Friday Premium Chat Wrap

Couldn't get to FOS this morning? No problem. To see what went down in our weekly chat session, this one previewing the Ohio State game, check out our wrap.

HailtotheLion: Hello Folks!

MyBloodisBlue: I hope this transcript is saved, this coverage is amazing

KokobewareHI: RT situation? Let's talk about it.

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MyBloodisBlue: cronkster

daCronk: sup?

gianluca: Hey , any official word on Cronin

daCronk: so anyone getting any work done today?

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YorkPAinPSU: not even close cronk

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MyBloodisBlue: this is the most electrice atmosphere I have ever felt

WeRPSUPlaybook: PSU students made a really good showing this morning.. it looked nuts..

Psu96: I had a long meeting this morning and just followed along with a glazed look in my eyes. :-)

MyBloodisBlue: all week, even the cafeteria ladies are nuts!

HailtotheLion: Does anyone know if they cover the field in this weather?

jwtanger: I haven't done anything. I'm so fired up my coworkers won't talk to me.

Psu96: Heck yeah. They have a big tarp they use to cover the field

YorkPAinPSU: that's funny tanger

HailtotheLion: Thats fantastic!

Psu96: Joe might very well prohibit the bands from performing their pregame routines on the field if the rain keeps up tomorrow

HailtotheLion: I am heading up in 1 hour!!!!

MyBloodisBlue: whos going to gameday tomorrow?

jjw265: ill be at gameday

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HailtotheLion: Yeah that is a shame about the band but I would prefer to have a less muddy field to play on...

PlaybookMark: Hello Nittany Nation!

HailtotheLion: I think my brother and I will be there

HailtotheLion: Hellooooooo!!

MyBloodisBlue: I can't imagine if Cold Pizza is like this, what gameday will be like

We've been going back forth the entire week.

PlaybookMark: What is the crowd like at Cold Pizza?

daCronk: hey mark

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MyBloodisBlue: Mark, crazy

PlaybookMark: Hey Cronk how's the Sunshine State?

WeRPSUPlaybook: Cold Pizza was absolutely nuts Mark..

daCronk: cold pizza was awesome this morning

Psu96: The Buckeye fans have been completely obnoxious this week. I'd hate to think what they'll post on our boards if OSU wins.

PlaybookMark: 96 - I hear ya

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WeRPSUPlaybook: PSU students represented themselves very well.. Gameday should be insane

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MyBloodisBlue: what is this cronin business?

PlaybookMark: Should be interesting to see just how much the crossing routes are implemented this week

KokobewareHI: Still no takers on our Right Tackle situation?

mxbscout: FYI: FOS will be on the air tonight in State College, 970 AM from 5-7. No stream yet, though. You can call in at 814.272.9700.

jjw265: apparently King is the 3rd CB for the remainder of the season

daCronk: no, king is the 2nd CB

Psu96: King would shift Anwar P to nickel when he's on the field

daCronk: phillips is now the nickel

PlaybookMark: yup

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PlaybookMark: Phillips to nickle King to corner

jjw265: well i meant 3rd in the sense of 3rd CB on the field behind Z, Phillips

daCronk: yeah, what mark said

KokobewareHI: How has Richardson been practicing at RT?

Psu96: He and Ginn might go one-on-one a few times tomorrow. Should be very interesting to watch

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MyBloodisBlue: also curious about that koko

WeRPSUPlaybook: FOS will stream the PSU Icers opening game tonight at 9 from the ice pavillion.. Steve Penstone will talk PSU Football at the intermissions

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KokobewareHI: mark...richardson? ANYONE!

nitnut: Any word on Richardson

KokobewareHI: chirp chirp chirp

liftin: hi all

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liftin: not... productive.. employe... today....

PSUBETA: I can't see you.

KokobewareHI: buehler...buehler...buehler

nitnut: up till this injury, i thought we would see a big game out of smolko. now he may have to do more blocking.

MyBloodisBlue: Is it true Cronin is out for public intox?

PSUBETA: Wait...there you are. And, there's liftin...unproductive like me.

liftin: yep

PlaybookMark: Sorry guys - my computer had a hiccup

nitnut: wheredya hear that, blue

jwtanger: You have to be a complete idiot to get a public intoxication

PlaybookMark: With Wilson out Richardson has stepped in - been backing him up all season

PSUBETA: Not good if true.

daCronk: yeah cronin is out

daCronk: was in the collegian

missnpa: I think our success tomorrow rest on the arm of MRob.

nitnut: any injuries at osu

PSUBETA: Seriously...if I didn't pick up that charge during my glorious run at PSU, nobody should.

