Ohio TE Louis Irizarry

Louis is considered by many to be the best tight end prospect in Ohio this year and has 10 scholarship offers already. He names his favorites and talks about his interest in the Nittany Lions.

Name: Louis Irizarry
Position: TE / OLB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
Bench Press: 275 pounds
School: Ursuline High, Youngstown, OH

When LionNews spoke with Louis two months ago, he had offers from Wake Forest and Michigan State.

"I'm up to 10 now I think," Louis said.  "Ohio State, Penn State, Boston College, Pitt, Purdue, Maryland, Vanderbilt and West Virginia have offered."

Louis is already visiting prospective schools.

"I think I'm going to Notre Dame's spring game on the 27th.  That's the same day as Ohio State's, so I'm contemplating which one to go to.  I'm going to Ohio State on Saturday (April 13) morning to see a practice."

Louis went to junior days at Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan.

"I was supposed to go Notre Dame's junior day, but they had a big snow storm."

Louis attended a junior day at Penn State on February 17.  He returned with teammate Terrence Graves for another Penn State junior day on March 23.

"They told me just to come up and get the academic feel for it.  There was a practice this time too.  I went around with the academic supervisor and talked with him about some things."

Who are Louis' favorites?

"I'd have to say the teams close to home: Ohio State, Penn State and Notre Dame.  I haven't made it out there (Notre Dame) so I don't want to lean to any particular one.   I want to get the inside look at each school."

Louis is not planning to go to the Nike Camp at Penn State this Sunday.  He may attend the Blue-White game on Saturday.

He will attend at least one summer camp this year.

"I'm leaning towards Ohio State's.  They sent me the Elite Camp forms and I'm thinking about them a lot.

"I think I have a good enough look at Penn State and I think they know me well enough so I might not go to their camp, not to show a lack of interest, but I kind of know where I stand with them and I don't know where I stand with the other schools.  So, I might go to Ohio State and possibly Notre Dame.  I've also heard about this prorating stuff, going to a camp for one day, I might do some of that too."

Where does he stand with Penn State?

"Right now, they're definitely a possibility.  I know that academically, everything's cool.  It's great there, it's a great school.

"They always mention that they need a tight-end like me.  I think they need a tight-end like me.  They've been looking for one and I think I can do stuff on that squad.  Somebody said that if I'm that good, they won't even redshirt me.  That's what they're expecting because they didn't recruit any [tight-ends] last year.  I think I know most of what I need to know about them.

"They seem really high on me and they just want me a part of their offense, that way they can open it up.  I really sat down and talked with them seriously because I've been seeing Jay Paterno for around 2 or 3 years now.  He's been up at the school watching games.  He's kind of honest with me and he tells me 'you have to look at everybody, but you can be playing at an early age right here at Penn State'.   That sounds good.

"The only thing that worries me is are they truly going to use the tight-end or just once a game for a short pass.  I don't think I could deal with that.  I'm just kind of wary about the history there.  But, I don't know, everybody changes once in a while."

Louis currently plans to major in Engineering.

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