OSU: Game Breakdown

The good, the bad and the ugly from Saturday night's thrilling win over Ohio State at Beaver Stadium.

MAN OF THE HOUR: Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson didn't have huge numbers. But he took advantage when gives chances, and led and offense that never made the critical mistake. Kudos to the entire defense, too.

TURNING POINT: Lowry's second-quarter interception (on a pass from Troy Smith to Antonio Pittman) and return to the OSU 2 set up Penn State's second score and a 14-3 lead. In a game of defensive powerhouses, it was a huge play.

STRATA-GEM: Penn State went with a jumbo, three-TE offense after Lowry's pick. Though it took the Lions three plays to score, it sent a clear message to the Buckeyes and their top-ranked rushing defense — “Bring it on.”

NUMBERS GAME: Penn State rushed for 117 yards against the nation's top-ranked ground defense. It helped the Lions play ball-control keep-away in the second half.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: The mighty Buckeye defense did not register a single sack vs. Penn State's offensive line. More on this later.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kevin Kelly was good on his only field-goal try of the night, a 41-yarder.

NOT-SO-SPECIAL DELIVERY: Jeremy Kapinos, usually reliable, had an 11-yard punt in the first quarter, giving OSU a short field that led to a field goal and 3-0 lead. Kapinos struggled most of the day.

WHAT'S UP WITH: Lowry STILL returning punts? He is a terrific safety, but not a return man. His failure to field a kick early in the second quarter resulted in a 60-yarder for OSU's A.J. Trapasso and cost the Lions at least 15 yards of field position.

HIT SQUAD: DE Tamba Hali decked OSU QB Troy Smith late in the fourth quarter, causing a fumble. State recovered and iced the game. More on this later.

STEPPING UP: Buckeye safety Donte Whitner drilled WR Jordan Norwood in the first quarter, but Norwood hung on for a 10-yard gain and first down. Norwood led all receivers with five grabs for 36 yards, great numbers considering the star power in this game.

BIG BLOCK: Andrew Richardson, filling in for John Wilson (ACL injury) at right tackle, cleared out defensive end Mike Kudla on Williams' second quarter TD bolt.

HEADS-UP: DT Scott Paxson pounced on the loose pigskin Smith's late fumble. The play sealed the deal for the Nits.

UNSUNG HERO: The student section was nuts. Lowry called the kids “our 12th, 13th and 14th men.”

HIDDEN HERO: The grounds crew. The Beaver Stadium sod was in great shape despite the heavy rain that pelted the region the past few days.

LOST IN THE SHUFFLE: Safety Chris Harrell had 12 tackles for the Lions, a testament to their plan to keep the Buckeyes receivers in front of them.


  • That was wild as the crowd was, 60 police officers managed to keep too many folks from storming the field at game's end?

  • How lost OSU sophomore receiver Ted Ginn looked?

  • That Penn State true freshman linebacker Sean Lee saw his first action of the season on the opening kickoff?

  • That after booming most of his kickoffs into the end zone early in the season, Kelly isn't getting anywhere close to the goal line now?

  • That despite the steady rain, practically no one in the student section wore a poncho? This was in keeping with the “Whiteout” theme of the evening.

  • How many people were on the sideline? It was a zoo. There were dozen of former players.

  • That scouts for the Citrus and Fiesta Bowl were in the house?

  • Minnesota and Northwestern both won Saturday.

    UNANSWERED QUESTION: How does the coaching staff keep the lid from blowing off the house for the now 6-0 Nittany Lions?


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