KokobewareHI: has he looked in practice...richardson?

liftin: lol

PlaybookMark: Richardson is good off the snap - has solid footwork, will have to "stay awake on the corner pressure"

Psu96: The word of the day is "chip"

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MyBloodisBlue: I think Smolko is gonna have to help him out

Nittanylfan: hey guys

PSUBETA: A quick slap to the helmet will wake him up I bet.

liftin: Beta it must have been bad. when they found him he was 'unable to care for himself' or something like that.

Psu96: Meaning Smolko, Hunt, and Snow will have to help Richardson on Kudla by chipping him


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PlaybookMark: Richardso n has gotten better lowering his center of gravity - he will have his hands full, but has done well against the first team D this week

PSUBETA: Been there. Not as a member of the PSU football team though.

jimh74: hey I'm in... firefox wouldn't work

nitnut: does osu have any notable injury worries

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mrfolks: sorry i'm late...

Psu96: Mike D'Andrea probably won't play for OSU, but he's about their worst injury situation

KokobewareHI: Mark...who is holding on FG attempts now that PC is out?

mrfolks: what are the details to cronin's story

jwtanger: D'Andrea is redshirting

Psu96: Jason Ganter will be the holder

PlaybookMark: OSU injuries: D'Andrea is 50-50 whether he'll go to PSU

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KokobewareHI: How has the exchange between JG and KK been?

nitnut: is d'andrea a second teamer

PlaybookMark: Freeman still out

PlaybookMark: Ganter has been holding on kicks

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Nittanylfan: what did PC do ???

PlaybookMark: Yes D'Andrea has seen second team reps

nittlion: how's the weather looking up in sc?

PlaybookMark: Public intoxication

PSUBETA: Cronin should get a free pass since we are good this year.

Nittanylfan: thanks Mark

KokobewareHI: How many snaps did Cronin actually take against Minny? not too many I think.

PSUBETA: Stupid.

daCronk: waiting on OJA to see what happens to Cronin

PlaybookMark: Cronin did not see as much action against Minney

nitnut: will see more of king in nickel


scpsu21: wow, cold pizza was a lot of fun however dumb move on only opening up one entrance into the gated area behind the set

KokobewareHI: Yeah...his role seemed drastically reduced.

PlaybookMark: nitnut - yes - Phillips will nicft to nickelback, King will step in for AP

mrfolks: that prolly means less on O, though

PSUBETA: not sweet

MyBloodisBlue: Woody paige, my god

KokobewareHI: JK is our best pure cover corner...great move...

nittlion: public intoxication...they could round up 50,000 tonight and tomorrow for that

nitnut: king will be a decoy on offense

psufan12: will sargent get any playing time tomorrow

scpsu21: ha woody paige was awesome

PSUBETA: unless they do not cover him

mrfolks: a decoy? that's a waste

liftin: i dunno... i kind of like king on the corner vs ginn

nitnut: that is if he's playin a lot of d

MyBloodisBlue: he gets into a tent with two chicks

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PlaybookMark: OSU is very concerned with Williams - could open things up for Butler, Smolko, etc.

mrfolks: i think king is more dangerous w/ the ball than D$

nitnut: thought we would see alot of smolko. now with wilson injury, don't know

KokobewareHI: Butler will be huge as will Norwood and Smolko.

Psu96: MRob has to be accurate when Smolko comes free. He misfired twice to Isaac for what would have been big gainers last week.

Nittanylfan: Butler, Norwood, Sargeant could have decent games tomorrow

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liftin: i think we see both king and dwheels on offense

nitnut: Butler will have a big game, imho

PlaybookMark: Sargeant likely won;t see a ton of time

MyBloodisBlue: you guys expect any of the unnofficals to possibly verbal?

Psu96: King will be playing a lot on defense tomorrow. Probably limited reps on offense

PSUBETA: I have to run to federal court real quick. Back soon, hopefully.

liftin: can anyone stay with king on the deep route? i doubt it

MyBloodisBlue: good luck beta

KokobewareHI: beta...drug charges?

nitnut: will save u a seat

mrfolks: you don't read that too often here!

