FOS Friday Chat Wrap

Catch the highlights from Friday's premium chat, which covered a wide range of topics, from the Nittany Lions to Minnesota to recruiting analysis and news from expert Bob Lichtenfels.

mxbscout: What's up everyone?

KokobewareHI: rolling rolling rolling huh!

KokobewareHI: what's the story with Sarge?

jwtanger: So what are the odds that MRob is going to hold onto the ball Saturday?

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mxbscout: Good question, Koko. I'll have to do some digging to see

BobLichtenfels: Howdy

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BobLichtenfels: Aloha koko

KokobewareHI: Aloha Bob

mxbscout: I'd say the odds are pretty good, jwt. He knows he has to clean it up

MeadowLion: You think King sees more action on offense this week with the defense presumably playing less nickel

KokobewareHI: can't see Sarge seeing any time at WR with the others stepping up

mxbscout: I don't see King's role changing much. And I think the emergence of Norwood may be making things difficult for Sargeant

BobLichtenfels: Bob is glad Norwood is doing well

KokobewareHI: Yeah...Norwood is definitely a better WR than Sarge...better hands and a better route runner

MeadowLion: how can they not play King more on offense with what he has done on the offensive side thus far?

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jwtanger: Where will Connor play? Middle or Outside?

YorkPAinPSU: sup team

KokobewareHI: Also...Sarge won't be a KR with JK and DW back there

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KokobewareHI: Since we burned his RS...why not have him work as a PR and a 3rd team RB?

mxbscout: It seems like they are trying to get Sarge involved in the punt return game. Not sure when we will seem him do that in a game, though

KokobewareHI: My only concern with Sarge is that the Staff messes with him and moves him to corner...ARGH!

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BobLichtenfels: i was just going to hit that point Koko, its almost like they panicked for playmakers early and maybe should have waited a game or two to see what transpired

nittlion: agree with that

KokobewareHI: We may want to RS him next year to build some depth at RB...asssuming the staff moves him there.

nittlion: that is what practice is for

mxbscout: Connor is still at outside linebacker as far as we know

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YorkPAinPSU: i hate wasting kids RS;s but I'm glad the staff handled the WR the way they did

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BobLichtenfels: Its a double-edged sword, if you save him he see's no action in the OOC games which would help him later, but his redshirt is blown for what a few plays

rriva: hey everyone

BobLichtenfels: sup

YorkPAinPSU: hey riva

mxbscout: hey riva

KokobewareHI: Yeah...can't blame the Staff on this one...they had no idea who would step up at the WR spot.

nittlion: heck, i think king should be playing more

rriva: Bob, I think every recruit in the nation has either diconnected their phone, or changed their number....

BobLichtenfels: exactly

YorkPAinPSU: so do i

KokobewareHI: riva the DIVA!

nittlion: he needs to touch the ball more

BobLichtenfels: welcome to recruiting

YorkPAinPSU: every time he touches it he takes it 40+

mxbscout: I agree. For all the flack the staff take for not playing true frosh, it is hard to be too critical here

BobLichtenfels: No wonder i have seen demarco Murray in the Hotnews every other day it seems like

snakester: How is the turf taking hold?

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scpsu21: I think the rain this past week helped considerably

mxbscout: Saw the turf Tuesday and walked on it. it seemed fine.

mxbscout: Since I didn't want to burn it up, I did not run any 40s

scpsu21: HA

bplion: Mark, lol. You may not have finished by now anyways.

nittlion: or you could give them $$

mxbscout: I have a good first step

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mxbscout: then I stop

78Lion: So does a polka dancer!

snakester: I think JoePa wanted to challenge you in a 40 race, only if you wore pants!

nittlion: like my dad used to say, "I'm short, but I'm slow"

mxbscout: he'd beat me

mxbscout: How about some predictions on this game?

nittlion: Minny 23-16

BobLichtenfels: I know i'll be player hated on but I'm goin with minnesota

PSUBETA: PSU 42-20 (MRob --- no TO's)

MeadowLion: 24-23 PSU

BobLichtenfels: Maroney could be the best back in the country (complete back)

mjmirv: I predict 3 mrob fumbles

rriva: maroney is the best back in the country

nittlion: ok if we recover them!

PSUBETA: power and speed

nittlion: we have fumbled 13 times in 4 games and lost 7


BobLichtenfels: I like a little Bush everynow and again, reggie is a bad man

nittlion: we are last in the conference in to's by 5 i think

PSUBETA: I will enjot seeing the USC-ND game.

