to worry about him not being on the two deep - they shift him alot in practice - WR/CB and has no "set" spot right now

mxbscout: Depth chart doesn't really matter with king

mxbscout: right

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KokobewareHI: or ricky upton :)

MeadowLion: understood, but they dont give him enough game reps at WR IMO....he is a gamebreaker

WeRPSUPlaybook: king brings too much to the offense to be on D only.. he'll get his reps

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Chief32: Any word on where Connor will play when he comes back? Will Shaw or Sales be the odd man out eventually?

PlaybookMark: jwtanger - Sargeant dropped down to the second team this week - has a good foundation just needs to look the ball in more and shed coverage

MeadowLion: any chance king or davis takes over as the nickelback for cronin on occassion....cronin has to be getting tired

KokobewareHI: Sarge is just learning the position. He's a natural RB...scat back.

PlaybookMark: Meadow - King is exected to see more WR reps this week - at least that is the plan

NWNittany: what's the latest on jimmy shaw ? will he dress ? any pt ?

MeadowLion: good to hear mark

Psu96: Meadow, Joe is very reluctant to put too much on the freshmen's plates. I think he might be guilty of coddling them a bit too much, but that's his style. King will see more and more reps as they go along and he proves he can handle everything coming at him.

mxbscout: When King goes in, Anwar moves to nickel

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MeadowLion: yeah, but king doesnt go least not much

KokobewareHI: What is the deal with Anwar this year? Is he on sedatives or something?

PlaybookMark: Chief - Connor is at MLB on scout team - could be back next week - that probably puts Sales at #2

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MeadowLion: Sales had a studly play or two to start the game last week....he will be a good one IMO

PlaybookMark: NWNittany - Jimmy Shaw had not practiced as of midweek - but "he looks very close to being ready" - since he didn't practice this week unlikely he sees a lot of reps, but maybe some

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jwtanger: Rush or Q, who is starting?

snakester: What is the running back situation this week?

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mxbscout: Rush

Psu96: I think Rush will start again, but expect him to be on a short leash

WeRPSUPlaybook: Rush will start again..

MeadowLion: this will likely be rush's last start

WeRPSUPlaybook: as for the RB situation, Hunt will get the start, Scott will get more time

NWNittany: fwiw, I think shaw is crucial for the minny game.... need him 100% by then...

PlaybookMark: 96 - good way to phrase it - Rush is on a "short leash" - AQ is in hir pursuit

PlaybookMark: hot

KokobewareHI: he should be 100% by that is...

snakester: Will Kinlaw take time away from Scott?

mxbscout: Not sure what Mark has heard, but I get the sense Hunt plays more because he is a better blocker

nittlion: shaw and paxson at the DT spots will be very good

PlaybookMark: NWNittany - based on Shaw's progress he should be 100% by Northwestern

Chief32: How about Morelli PT this week.....any indication on if he'll play earlier than the 4th quarter?

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mxbscout: Who knows?

mxbscout: Paterno says every week he wants to get him in early

mxbscout: then does not follow up

jwtanger: Since the offense established a deep threat will they try to mix in the short passing game?

nittlion: the morelli thing is a broken record

WeRPSUPlaybook: I think the game situation will tell a lot on when or if Morelli gets in the game

PlaybookMark: Hunt is clearly the #1 back , Kinlaw and Scott have split second team reps this week, Scott seems to have the edge, but Kinlaw is "Superfast"

mxbscout: I was surprised Morelli did get more PT vs. Cincy

Psu96: I've been wanting to ask Joe about his comfort level with using Morelli with the 1st team when the game is still in doubt, but it's tough to get a question in there while I'm typing the recap.

mxbscout: middle of fourth quarter of a blowout seemed kind of late

WeRPSUPlaybook: I am too brennan, Morelli is one play away from being THE QB

NWNittany: at the risk of geting booted from the room, I think lowry has done a much beter job on punt returns this year. excluding the fc at the 5.

PlaybookMark: Chief - like Brennan said Paterno keeps saying he wants to play Morelli more, but I think they are sold on MRob and scared to put a game in Morelli's hands right now with the OL questions

KokobewareHI: I see Delaware in Scott's future.

nittlion: if we didn't try that ridiculous reverse on the cincy 10, Morelli would have gotten in much earlier

PlaybookMark: NWNittany - he has - Lowry's average return went from 7.9 to 14.1 yards a 75% increase

mxbscout: I hear Holler is not doing well there

KokobewareHI: not well at all

NWNittany: I guess we could say the same about scott... one play away from starting tb

NWNittany: or, on fumble

PlaybookMark: Koko shed light on Holler this week - he needs to take a hard look at his work ethic

KokobewareHI: If we do not land shady, I think it is a real possibility that the staff asks AS to RS next year.