Psu96: MBIB, there might be someone, but most of the kids PSU is recruiting plan on taking their official visits.

Nittanylfan: Mark, why won't Sargeant see much playing time ???

YorkPAinPSU: sign on cold pizza that says "Where's Pitt Now?"

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PlaybookMark: Williams could be a true asset just in drawing the double team

mrfolks: any timeframe as to when they show up in SC?

PSUBETA: Meeting with Asst US Attorney. Fun. I will stay focused.

nitnut: lots of misdirection against osu?


MyBloodisBlue: 96, the reason I ask, is because this is an atmosphere that I doubt some of these kids can say no to

daCronk: too bad we don't have a more athletic TE to really stretch the field

PlaybookMark: NLFan I meant won;t see as much time for Sargeant on the wings

PlaybookMark: they have been running some crossing routes with Sargeant this week

Psu96: There will be major temptation to commit, sure, but most of these kids have seen great atmospheres before

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mrfolks: Hey Meadow

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nitnut: i think rickerson commits tomorrow

PlaybookMark: Watch for Tony Hunt to get in on the passing game...

PSUSem: rickerson?

nitnut: kidding

MeadowLion: hello all

Psu96: hey Meadow

PlaybookMark: hey Meadow

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nitnut: hi meadow how's altoona

MeadowLion: rainy

Nittanylfan: I like how analysts are talking about.. the OSU defense.. wait until the PSU WR's see the OSU defense in the middle. they won't want to catch a ball then.

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nitnut: nitfan, that's my feeling about the osu receivers.

MeadowLion: yeah, a lot of parallels with these two teams.....very similar

nitnut: Ginn's an athlete. how will he do when he is rocked by our secondary

Nittanylfan: to most analysts.. our defense doesn't seem to be getting much credit

MyBloodisBlue: he was good york

cdbpsu89: I think Harrell lays the smackdown on Teddy tomorrow

PlaybookMark: The team's intensity in practice has been high this week - some "fights" have been breaking out

KokobewareHI: NICE!!!

nitnut: heard they are eating raw meat.

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YorkPAinPSU: Mark, i loved the stories of LJ getting tossed from practice

cdbpsu89: I love it...just like when Shane Conlan broke DJ's facemask in practice

MeadowLion: i heard that king is starting at CB....which makes me think that the nickel is the base defense this week

Nittanylfan: York - LJ ???

YorkPAinPSU: cdb, i never heard that story

cdbpsu89: Jr

YorkPAinPSU: Larry Johnson

nitnut: nickel is base defense?

Nittanylfan: why did LJ Sr. did tossed from practice this week ???

PlaybookMark: You have to love the added intensity

cdbpsu89: first day of practice following in 1986

YorkPAinPSU: cdbpsu89, what story is that??

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YorkPAinPSU: LJ SR did NOT get tossed

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YorkPAinPSU: i meant LJ jr. in 2002

KokobewareHI: I hope Richardson was invloved in the were some other OLmen!!!

Nittanylfan: oh.. I didn't catch that. sorry York

WeRPSUPlaybook: I've never seen anything like the intensity this week

PlaybookMark: OL and DL

YorkPAinPSU: no prob

nitnut: meadow, have you heard whether Bradley is given green light to go at osu?

MyBloodisBlue: WeR, practice is nuts?

KokobewareHI: NICE...we need a nasty OL!

PlaybookMark: Guys like Paxson, AQ, Smith have been in some "scuffles"

WeRPSUPlaybook: Mark can speak to that better.. but the town is nuts..

PlaybookMark: They have been using a variety of pressure schemes

liftin: man i am so jacked about coming up there tomorrow

KokobewareHI: Anyone else think that adapting to zone blocking is finally coming to fruition?

YorkPAinPSU: wow, conlin broke Doziers face mask, that is awesome

nitnut: how aggressive will Defense be? Mean and nasty, i hope.

nitnut: koko, yes

WeRPSUPlaybook: I need to run for now guys... should be able to get back in later though.. Have a great day everyone

MeadowLion: i havent heard what the defense will be like...whether it will be attack mode or not

MyBloodisBlue: You think poz is goign to kill somebody?