PSUBETA: enjoy

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mxbscout: tied for last in TO margin at minus-five

BobLichtenfels: I cant wait for that one beta

BobLichtenfels: USC-AZ St could be a good one this week

nittlion: the one promising thing about NW was a PSU drive at crunchtime to win

nittlion: we used to be able to do that at will in the old days

PSUBETA: My head says the TO's continue. My heart says otherwise, obviously.

nittlion: the last couple years, we couldn't even get one first down to start such a drive

PSUBETA: USC-ND could be a shootout. Same for ASU.

BobLichtenfels: I think USC waxes ND

PSUBETA: MRob will grow, hopefully.

nittlion: me too...too much speed

KokobewareHI: ASU is good. They have top 10 talent. I agree that USC pimp slaps ND.

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BobLichtenfels: ND's strength is their OL, USC can fight that with a great DL

PSUBETA: I don't know. ND always plays the Trojans tough.

nittlion: SC really struggled in the first half with Oregon

cdbpsu89: good morning everyone

KokobewareHI: BTW...Herbie picked us to beat Minny...the bad news...he picked Illinois to upset MSU last week

PSUBETA: USC offense will not be stopped by the Domer D tho.

BobLichtenfels: If ray kirkley can run on ND reggie Bush will have a field day

nittlion: then they just flipped a switch

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PSUBETA: I will be shocked if USC ever punts the ball.

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KokobewareHI: I'd love an tOSU // USC matchup.

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playdrums: doggonit - I'm s'posed to be working

mxbscout: no you're not. you're supposed to be here

cdbpsu89: Any thoughts on Michigan-Michigan St tomorrow?

BobLichtenfels: I'd rateher see texas/USC

KokobewareHI: our verbal Brackett is putting up good numbers so far...looks good running and throwing...what do you guys think?

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playdrums: MSU is gonna kill UMich

BobLichtenfels: Mich State will win

nittlion: where is that game?

jwtanger: Unfortunately I think Meatchicken will beat MSU.

GoPSU05: I think UM will bounce back

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cdbpsu89: These are the kind of games Michigan State loses, though

playdrums: I don't think UM has the D to stop Stanton right now

playdrums: cdb, I agree

PSUBETA: cdb --- exatly.

KokobewareHI: Biggie or Pac?

playdrums: lose when they don't expect it

cdbpsu89: It's in East Lansing

BobLichtenfels: If Mich State wins, they may be tough to beat the rest of the season

BobLichtenfels: PAC

YorkPAinPSU: biggie

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78Lion: all rests on Henne if he can hit open receivers and Hart doesn't get hurt again they will wear down MSU

PSUBETA: MSU will lose a big game. They only get bigger the longer they remain unbeaten.

YorkPAinPSU: will Hart play??

KokobewareHI: simila to the thrilla in manilla people call me biggie the _____ filla

78Lion: poi

rriva: sorry for the quick stop, i gotta jet, i'll try to get back later

rriva: be good

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KokobewareHI: Is this a scUM board all of a sudden?

YorkPAinPSU: McCoy injury on Lemmings generation next

cdbpsu89: What is Tressel doing with his extra week to prepare?

YorkPAinPSU: Lemming will move McCoy down

78Lion: car shopping

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KokobewareHI: $$$paying a visit to recruits!

cdbpsu89: nice 78...LMAO

playdrums: I don't think it is surprising if McCoy gets moved down

PSUBETA: Planning blitzes

playdrums: considering his foot was dangling there

YorkPAinPSU: just seeing lemmings face irritates me

cdbpsu89: Doesn't LeSean basically have the same injury Austin Scott had in the off season?

KokobewareHI: who te heck is this paging me at 546 in the mornin crack a dawnin now i'm yawnin wip the cold from my eye...

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playdrums: I don't think Austin had a compound fracture

YorkPAinPSU: see who's this paging me and why

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YorkPAinPSU: percy harvin is a awesome

BobLichtenfels: McCoy's was not compound

PSUBETA: Who is Austin Scott?

cdbpsu89: They corrected Shady's initial injury wasn't compound

PSUBETA: It was ugly tho.

playdrums: ah, I thought it was. My bad.

KokobewareHI: Its my _____ pops from the barber shop...

obLichtenfels: Percy has 17 TD's Dickerson 16

BobLichtenfels: thats unreal

cdbpsu89: real ugly

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YorkPAinPSU: they're showing clips on tv

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BobLichtenfels: I cant wait until the AA Bowl harvin, hazelton, and Dickerson at WR

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YorkPAinPSU: Moreno on now

cdbpsu89: Bob, will any of those guys be early enrollees in January?

