Game-Day Weather Forecast

Hi friends, as promised, here's a quick look at what to expect weatherwise for the Penn State-Northwestern game that will be in Evanston, Ill., Saturday.

It was a very stormy Thursday around Chicagoland with many reports of strong thunderstorms, but luckily things will calm down a bit as we go into the weekend. The cold front that passed through that area today will actually reemerge as a warm front, slowly pushing to the north over the next several days. We tend to look for rain and thunderstorm development (not to mention clouds) along fronts, and this will be no exception as the boundary will pass through northern Illinois during the day on Saturday.

Therefore, a few raindrops may invade your tailgate if you happen to be one of the lucky souls who are traveling to Northwestern for the 11a.m. kickoff. Your gametime forecast: Mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm, too; kickoff temperature will be around 66, with an afternoon high of 74.

In brief, it's been another eventful week weatherwise. The first day of Fall was Thursday, and Hurricane Rita became the third most intense Atlantic Basin hurricane on record, behind the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 and Gilbert in 1988. Rita, which was once a category five, is a strong category four at the time of this writing, and looks to make landfall near the Texas / Louisiana border near Port Arthur, Texas. It's not difficult to imagine what will be the end result of this hurricane, since we saw in vivid detail what Katrina left in her wake, and it makes it all the scarier to think that there will most likely be widespread damage from this storm along another part of the Gulf Coast. New Orleans isn't even off the hook with Rita; several inches of rain from Rita are expected to fall on the city, meaning that there may once again be flooding and damage of the area since the levy system is still not back to 100%. Yogi Berra said it best - it really is like de ja vu all over again. Sadly, it isn't in a good way. Katrina was more than enough, and I can't even start to think of how Rita may lash out on eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

While keeping all those who have been and may be affected by Rita and Katrina in our thoughts, we look ahead to Saturday's game, in which Penn State goes in with a 3-0 record. It looks like slowly but surely the offense is starting to click… but the real tests are to come when the Nittany Lions get deeper into conference play.

Back next week with more! I bid you all a good day.

Go Big Blue. Beat Northwestern.



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