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nitnut: yes

Psu96: Koko, it doesn't hurt that teams haven't been able to load up the box, but TH seems to be very comfortable picking a hole quickly and then slamming through it. Nice work by the OL to provide a crease as well.

mrfolks: what's the oover-under for obvious holding not called tomorrow?

PlaybookMark: One observers comment "The staff had to tell Poslsuzny to pull back on this hits - fearful he was going to really hurt someone."

KokobewareHI: 96...agreed.

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Nittanylfan: oh man Mark LOL

MyBloodisBlue: yea, isn't he a great kid

PlaybookMark: Connor has the starter's jersey back on and has been seeing more first team reps

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Nittanylfan: Mark, whats DC been like in practice ???

liftin: wouldn't trade our lbs for tOSUs... ever.

Psu96: Poz is saying all the right things. He said AJ Hawk is better than he is, but you know deep down that he'll be out to prove that he is also one of the nation's best tomorrow.

YorkPAinPSU: Poz coming out party on Saturday

KokobewareHI: gotta prep for my trip...see you fools later. An in the venerable words of my Chinese neighbor..."it is better to be pissed off than pissed on!"

YorkPAinPSU: hope he overshadows OSU lb'er play

nitnut: Carpenter is an animal

YorkPAinPSU: later koko

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PlaybookMark: Connor has first team jersey back , seeing time in the middle - been splitting reps in practice with Sales - he and Hunt had a big collision on Wednesday

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YorkPAinPSU: i bet the was a hell of a collision

Nittanylfan: what was the collision like ??

mrfolks: Mark - who won?

PlaybookMark: OSU LBs = bigger PSU LBs = faster

KokobewareHI: Smitty...I'm checkin to you this weekend!

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YorkPAinPSU: yep mark

Nittanylfan: later Koko

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YorkPAinPSU: i still love FSU's lb'ers

Psu96: Anyone else see the halftime segment on OSU's speed coach?

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liftin: i just hope we win the toss and defer... get our D out there first.

PlaybookMark: Sounded like Poz won on that collision, but Hunt popped right up yelling "That all you got Paul?"

YorkPAinPSU: no 96

Nittanylfan: last nite.. I did

PSUSmitty: by Koko

cdbpsu89: Anyone hear a recent weather forecast for game time?

PSUSmitty: safe travels

Nittanylfan: with the track and field ..Butch Reynolds

PSUSmitty: say hi to the family for me too

daCronk: will be nice by gametime...slight chance of showers

PlaybookMark: cdb - chekc the FOS homepage for an updated forecast

Psu96: They hired Olympian Butch Reynolds as an assistant coach who's job it is to make the Buckeyes as fast as possible.

Nittanylfan: interesting piece

cdbpsu89: they still gotta be able to take a hit

nitnut: Gotta go. Work calls.

MyBloodisBlue: later nut

Nittanylfan: Mark - do you think OSU will try to neutralize our LBs ???

PlaybookMark: One more collision was Shaw verses Snow described as "brutal" - Snow "held his own against Shaw"

MeadowLion: I dunno about the OSU LB's not being faster.....they are pretty darn fast...i think the best in the country easily

cdbpsu89: Jim or Tim?

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Maxicat: which Shaw

daCronk: OSU has the best lb's in the country

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PlaybookMark: I expect them to try to focus on creating hesitation with the backers with misdirection, play-action etc. The backers have great instincts though

Pezlion: i'm so ready for this

PlaybookMark: Tim Shaw

YorkPAinPSU: who is #2 cronk

cdbpsu89: ouch

daCronk: FSU

Psu96: FSU

MeadowLion: FSU easily

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rriva: hey everyone

PlaybookMark: Hey Rob

YorkPAinPSU: i think Iowa really misses there DL

Psu96: Then Iowa probably although their LBs have been really hampered by an inexperienced DL

YorkPAinPSU: hey riva

Nittanylfan: Hey Rob

daCronk: we are in the top 5 in lb groups...really strong year for LB's around the country

rriva: what's goin' on

Psu96: PSU will face that same problem next year

Pezlion: i think our LBs are better than Iowa

YorkPAinPSU: w/ who 96

YorkPAinPSU: OSU kids are gone

YorkPAinPSU: except maybe D'andrea

Pezlion: i think we have more depth at the position than OSU too

PlaybookMark: No, practice today will be light - likely just shells and helmets - they'll do a walk-through

Nittanylfan: Mark.. your keys for winning the game tomorrow ??

