FOS Friday Chat Wrap

If you missed's afternoon premium chat, never fear. You can catch what went on in our recap right here.

PlaybookMark: Guys — watch for another true frosh to see some time tomorrow...

mxbscout: I'll bet it is Sean Lee

nittlion: Hayes

PlaybookMark: Mark — wow you're amazing!

PlaybookMark: Sean Lee is expected to see PT tomorrow

mxbscout: at which spot?

nittlion: OT?

mxbscout: nice

mxbscout: which LB spot

PlaybookMark: LB

mxbscout: a group of commedians

PlaybookMark: not sure — trying to find out

mxbscout: why would they wait until the Big Ten season to play him?

nittlion: interesting that they'd wait til Connor comes back to play him too

nittlion: doesn't seem necessary but maybe they figure they D is going to be on the field a lot

PlaybookMark: Hayes is expected to RS

nittlion: does that mean he would stay in SC and not travel? Hayes that is.

mxbscout: We'll know tomorrow morning

mxbscout: I'll hop in the game chat and let everyone know which rookie made the trip

PlaybookMark: I doubt Hayes will travel this week

mxbscout: unless I can get it sooner

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nittlion: i can't sit in front of a computer during the game

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PlaybookMark: Hey Sem and youngie

PSUSem: how's it going?

mxbscout: nittlion, why can't you sit in front of a computer during the game?

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PlaybookMark: Also, Scirrotto has been on return duty with Lowry this week

PSUSem: i'm sure this has been addressed, but will we really see connor this week?

nittlion: i'd rather drink beer and pace in front of my tv

mxbscout: good approach

WeRPSUPlaybook: lol nittlion

PlaybookMark: Sem - I personally believe that Connor will see time tomorrow

mxbscout: me too

nittlion: plus, i have a 2.5 year old and a one month old

mxbscout: wow

nittlion: yeah, my life is over

mxbscout: at least you have FOS chat

nittlion: lol

PlaybookMark: Williams has not see significant time on punt returns this week — simply struggles fielding the ball

mxbscout: he was not even warming up in that capacity before the CMU game

nittlion: Put Scirotto back there to catch it and pitch it to DWill

nittlion: how about Butler or King?

PlaybookMark: Scirrotto catches everything kicked to him

PlaybookMark: No — punts have been with Lowry and Scirrotto this week

PlaybookMark: Also, Patrick Humes is back from his hamstring injury

nittlion: i guess we'll have to live with Lowry for the season

mxbscout: Sargeant was back there before the CMU game, too

nittlion: our coaches should watch tapes of Ohio State's kick return team

PlaybookMark: Did everyone catch in our last report John Shaw is expected to redshirt and shift to tackle?

PlaybookMark: The wideout lineup has been:

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nittlion: yes, sounds good to me...although if he is really that good, maybe he should be playing this year in Wilson's spot

jwtanger: I think John Shaw will make a fine OT.

PlaybookMark: First Team: Golden, Norwood, Butler and Williams

nittlion: Golden...hmmm

PlaybookMark: Second Team: Kanuch, Perretta, Sargeant and Kilmer

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nittlion: King needs to play more...I think we say that every week

PlaybookMark: E.Z. Smith has been working on long snaps this week in practice

mxbscout: punts or placements?

PlaybookMark: Punts

PlaybookMark: Alford is the short snapper

mxbscout: that's why I asked

PlaybookMark: Weber lost his short snapping job last week...

PlaybookMark: Nick Daise was demoted from long snapping duties this week

nittlion: i hope we are doing more short snapping and less long snapping this year

PlaybookMark: They will work to get King in more sets — he is listed as 2nd team CB, but gets a lot of reps with the WRs

nittlion: he's just too good to be spending so much time on the sideline

PlaybookMark: What other questions?

AlmostTownie: what are the chances we play more press coverage?

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nittlion: bradley alluded that we should've done more last week

PlaybookMark: Townie, Bradley has a tendence to play off on spreads, but they have been working on more press looks this week

nittlion: he wasn't expecting the outs they threw

AlmostTownie: az played up a little more in the second half

AlmostTownie: and the short passing didn't work nearly as well

AlmostTownie: i'd think it'd help in run support too

PlaybookMark: They are afraid of big plays

jwtanger: Any notables traveling/not traveling this weekend?

PlaybookMark: It would, but CMU was running hard outs which were a concern

AlmostTownie: how many people are allowed to travel?