KokobewareHI: Fellas gotta run...and I'm out like acid washed jeans!

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mxbscout: See you Koko

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GoPSU05: what about Chris Bell, will he be at the AA game

PSUBETA: How is Moreno doing? Grades up?

cdbpsu89: they're coming back Koko

YorkPAinPSU: beta, they didn't say much just asked him dumb questions

PSUBETA: Acid wash jeans? eeeeeeeew

PSUBETA: Quality.

BobLichtenfels: Can you picture my prophecy?

BobLichtenfels: stress in tha city

PSUBETA: I wonder if Joe has indicated an interest if he gets the grades up? Bob?

BobLichtenfels: tha cops is hot for me

BobLichtenfels: tha projects is full of bullets

cdbpsu89: The big question is...will Poz pull a Flying Waterboy on Maroney tomorrow?

BobLichtenfels: tha bodies is droppin'

PSUBETA: :):):):)

PSUSem: Has this turned into a rap battle? If so, that's awesome

BobLichtenfels: there ain't no stoppin me

playdrums: sounds like the new Beaver Stadium

BobLichtenfels: sorry had to combat Koko's biggie wake

playdrums: is this an audition?

bplion: Bob, has Dicersons td been at RB or WR?

BobLichtenfels: both

BobLichtenfels: Bell i have not heard for sure if he has made it or not, they are still doing the announcements

PSUBETA: IS Moreno a possibility if his grades are better, or will he be going elsewhere?

cdbpsu89: Hargrave

BobLichtenfels: i think he's headed elsewhere, i haven't really heard of any grade issues

PSUBETA: definite?

bplion: Have read a report that Bell has had a poor senior year so far. Can anyone confirm.

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BobLichtenfels: Maybe head coach issues, baggage

cdbpsu89: he's getting doubled on every play

PSUBETA: Maybe Bell's head coach isn't showing him the love!

PSUBETA: Gotcha.

BobLichtenfels: I got nothin' ta lose

bplion: Lots of drops from what I read.

BobLichtenfels: it's just me against tha world

BobLichtenfels: Koko got scared

BobLichtenfels: took his Poi and ran

cdbpsu89: Is that you, Marshall Mathers?

BobLichtenfels: lol


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cdbpsu89: LeSean's got nothin' on the Real Slim Shady Lichtenfels

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mxbscout: I'm heaing Sargeant will be worked into the offense a bit more this week

nittlion: presumably at someone's expense?

bplion: id imagine seargant on WR screens

PSUBETA: Maybe at TB, since we only have one of those.

mxbscout: No, it will be at wideout. I expect to see a lot of three- and four-wide

LexLion: Sargeant NEEDS tobe in there, otherwise, 2005 has been a wasted season, ala Morelli in 2004.

nittlion: hopefully the staff will work some underneath stuff with all the D focus on the long balls

daCronk: with our o line we need 4 wr's to be able to run the ball up the middle

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PSUBETA: Underneath for a little ball control and variety? Unheard of!

mxbscout: right Cronk

nittlion: and we ran 21 times for 22 yards

nittlion: but the punting was outstanding!!

PSUBETA: We were awesome last year.

daCronk: also look for a lot of swing/circle passes to the RB's

nittlion: that's what we need to do

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bplion: thats what I'm think also Cronk.

daCronk: i believe hahn and hunt had success with that last year against minny

nittlion: i remember hahn had a big one

PSUBETA: ...for 22 yards.

BobLichtenfels: yes that is it

BobLichtenfels: Drum Roll...please

BobLichtenfels: I have the chat wrap scoop of the day

nittlion: all is well?

daCronk: waiting.....

BobLichtenfels: Just received word that Johnnie troutman has suffered a torn ACL

LexLion: Rolle is changing his mind (lol)

BobLichtenfels: Yes it sucks but there's a silver lining

PSUBETA: Nuh uh!

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PSUBETA: We have decided to take all 4 and 5 star injured players?

daCronk: he can come visit now?

BobLichtenfels: He has talked to LJ and staff about this type of thing before it happened and they said they would honor his ship

nittlion: silver lining?

PSUBETA: And he is coming?

cdbpsu89: Is there any reason we don't run that center screen to the wideout anymore ala Engram or McDuffie?

Psu96: who got hurt?

nittlion: he did it kicking wannstedt in the nuts?