Psu96: The PSU LBs are freed up to make plays by the stout front 4. Next year, there will be 3 new starters. That will make it tougher for the LBs to make plays because OL and FB will get more chances to get to the second level


daCronk: hey rob....better have some time stored away for phone calls next week...i think you will have al ot of people to call

liftin: we'll be ok at DT next year 96. Ends are a concern though.

rriva: you better believe it

Pezlion: yeah but we will have guys like Jimmy Shaw and Josh Gaines with a ton of PT

PlaybookMark: Nittany: Keys - turnover battle, containiment/pressure on Smith, intermediate passing game

YorkPAinPSU: 96, the tackles will be good again and that's important, Shaw, Alford, ERob, Ed J ?

daCronk: ed johnson will probably be back...alford has another year

Psu96: No guarantee that Ed Johnson will be back

daCronk: he'll be back

Pezlion: if ed johnson comes back, i wouldn't be surprised to see alford pull a Hali and move outisde

YorkPAinPSU: i think Paxon loss hurts but i like next years DT's IF EJ is back

Pezlion: alford, ed j, jimmy shaw, gaines...that's a nice line

cdbpsu89: gotta go gang....WE ARE!!!!

rriva: i still think part of iowa's problem is that they aren't as good as people think

PlaybookMark: Paxson is chomping at the bit - he has been incredibly intense this week

Nittanylfan: just dont' give the OSU WR's a 10 yard cushion

rriva: i think chad greenway is way over-rated

Maxicat: Lowry and Harrell wil be the tougher ones to replace

YorkPAinPSU: is Iowa DE getting much PT in the NFL

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mxbscout: Another real key to the game is keeping OSU return game in check

YorkPAinPSU: Hodge is very good IMO

liftin: Harrell has really impressed me this year.

rriva: 2004: 113 tackles, 8 for loss, 3 sacks

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PlaybookMark: Penn State will incoroprate this speed squad to contain the returns

rriva: that's greenway

Maxicat: so has Lowry

mxbscout: I've read about that

Pezlion: i think we can keep osu from running

MyBloodisBlue: my buddy is sitting next to dwill on the loop right now

Nittanylfan: I hope all of this excitement the players have doesn't cause stupid penalities

YorkPAinPSU: does ran neutralize tOSU's return game?

YorkPAinPSU: rain

PlaybookMark: Pez - PSU has face 4 top 25 backs and contained them - they have the tools to do it against OSU

Pezlion: i think bradley will be much more likely to play tight man than against northwestern, freeing up safeties and lbs to step up

mxbscout: I had never heard about the speed squad until this week.

rriva: the problem though is that osu spreads the field

mxbscout: Mark had it early in the week. then someone else had it, from what I hear

YorkPAinPSU: what speed squad?

rriva: much like NW

Psu96: I think PSU has to be careful not to allow their emotions to prevent them from playing sound football on defense early. Don't want to see them get sucked in on a reverse

PlaybookMark: They "constructed" the speed squad on Sunday

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Nittanylfan: BRennan, were you on Happy Hour yesterday ???

YorkPAinPSU: practice team Mark H. ??

mxbscout: there was none, Nittany

mxbscout: baseball

PlaybookMark: York did you read the Nittany Notes from Tuesday on FOS? That breaks down the speed squad

mxbscout: we are doing an FOS show in state college today, though, but no streaming yet

Pezlion: i'm not worried about osu spreading the field like northwestern...basanez is a much headier, better qb than smith

Nittanylfan: I was looking forward to hearing your analysis, BRennan

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Pezlion: i think we'll dare osu to throw out of their spread

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mxbscout: Nittany, you can watch the Huddle Up stream from our site at 10 p.m. tonight

PlaybookMark: Smith will run to the wings - Rice, Hali, Poz and Shaw will be key

rriva: brennan, aren't you impressed that i didn't even bother to ask if Scout would fly me up to the game this weekend :-)

YorkPAinPSU: yeah Mark, just wanted to make sure what you were talking about thanks

mxbscout: no comment, Riva

Pezlion: our ends need to rush wide and upfield...leave it to the backers to fill space in the middle...that keeps contain

rriva: ha

PlaybookMark: Speed squad shifts out some bigger guys for Lowry, Zemaitis, King, etc. - more "turbo under the hood" on coverage

mxbscout: nice

Nittanylfan: I may forget Brennan.. I have HS football scores to work on.. depends on how many HS games are postponed tonite

rriva: big game tonight in FL

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rriva: St. Augustine (Rickerson and James) take on Nease (Tim Tebow)

PlaybookMark: Pez - I think Bradley dares Smith to throw

Pezlion: i agree

rriva: Rickerson intercepted a Tebow pass for a TD last season

Nittanylfan: Mark - who's covering Holmes and Ginn ??