Psu96: Anyone else read the article in the Pgh Tribune-Review on Scott today? He's not comfortable in the backup role and worries about his PT constantly. Not good when you're thinking about that stuff all the time instead of your assignments.

PlaybookMark: It was shocking to hear some say Holler was "the hardest worker on PSU" and an insult to the guys who were workhorses in the gym

MeadowLion: What is the deal with Tony Davis? All kinds of hype preseason and neither him nor king have seen much time over cronin in the nickel package?

Psu96: Cronin is a senior. Nuff said.

nittlion: davis better be ready next year

PlaybookMark: Meadow - good question - and that is it Cronin has played decent and the fact that he has "paid his dues" in Joe's eyes likely gave him the edge

Psu96: He's ready this year nittlion. Whether he gets a chance to show that or not remains to be seen.

mxbscout: Penn State has to play more defensive reserves, period

nittlion: i'd like to see scirotto gets some experience too since we are burning his rs

Psu96: agreed Mark

mxbscout: at all positions

PlaybookMark: Davis has the speed and technique to be solid - AZ hs been working with he and King a lot on coverage skills

Psu96: They should not be working AZ for 90 plays against these non-conference opponents. There won't be anything left in his tank by the heart of the BT schedule this way.

NWNittany: I would think cronin would be a better choice for nickel since he is a better against the run.... just a thought. Davis looks like a true corner to me

PlaybookMark: 96 - spot on point!

NWNittany: agree 100% 96

nittlion: with Shaw, Connor, Poz, Lee, hayes and sales at LB next year, someone needs to go to DE for a year...sales or hayes?

PlaybookMark: Cronin has plyed pretty well all around

MeadowLion: from what i have heard, davis is ready....why not play?

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KokobewareHI: ditto...Cronin has been a pleasant surprise.

MeadowLion: oh, i wasnt taking anything away from cronin.....just curious

KokobewareHI: anwar has been a HUGE disappointment.

PlaybookMark: Sales seems to have the build to be a DE, but he struggled with the position when he was there - Hayes would be intriguing there, but he seems ot be a pure MLB

Psu96: nitt, I just can't see them moving Sales or Hayes from ILB. They will be a terrific one-two combo there for years to come. You need that kind of depth.

NWNittany: anware needed a cup of coffee last week

jwtanger: Cronin always looks good against scrub teams. Then the good teams coming calling and...

KokobewareHI: coffee and smelling salts!

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Psu96: Cronin will be picked on by the BT opponents in coverage because he'

Psu96: he's not fast enough IMO

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nittlion: i just think there is too much talent at 2nd team LB to not try to get them on the field

mxbscout: I've always liked Cronin

nittlion: next year that is

NWNittany: I guess that's why they keep him on the inside guy

PlaybookMark: linebacker is deep right now and defensive end needs a serious depth boost

mxbscout: Figured I might as well pick a fight

nittlion: that's what i am saying mark

nittlion: i guess we'll see how recruiting goes

NWNittany: well, time to drag myself into work.... have a good one everyone....

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Psu96: I'll take the other side Mark. I've always seen Cronin as the Bob Jones of the secondary. Makes all kinds of plays against the lesser opponents but might be a liability against the better opponents.

nittlion: but it's tough to get DEs who can step in as frosh

Psu96: Odrick could pencil himself into the two-deep automatically if he chooses PSU

mxbscout: Yes, but I'm not sure who they've had hwo has been better

mxbscout: who

PlaybookMark: Odrick would be a win-win - tough to ignore the opportunity on the depth chart and to play for LJ

jwtanger: Not so fast 96, we have plenty of walkons to fill the two deep next year at d-end.

Psu96: Anwar is a better nickel for instance and I'd rather JK be getting those CB reps now and then so that he has some experience at the position to be ready to take over for AZ next year.

mxbscout: Have you watched Anwar this season?

PlaybookMark: actually Ross Muir was in the five man rotation at DE before he got his knee sprain - looked decent

mxbscout: or last season?

roar94: Another area of concern for me (depth) is Safety. Who does everyone see as the two deep at both Safety positions in 2006?

