Staff Predictions: Lions vs. Chippewas

Once again the Fight On State staff tosses out its predictions for the upcoming Penn State game. Rob Riva and Tom Mclaughlin are tied for the lead through two games, going 2-0 against the spread. Cincinnati's two last-ditch-effort touchdowns threw the rankings into an early tailspin.

With Mark Brennan, Mark Harrington and Scott Neal bringing up the rear, it is a good thing these guys won't be planning any outings to Las Vegas in the near future.

As for the middle of the pack, five staffers are batting .500, including Bob Lichtenfels, who has miraculously stopped the gloating we heard following his nearly on-the-money pick for the game against South Florida.

This week has the staff rethinking their choices as to how Penn State will match up against the Chippewas and the spread. It should prove interesting...



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