Game-Day Weather Forecast

G'day, mates, and welcome to another indubitably delicious version of Cold Fronts and Field Goals on the heels of the always intense Ohio State – Penn State rumble in Happy Valley. Our weather over the last few weeks has sounded just like a Led Zeppelin song title: the song remains the same. Sunshine and almost summer-like temperatures have been a mainstay with the pattern we've held.

During the course of this weekend, though, the pattern will shift to a more seasonable one, with cooler temperatures overall and more of a crisp, autumn feel that may leave those hoping for a continued dose of summer dazed and confused.

There will be two factors in this weekend's forecast: the remains of now tropical depression Tammy, and a potent cold front to our west over the hills and far away. The two systems will converge on the region Friday, bringing some much needed rain (enter "The Rain Song") that could be heavy at times. The rain will continue through the first half of Saturday before tapering to showers and drizzle Saturday afternoon. Clouds will hang tough Saturday evening, and there may be a stray shower or two during the game, but the temperatures will be noticeably cooler. Our highs on Saturday will only be in the mid 50s, and with a stiff northwesterly breeze the air will have a bit of bite to it once the sun goes down right before kickoff, making it feel even chillier. Your game time forecast: Mostly cloudy, breezy and chilly with a few spotty showers. Highs on Saturday around 55, kick off temperature around 48. That in short, friends, is what is and what should never be – a chilly, breezy, cloudy, and rainy reality check. It might be a good idea to give a whole lotta love to a couple cups of hot chocolate at some point during the game, too.

By now, you've probably caught onto the intentional Led Zeppelin references. (Did you catch all of them?) Speaking of songs, have you ever caught those tunes with weather titles or references in them? A couple of classmates and I tried to compile a list of such songs several years ago; such songs as Bruce Hornsby's "Mandolin Rain" and Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" came to mind; other notables included Milli Vanilli's "Blame It On The Rain," Phil Collins' "I Wish It Would Rain Down", and Garth Brooks' "Thunder Road." As weird as some titles or lyrics may be, are they really meteorologically possible? How about purple haze? A former co-worker from Los Angeles said there were times when the smog had a purple hue to it. The song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac contains the lyric:

"Thunder only happens when it's raining."

Well, that's not necessarily the case. There may be virga– rain that falls but evaporates before hitting the ground. Yet another lyric from the song "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch goes:

"Well I had a dream / I stood beneath an orange sky."

That is actually a pretty common occurrence. White light is comprised of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple light, and it just so happens that the sky looks orange because the orange light is what's scattered toward your eyes.

I'll keep digging over the next few issues for more song lyrics to analyze; feel free to leave yours in the message board and I'll do my best to break them down. Speaking of message boards, a big thanks to those of you who suggested I start at quarterback. I think Michael Robinson did just fine last week, so I'll let him stick it out. Then again, we could always recruit Al Bundy, who once threw four touchdown passes against Polk High…

Go Big Blue. Beat the Buckeyes.



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