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nittlion: cronin, anwar and lowry scare me a little in the nickel... a dose of speed with JKing is in order there

mxbscout: he has had a few issues of his own

MeadowLion: Im not so sure that King will move from offense

Psu96: He looks bad I'll admit. I don't think he played that badly last year.

PlaybookMark: the frustration with the secondary is the cushion coverage play - especially on 3rd down when teams can convert 3rd and 16!

nittlion: king should be playing more...on either side of the ball!!

mxbscout: being opposite AZ is tough

jwtanger: Anwar looks complacent. He needs a wake up call.

nittlion: jwtanger...give connor his number

MeadowLion: I think that Lee may be moved to safety next year....especially if we get i think we will

Psu96: For those who don't remember, Jones had career games against the likes of Southern Miss and then got pushed around by OSU and UM.

mxbscout: and MSU

PlaybookMark: Well Lee has extensive experience at safety - some added size with his speed would make an intriguing safety

mxbscout: he was a good long-snapper though, at least after his first one

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nittlion: lee doesn't look like a safety to me

mxbscout: I can't see Lee at safety, either

Psu96:Donnie Johnson and Nolan McCready look like possible starters there next year

PlaybookMark: nittlion - too big?

nittlion: i want to see what scirotto has got

mxbscout: best hands on the team, according to Paterno

Psu96: Scirrotto would be a backup. Beyond him, I'm not sure.

PlaybookMark: Timmons seems to be a potential solid safety with corner speed if he can get a handle on that speed

nittlion: he looks like a great run stopper at LB...but not nec a great coverage guy

nittlion: donnie johnson is a lock to start at safety next year

PlaybookMark: It is good that DJ found a position

PlaybookMark: It will be interesting to see if/when EZ smith is able to displace Antolick at center

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nittlion: second quarter at NW

mxbscout: That was a slick move on the staff's part, moving A.Q. to guard

nittlion: i thought that was joe and jay! j/k

PlaybookMark: A.Q. has the toold to be an outstanding guard and see some meaningful time early

Psu96: AQ probably moves back to center next season after EZ is gone, allowing Harrison and Cadogan to step into the guard slots

PlaybookMark: Although PSU needs some stability at center and having a three year center would be awesome

jwtanger: You better be right 96

PlaybookMark: I am surprised Harrison hasn't seen the field yet...

jwtanger: Mark, Harrison has to pay his dues.

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daCronk: sup?

WeRPSUPlaybook: He's been paying a lot of dues, jw

PlaybookMark: Harrison has received some outsyanding reports and was ahead of Price this preseason

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Psu96: Harrison is ready to play. That kid is so passionate about PSU and bringing the quality of the OL up to past standards

Think1: What if we get Wenger? He'd be a great backup to AQ.

PlaybookMark: I agree Harrison is ready - talent, technique and attitude

nittlion: why shipley and not harrison thus far then?

jwtanger: I was being sarcastic. Love Joe messing with these kids. Lets start Price over Harrison. Makes sense

PlaybookMark: by the way Posluszny still gives the OL pep talks regularly

PlaybookMark: gotcha

Psu96: Reed is probably the reason we haven't seen Harrison. He's playing with some intensity finally.

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PlaybookMark: Reed still wears the green second team jersey in practice but has had first team reps all week

MeadowLion: Reed would be an all conference guard if he was motivated a little more and surrounded by a little better line

nittlion: good point 96...the interior of the OL should be decent...someone needs to go outside to T

KokobewareHI: Reed is on FIRE this year. I think BALCO trained him in the offseason.

Psu96: Going from tackle to guard is not as easy as just moving over one slot.

Think1: BALCO is better than HIT

MeadowLion: Is there a uniform that would fit a log? Because a think a log would be better at RT than Wilson

nittlion: i know but it can't get much worse that it is now

Psu96: Whenever Joe trots out that line "He's not very athletic.", it's time to worry.

KokobewareHI: but he's "a big man" according to Joe.

PlaybookMark: With Harrison, Shipley and Ohrnberger (if he gets outta the casa de perros) the line would have a solid foundation to build from

MeadowLion: if he "isnt that athletic" then why is he on the team? did he win a contest or something?