PlaybookMark: Connor, Smith, Lee all expected to travel and play

Spider legs 11: that is Joe's MO anymore — Afraid ... is miami, Michigan, Fla, Okl, USC, Ohio St. AFRAID!!!! drive me crazy

PSUSem: What about Hayes playing this weekend?

jwtanger: Sean Lee is going to play? Has he played yet?

PlaybookMark: Sem - Hayes is expected to redshirt barring any injuries (knock on wood)

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PlaybookMark: No Lee has not played yet, but the staff feels he is ready to see some work

PSUSem: Hmm, interesting about Hayes. I'd figure he'd get a shot before Lee because he played LB in HS. But then again, what do I know?

Spider legs 11: why play Lee instead of Hayes??

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Spider legs 11: Lee seems to need the year for strength and size — Hayes is physically ready now?

PlaybookMark: Spider — the D staff loves them both, they had to make a decision and for whatever reason chose Lee...

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PlaybookMark: "Lee is an animal out there"

Spider legs 11: Mark - i assume that is a quote from your source?

mxbscout: The Big Ten travel limit had been 60. I'm looking to see if that has changed

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PlaybookMark: I am not saying Lee is going to see a tremendous amount of time only that observers have said the staff is expecting to working him into some PT

PorterandHastings: Sorry if asked, but status of J Shaw this week?

mxbscout: he is expected to play

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mxbscout: if you mean Jim

nittlion: i like the idea of paxson and shaw at dt together

PlaybookMark: Yeah Jimmy has been running second team at DT and is expected to play

mxbscout: John Shaw will likely redshirt

PorterandHastings: The DT (can't keep their names straight)

mxbscout: Paxson and Shaw play the same position

PlaybookMark: Think of it this way John has an O in his name for "offense"

nittlion: i know but maybe they shouldn't

mxbscout: you don't like Alford?

nittlion: no

PorterandHastings: got it

mxbscout: why

PlaybookMark: Jimmy gets the rotation back to where they need it at DT

nittlion: he's ok but shaw and paxson are much stronger against the run

nittlion: i realize we need all 3 of them though

mxbscout: Not sure that's a key this week. But maybe vs. smashmouth teams later

nittlion: exactly

nittlion: shaw on run downs, alford on pass downs

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PlaybookMark: By the was — Auletta suffered a concussion earlier this week in practice — he should be fine

nittlion: is harrison really out for the year?

PorterandHastings: By the way, got my FOS mag in the mail - good stuff.

PlaybookMark: Harrison has a nagging foot injury thorugh the off-season this time he injured his ankle - not sure how long he is sidelined for

mxbscout: thanks Porter

PlaybookMark: Porter - glad you like it

PorterandHastings: Bad news re: Harrison. Still think OL is a problem..

nittlion: OL is always gonna be a problem under the current regime

117eastnittany: you don't think they've improved every game?

117eastnittany: all we can ask for at this point

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nittlion: have we been able to run the ball effectively/consistently against bad teams?

nittlion: not really

117eastnittany: true, but have we really tried?

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PorterandHastings: The OL didn't exactly blow USF, UC and CMU off the ball the way I expected.

PlaybookMark: Offense passed, passed, passed by design

nittlion: but when we tried to run, it didn't work

jwtanger: How did the young OL's look in the game on Saturday?

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mxbscout: second-team line struggled

nittlion: agree

mxbscout: Morelli was running for his life

mxbscout: I agree with nitlion, the O-line has been THE problem with this program

PorterandHastings: Kenney, players or something else?

mxbscout: who was the last PSU O-lineman to win first- or second-team All-Big Ten honors?

nittlion: hartings?

mxbscout: I look at the common denominator

117eastnittany: 2nd teamers looked bad IMO

mxbscout: not that long ago

jwtanger: The OT for the Giants.

nittlion: mck

117eastnittany: McKenzie

mxbscout: right

117eastnittany: did Webberburn?

nittlion: and i thought he underachieved at psu

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mxbscout: McKenzie was second-team in 2000

nittlion: our OL play "soft" IMO

mxbscout: since then not one O-lineman has been first- or second-team. Amazing

PSUSmitty: i can't figure out if it has been the recruits, coaching, the strength program, all three, or something else

PlaybookMark: Hey Koko

nittlion: we need some a-holes who want to pancake people

PlaybookMark: AQ

PSUSmitty: regarding the line

nittlion: agree mark

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mxbscout: I think it goes to coaching, the common denomenator. It is not like they are recruiting all stiffs

