How Long is Harrison Out?

At a press conference Tuesday, Penn State coach Joe Paterno was asked about the status of redshirt freshman guard Greg Harrison. Stating he had a "leg" injury, Paterno indicated Harrison would remained sidelined for a "couple more weeks." This motivated several fans to write FOS asking about Harrison's situation and recovery.

So we spoke with observers who said Harrison is "done for the season" due to a foot injury he sustained last week in practice.

Last Tuesday, Harrison was engaging his assignment in drills, and while pushing off out of his snap his foot gave out. He suffered a similar injury during the spring, but he kept practicing on it. This injury may be the result of the previous injury not being allowed to fully heal.

The injury resulted in stress on the Lisfranc joint, located on the top of the foot (see the X-ray pictured). This has limited Harrison's ability to push off and come out of his stace or even put weight on the foot given the resulting swelling.

Harrison had surgery on the injury and has already started his rehabilition process. He has been able to attended practices and is serving as a "sideline supporter of the offense."

The recovery time for this type of injury is expected to take about three to four months.

Harrison was listed as Penn State's second-team right guard, behind Tyler Reed, before the injury.


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