Psu96: On Wilson, Joe said "He's a big man, but he's limited in what he can do athletically."

nittlion: one more preseason game and then finally the regular season

Think1: Is Wilson related to someone?

nittlion: next friday i'll be a nervous wreck

PlaybookMark: Tackles have to be athletic, especially with the speed teams have at end now

MeadowLion: Well Richardson is clearly more athletic....but i cant say he will do much better against a speed rush

nittlion: that is where most of the pressure on MRob has come from

Psu96: Meadow, PSU changed their recruiting strategy a while ago to try and become more like your typical BT OL by recruiting big guys. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked because too many of those big guys weren't quick or agile enough to succeed here.

KokobewareHI: Wilson is simply an enigma...he hasn't looked horrible...he's been a solid C player... argh :(

nittlion: we need to recruit some mean OLs!

PlaybookMark: amen

Psu96: That strategy appears to have been scrapped based on the linemen that have been brought in these past couple of classes.

PlaybookMark: AQ is nasty

nittlion: i wish levi was

KokobewareHI: yeah but Levi's a future NFLEr LOL!

PlaybookMark: yeah Levi is an enigma...

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PlaybookMark: hey spider

nittlion: so is richardson!

Spider legs 11: hey Mark

Spider legs 11: give us some news!!

MeadowLion: Levi is a chameleon....he blends in with the competition

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PlaybookMark: Levi would seem to be an ideal OT, but something is missing

cwf110: does anyone know why we changed to that seemed we were doing pretty well when we first joined the league...wasn't it our line pushing everyone around?

KokobewareHI: maybe EZ would be nasty if they hung a 40 of 8 ball 5 yards form the line of scrimmage!

PlaybookMark: Spider - we have been posting tons of info - where've you been - who do you want to know about?

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Psu96: probably had to do with the way that opposing OLs were manhandling the PSU DL

PlaybookMark: hwy 78

nittlion: remember the fornadel days

Spider legs 11: working - some of us still have to do that ;-)

MeadowLion: I have heard that the OL struggles because the staff expects them to blow DLmen down field 10 yards every play and they physically would seem to make more sense to me to run more traps to set up easier blocks.....thoughts?

PlaybookMark: :)

hysch: Fran Ganter recently said that Joe doesn't allow the team to practice anywhere near the NCAA limit of 20 hours per week. Is that a factor in this "exhaustion" we're hearing about?

PlaybookMark: It will be interesting to see how Kinlaw fits into the scheme this week - he had looks good with his second team reps, but with AS and a recent retunr not sure how much time he sees

Spider legs 11: Shaw - heard he is at DT for depth, but they want to RS him and move back to T. But I thought I saw him in the game on D last week

Spider legs 11: Jon Shaw that is

nittlion: AS will probably walk to the locker room if Kinlaw plays meaningful snaps at TB

Spider legs 11: John - duh

Psu96: I'm hoping to see Kinlaw back on kickoff returns instead of Tony Hunt. Personally, I'd rather see Sargeant or King back there with DWheels, but if it isn't going to be 2 freshmen, then at least put Kinlaw in there.

PlaybookMark: hysch - the exhaustion is related to the young guys - King, Williams, Butler ,etc. - they see a lot of reps and are still getting into college condition - the older guys are said to be fine

nittlion: i was perplexed by the hunt move too

KokobewareHI: I don't beleive that exhaustion crap for a second

nittlion: i worry about injury more than exhaustion

hysch: I think John S.'s # used to be it's 78. #75 was in last week

mxbscout: I buy it with the defensive players

78Lion: I can believe the D is tired. Look how long they ahve to play on saturdays

nittlion: especially on d

KokobewareHI: The only guys that are gassed are on the D side of the ball

PlaybookMark: And the exhaustion is relative - these guys are not dead tired - they simply get a little winded - they are fine

jwtanger: King and Williams were on kickoffs last week.

Psu96:John Shaw didn't play last week.

Spider legs 11: jysch - that would explain what I saw - i saw #75

nittlion: Hunt too at times jwt

KokobewareHI: HUNT was cramping.

KokobewareHI: more to do with fluids.

MeadowLion: tanger, williams and king were only in on a few kickoffs though

78Lion: not enought water for Hunt. Figured he have learned by now

PlaybookMark: They need to incorporate rotations with the defense - this is a marathon!

hysch: In general, could less practice time contribute to our lines seemingly getting pushed around in recent years? I'm under the impression some teams push the 20 hour limit.

78Lion: Who do you rotate in the D Line?