LexLion: some will back off of him now


BobLichtenfels: He loves PSU and honestly i would be surprised if he doesn't end up in happy valley

mxbscout: Last season, Hunt had seven catches for 110 yards vs. Minn. Rubin six for 60.

Psu96: who are we talking about?

GoPSU05: troutman got hurt

PSUBETA: We will have a freshman class of the infirm.

BobLichtenfels: Johnnie troutman

daCronk: very nice

Psu96: Johnnie Troutman. What did he do?

daCronk: this could be a very good class

nittlion: if we win

daCronk: i really think we get the maryland trio

PSUBETA: If they sign and heal.

LexLion: Bob, what the latest with Jeremiah Hunter?

BobLichtenfels: Steve Ryan the nebraska pub spoke to him last night, so once he gets the story i'll get it

Psu96: thanks

BobLichtenfels: Torn ACL 96

Psu96: aw man

cdbpsu89: Any new news on ALE?

PSUBETA: And Walton?

BobLichtenfels: Hunter's phone numbers have changed

BobLichtenfels: as have Walton's

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Psu96: that's a 2-year recovery period to get back to 100%. Troutman would likely redshirt under that scenario but I would definitely still take him.

LexLion: lol ... they are getting sick of the gurus calling

BobLichtenfels: hell yeah, LJ tutoring him the kid could be a stud

BobLichtenfels: Honestly lex coaches are worse then we are

PSUBETA: Lex - you beat me to it.

BobLichtenfels: these guys call these kids from 6;00am to midnight


PSUBETA: Too weak...

cdbpsu89: the kids are still up watching Sportscenter

BobLichtenfels: I'm not gonna say troutman will be a nittany Lion, but i think there's a very good possibility

LexLion: Bob, your thoughts on how PSU stands with the Maryland law firm of Bowman, Logan-El, Maybin, Taylor and Walton


bplion: He better pull the trigger wuick though. I feel after OSU game that position could fill up.

Psu96: bp, don't get your hopes up for a bunch of commits right after that game. Most kids PSU is recruiting are taking most if not all of their official visits before deciding

GoPSU05: Taylor is going to be at the maryland game this weekend

cdbpsu89: who do they have?

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BobLichtenfels: Bowman may be the best possibility

BobLichtenfels: Tenn is loaded with youn backer

cdbpsu89: Any guests scheduled for Happy Valley this weekend?

GoPSU05: i think virginia, but im not positive

BobLichtenfels: he seems small to fit in at OSU

Psu96: cdb, Chris Bell is making an official visit to PSU this weekend

BobLichtenfels: 2 juniors that i know of of hand will be there

mxbscout: Bell is the only "name" guy lined up so far, senior-wise

Psu96: Pat Bostick and...

BobLichtenfels: Pat bostick an

cdbpsu89: Nice!

BobLichtenfels: Chuckie crewshaw

BobLichtenfels: from central Dauphin

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BobLichtenfels: he transferred from susquehanna township

mxbscout: From what I gather, Bell is arriving sometime in the next couple of hours

YorkPAinPSU: sorry just got back, Bostick is coming to Minny game

cdbpsu89: doesn't Bell have a game at Granby this weekend?

BobLichtenfels: maybe the airport can get us a phone number

GoPSU05: it would be nice if Robinson has a good day

cdbpsu89: he will

mxbscout: I've also been told there will be about 50 folks (the total covers recruits and family members) on hand for the Ohio State game

bplion: Is Walker Lee Ashley visiting this weekend. Or is he enrolled at Minnesota.

mxbscout: That will include seniors and underclassmen

GoPSU05: wow

Psu96: Mike McQueary will have something special up his sleeve for next weekend I think.

cdbpsu89: I believe Ashley is enrolling at Minnesota in January

daCronk: 96-that is what he told us

YorkPAinPSU: 96, i think a win may be the biggest thing he could have up his sleeve

mxbscout: It would be better if the team had something special up its sleave vs. Ohio State

mxbscout: these next three weeks are big from a recruiting standpoint

cdbpsu89: first things first...gotta kight it up tomorrow

YorkPAinPSU: i was talking about tOSU

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cdbpsu89: light

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playdrums: hate to bring it down but....

Psu96: They should all hide brass knuckles in their pants and clock the Buckeye in front of them when the refs aren't looking. Just like WWE. :-)

playdrums: PSU doesn't win the big ones anymore

LexLion: Don't understand the Ashley thing. Since he was short on the SAT, or lacked the grades, would he have to go to prep school before enrolling at Minny?

playdrums: so, let's not get our hopes up


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Psu96: Until they show me otherwise, I expect PSU to be 4-3 going into the Illinois game.

playdrums: zactly

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cgiam311: howdy all...