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KokobewareHI: sup fellas

117eastnittany: what it is

PSUSmitty: Brennan - believe that is the likely culprit too, but it makes me scratch my head given all the success we had with lineman in the past

nittlion: i could name a few stiffs...although they were recruited by everyone

KokobewareHI: holler

117eastnittany: it's a crap shoot getting OLineman

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117eastnittany: farris, marmo, etc

mxbscout: Smitty, think of when this all started

mxbscout: the decline began in the late 1990s

PSUSmitty: yes

mxbscout: after Cirbus left

KokobewareHI: smittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

PorterandHastings: Holler can't even crack the starting lineup at DE

PSUSmitty: but i hoped that some of his teachings rubbed off on the Dick Andersons, and Kenneys

117eastnittany: "work in progress"

PSUSmitty: Koko - good to see you on here my friend

117eastnittany: lol

mxbscout: Anderson was tremendous with linemen in 1980s

mxbscout: he moved back in 2000

PSUSmitty: right - Dick Anderson was perhaps the best OL coach in America

WeRPSUPlaybook: The small quick linemen that Anderson worked with worked well in the 80s against the independent schedule PSU Played..

PSUSmitty: back then

nittlion: i thought cirbus left in the early to mid 90s

mxbscout: it was a different game then

WeRPSUPlaybook: in the big ten, Penn State needs BIG quick linemen..

PSUSmitty: good point WeRR

PorterandHastings: Is Cirbus still coaching?

WeRPSUPlaybook: but they seem to have recruited a lot of "BIG BODIES"

nittlion: went tu ubuff in 94 or 95

mxbscout: Cirbus left following 94

mxbscout: he left Kenney with a great line

nittlion: cirbus made guys like andre johnson and conlin into good college OLs

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WeRPSUPlaybook: hey 96..

Psu96: hey

nittlion: those guys weren't athletically gifted by any means

PorterandHastings: Even Matt Gallagher had a cup of coffee in the pros

PSUSmitty: Brennan - prediction for Sat?

mxbscout: 24-10

mxbscout: PSU

PSUSmitty: i think 24-16 PSU

PSUSmitty: but we look clearly better all game

PSUSmitty: Mich/Wisky?

PorterandHastings: 31-20

nittlion: wisky

WeRPSUPlaybook: Mich by 10

nittlion: calhoun looks pretty good

PSUSmitty: Mich 24-20

PSUSmitty: with help from the zebras

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PorterandHastings: Buckeyes/Hawkeyes?

117eastnittany: I think we can beat Mich, but not OSU

WeRPSUPlaybook: Iowa in an upset by 3, 27-24

117eastnittany: unless like Smitty said, help from the Zebras

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mxbscout: Does Penn State crack Top 25 with a win?

117eastnittany: nope...Minny yes

hecklar56: PSU can crack top 25 with a blowout, looking stellar

nittlion: if so, make sure you frame it

WeRPSUPlaybook: Not unless a lot of low end top 25 teams lose and PSU wins big..

117eastnittany: unless ALOT of teams lose

WeRPSUPlaybook: A PSU win over Minny (assuming a win over NW) gets PSU into about the 22 spot

mxbscout: Wisconsin and Iowa are both in very losable games

mxbscout: I agree, though.

PSUSmitty: believe OSU wins 13-10

PSUSmitty: in an UGLY game

mxbscout: Early prediction for PSU Player of the Game vs. Northwestern?

nittlion: i'd love it to be tony hunt

gianluca: has to be MROB

117eastnittany: MROB

WeRPSUPlaybook: Williams finally has his breakout game.

mxbscout: Charles Rush

mxbscout: just kidding

nittlion: sean lee

117eastnittany: so is USF pretty good?

WeRPSUPlaybook: LOL Brennan... not the NU player of the game...

PorterandHastings: We'll see when they play Louisville.

117eastnittany: might make me feel better if they can hang w/ UL

WeRPSUPlaybook: Louisville looks pretty good.. That will be a test for anyone

117eastnittany: Mike Bush is enormous

117eastnittany: reminds me of Greg Jones w/ speed

mxbscout: I say Williams is POG. NU has poor pass defense and does not cover kickoffs well

WeRPSUPlaybook: oh oh... kiss of death.. Brennan agrees with me...

117eastnittany: didn't we recruit Bush?

nittlion: our season is going to hinge on MRob's decision making and our OL

gianluca: yeah but Joe lost him to Yale

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PSUSmitty: Minn/Purdue?

WeRPSUPlaybook: ok everyone... I'm gone for now..

PSUSmitty: I think Minny wins a shootout

PSUSmitty: 35-31

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nittlion: later guys...enjoy the nailbiting win!!! ; )

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Psu96: now that I've said nothing of consequence, I have to get some work done. Enjoy the game everyone!

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mxbscout: thanks for stopping by everyone


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