McCoy on Penn State

Are the Nittany Lions still in the mix for the blue-chip running back from Harrisburg? McCoy tackles this question, and addresses rumors that his family is set to relocate to Arizona, in an update with Scout'com's regional recruiting expert.

As the season progresses so do the rumors surrounding recruits. Every message board poster has an inside source or someone close to the situation. While some do manage to get good information, much of the material is unfounded. Recruits do hear the rumors and LeSean McCoy gets a kick out of them.

“I swear people just sit around and make up stuff about me,” McCoy laughed. “There’s always some kind of story about me out there.”

The latest rumors had his family relocating to Scottsdale, Ariz., to be closer to his older brother LeRon McCoy, who is a rookie wide receiver with the Arizona Cardinals, thus making USC the team to beat.

“I can tell you my family isn’t going anywhere,” the Bishop McDevitt standout said.

Often when people talk about McCoy and his favorites, Penn State is excluded. Has his interest in the Nittany Lions cooled?

“Nah, not at all, they’re in my top five,” he said. “I probably won’t take an official visit there, because I can see them anytime I want to. I’m hoping to get there for the Ohio State game Oct. 8.”

The rest of his top five has yet to be finalized, “but Virginia Tech, USC and Penn State are in it. I have the Virginia Tech visit set and I’m going to USC for their homecoming. I’m not sure of the exact date.”

A few weeks ago, McCoy and his Bishop McDevitt teammates played a game in State College. McCoy took the time to take a walk-through at Penn State.

“Yes, I did go to Penn State for a walk-through,” he said. ‘I mainly just talked to the coaches there.”

McCoy was very excited about his recent selection to the U.S. Army All-American team.

“It felt really good to be honored as one of the best players in the country,” he said.


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