Psu96: Mark, the bad part about not rotating guys in and out now is that some of the young kids are going to get their first taste of playing time against Big Ten opponents. That is not a recipe for success.

mxbscout: Gaines, Lucian

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mxbscout: Not sure what is up with E. Robinson

PlaybookMark: DT: Alford, Paxson, Shaw DE: Rice, Hali, Gaines, Lucian

PlaybookMark: hey lioness

PlaybookMark: 96 Exactly!

mxbscout: you hear anything, Mark

Psu96: Seems like a redshirt might be in order for Robinson unless more injuries occur.

oldlioness: hey Mark

nittlion: they are thinking of rs him...brennan...i think

78Lion: Is Shaw playing this week?

nittlion: i doubt it 78

Psu96: They blew his redshirt last year on a handful of plays just like they did with John Shaw 2 years ago

nittlion: we are good at that

Spider legs 11: King - why has he not seen more plays - seems he is only getting a handful of plays - and obviously taking advantage of them - i am perplexed by this

PlaybookMark: There has been talk of redshirting Elijah

nittlion: that is what i am worried about 96 with scirotto

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PlaybookMark: With Alford, Shaw and Paxson Robinson is likely not going to see significant time

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PlaybookMark: Spider - they are working to get King in more action this week - he saw more snaps in practice this week with the wideouts

nittlion: we better have our young secondary guys ready for the early trip to south bend next year!

PlaybookMark: First Team wideouts: Butler, Williams, Golden and Norwood, but King has been stepping in for Golden

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Psu96: I honestly don't have a problem with a kid strictly playing special teams if the coaches do it consistently. Scirrotto is always out there on punt returns. I don't know if he's on other coverage units or not, but the coaches obviously have him out there because they think he can provide something to the team this year.

nittlion: hope you are right

oldlioness: I agree 96, we need improved ST coverage this year

Psu96: Scirrotto was a real ballhawk in high school by the way. He holds the West Deptford career and single season INT record.

nittlion: did we need to play sargeant this year

Spider legs 11: how long until EZ gets time at C

KokobewareHI: Our K.O. return formations still make me dizzy :(

nittlion: 96, i am more arguing that he see some scrub time at safety since he is not rs-ing

MeadowLion: Williams will break a K.O. if he can get a little better blocking...he has great burst through the wedge

Psu96: That wedge is one of the most frustrating things I've ever seen Koko. Williams gets up a head of steam and runs smack into 10 bodies wearing the same uniform he is.

nittlion: lol 96

KokobewareHI: yep :(

KokobewareHI: look at what OSU does and compare it to PSU

Spider legs 11: HS runs better return systems than PSU - very frustrating

oldlioness: more like a wedgie!

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Spider legs 11: OSU is exactly who I was going to reference for KO returns

mxbscout: Wonder if a special team's coach would help?

nittlion: there are no running lanes

nittlion: too gimicky

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KokobewareHI: it's so obvious, it's painful to watch

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol lioness

Psu96: The punt return unit does a nice job. Not surprisingly, Larry Johnson is coaching them. Everything that guy touches turns to gold.

PlaybookMark: PSU need ST focus

jwtanger: Koko, there are a lot of painful things to watch when it comes to PSU football.

KokobewareHI: the fact that Joe mentioned that the team FIRST started working on STs the week of the SF game got me shaking my head...

Spider legs 11: will morelli actually see any "meaningful" time? I won't believe it until I see it

cwf110: i thought we would see more of sarge in the slot running underneath routes...the practice reports on him were that still whats coming out about him?

daCronk: definitely seems liek they are slowly adding sarge and king to the offense, don't want to show all they have yet

MeadowLion: Dwill recently told a recruit that they have only shown about 5% of their you believe it?

Psu96: spider, that's the $64,000 question. I'm with you. I'll believe it when I see it. Joe missed an opportunity last week. I hope Morelli plays at least 1 quarter tomorrow.

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daCronk: meadow-yep...and once morelli gets in there, we'll see it :-)

cwf110: sarge seems like a brian westbrook who would create tons of match-up problems for opposing defenses

MeadowLion: ha, know that if we see Morelli it will be with a watered down playbook

Psu96: Well, they've completely ignored the short and intermediate passing game, and the run game consists mainly of QB draws and runs inside the tackles. I hope that's not the entire playbook.

mxbscout: I have to cut out folks, thanks for stopping by

PlaybookMark: Thanks for chatting with us guys! Be sure to stop by next week - same FOS time, same FOS place.


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