YorkPAinPSU: yep

BobLichtenfels: No Lex

Psu96: that doesn't mean I think they have no shot to win any of the three games, just that they haven't come up big in a big game in so long it's hard to expect a win.

zeta1344: hey laydrums, go play with yourself....i'll get my hopes up all i want, haha.... we should beat Minnesota

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BobLichtenfels: he can still take the test, and enroll in courses

playdrums: I can't get myself worked up zeta

playdrums: it's too smoky in my office from the fires

playdrums: no playin' with myself

BobLichtenfels: plenty of ways to skirt around eligibility nowadays

cdbpsu89: Lex---never got clarification on Ashley at SC, but got the sense it was an internal screw-up at SC. I believe he's eligible for admission

zeta1344: Im fed up just like everyone else... but we have too much senior leadership to not think we should win this weekend

cgiam311: Ashley's at Minny now, right?

cdbpsu89: It's time for things to change

LexLion: I knew SC screwed up, but thought he was short on test or was missing one core class.

cdbpsu89: cg--enrolled, but not practicing

cgiam311: thanks

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Psu96: Minnesota has a better offensive line and RB than PSU. PSU has a penchant for turning the ball over. Those two things combine to make me hopeful, but realistic about what could happen tomorrow.

cgiam311: 96 is right, if this game goes like our first 4, we very likely lose

cgiam311: we have to correct the mistakes

cdbpsu89: I think our D comes up huge tomorrow, and the O limits the mistakes

playdrums: yeah, a different team has to show up because we're playing different talent

playdrums: it isn't just about eliminating mistakes

LexLion: Take care of the ball ... if PSU does that, it will be in good shape to win. Anything more than 2 TOs, then its a loss

cgiam311: a mistake -free game means we kill them

cdbpsu89: I agree CG

playdrums: kill 'em? I don't see that playing a team with a dominating o-line

playdrums: and they have one

LexLion: PSU will be able to move the ball against the Gophers, especially through the air ... as long as Robinson doesn't overthrow many WIDE OPEN targets ala Northwestern

cdbpsu89: I think we can force Cupito into some mistakes

playdrums: "as long as...." But that's what Robinson does.

cgiam311: I know, what are the odds of mistake-free right now

LexLion: Stack the line and put the game in the hands of Cupito. He is mistake prone

Psu96: Penn State also has to make the most of the offensive possessions they get. When you face a team like Minnesota than can grind it out on the ground, you are going to get less opportunities with the football than a normal game. Can't stall out in the red zone.

cgiam311: hence, no mistakes 96

playdrums: yeah, 80% of the time we're 3 and out.

cdbpsu89: I think Jimmy Shaw plays a huge role in tomorrow's game

Psu96: Lex, you could say the same about MRob. I expoect Minny to bring lots of pressure.

playdrums: even against our patsies

cgiam311: Shaw is big, we need the DL rotation

playdrums: the other 20% we score in 2 plays. That formula isn't going to continue to work.

cgiam311: drums is right, we need long sustained drives tomorrow

cdbpsu89: we need lots of fresh bodies tomorrow

LexLion: Of course I can. Robinson is high risk

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cgiam311: we need to run the ball successfully tomorrow

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cdbpsu89: we need to set up the run with the pass

psuthebest: i think we get big ko returns with williams and king back there and the worthless wedge gone

cgiam311: I think what we're saying is we need balance on O

playdrums: agree, I think if Hunt has a big day, we have a chance because that means our o-line is doing well and we're chewing up time.

Psu96: I think Tony Hunt will see 20 carries for the first time tomorrow unless PSU gets behind big early in the game.

cdbpsu89: loosen them up upfront...get Mrob into a rythym

cgiam311: MRob has no rhythm

cdbpsu89: looked pretty good on the last drive last week

playdrums: I'd love to see Tony Hunt have a 280 yard game. I believe he is really a big time back shrowded by mediocrity.

cgiam311: for passing, I mean

BobLichtenfels: Alright folks I'm out , gotta get some work done..peace

cgiam311: seeya Bob

playdrums: later bob

LexLion: work ... what's that?

cdbpsu89: Later Slim Shady

LexLion: later Bob

(WeRPSUPlaybook joined)

cgiam311: did Bob have any good recruiting tidbits?

BobLichtenfels: How about Not so slim shady

BobLichtenfels: i'm out

mxbscout: I have to roll, too. We will post a chat wrap later this afternoon. Thank you everyone.


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