Pezlion: i think we'll see a lot of tight man and cover 1

Pezlion: i don't expect an abundance of deep safety help

PlaybookMark: I believe Holmes will be AZ and Ginn will be Phillips/King

liftin: that makes sense to me

Pezlion: i want harrell to lay out ginn early

Pezlion: i don't care if he takes a penalty

PlaybookMark: Sort of surprised the Ginn/King angle hasn;t been hyped more

Pezlion: that will completely take ginn out of the game

liftin left

Nittanylfan: I wonder who'll be on Williams and Butler for OSU ?

Pezlion: i'm doing my best to temper my enthusiasm, but i really believe we can win this game by 3 tds

Nittanylfan: Pez.. are you nuts ???

Pezlion: no

PlaybookMark: I would think Youbuty has Williams

Nittanylfan: why 3 TDs ? what makes you so confident ?

Pezlion: because i would not be the least bit surprised to see osu held to 3 FGs

Psu96: Pez, as the week goes on, I'm getting less and less optimistic. Apparently, you've gone the other direction.

PlaybookMark: I think this game will be tight!

Pezlion: i don't expect it...i called for 20-13...

Nittanylfan: I agree 96.. I'm getting more nervous

Pezlion: but i'm just saying i could really see it...

Nittanylfan: I'm hoping OSU doesn't blow us out

Pezlion: but i could forsee 28-9 or something

Pezlion: i don't think osu has the offense to blow us out

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Pezlion: we're better than iowa

mrfolks: 24-17 PSU- PSU scores a defesive TD

Pezlion: we're a lot better than iowa

Psu96: Pez, with Smith as their full time QB, the Bucks have enough offense

Nittanylfan: I could see it.. OSU blows us out.. critics.. PSU isn't as good as we think

PlaybookMark: ***Practice Alert*** This was just sent to us - yesterday LB unit was - Posluszny OLB ** Shaw MLB ** Connor OLB

Psu96: PSu will need the defense and/or special teams to either set up an easy TD or score one themselves to win this game

Pezlion: 96, smith is a lot like MRob though...very very eratic

mxbscout: Riva, you think PSU still gets official visits from James and Rickerson?

Psu96: There's the group we've been waiting to see all year.

Pezlion: why is shaw back in the middle?

Pezlion: i don't like that

Psu96: The weather is going to affect the number of recruits that show up.

mrfolks: Why not Connor ILB?

Pezlion: he's our best blitzer, and i'd rather not be blitzing from the middle in this game

Psu96: Shaw would be in charge of shadowing Troy Smith in that scenario

Psu96: Shaw is fast enough to keep up with him

PlaybookMark: Connor was in the middle but yesterday they shifted Shaw inside

Psu96: Connor might not be

Nittanylfan: I wonder who OSU will have spying on Robinson

MeadowLion left

PlaybookMark: I expect Hawk to spy Robinson

mxbscout: There is much more flexibility between the inside and outside positions that there used to be

Nittanylfan: a Robinson-Hawk collision ??

Pezlion: mark, i hope they do, cuz i think that can take hawk out of a lot of plays

Psu96: Smith can make big plays with his legs, especially if there's pocket pressure from the outside. Shaw will have to stay home and wait for Smith to try and escape up the middle.

mxbscout: particullarly the week side and middle

Pezlion: i think connor has more discipline to stay at home as a spy

Pezlion: and shaw is definitely a better blitzer

mxbscout: shaw is faster

mxbscout: that may explain it

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PlaybookMark: ***Practice Alert*** Sean Lee has been seeing kickoff coverage reps and "could kill someone"

PlaybookMark: Lee may see time on special teams for OSU


Psu96: agreed mrfolks

Pezlion: i don't think he should play at this point

zeta1344: Mark, I was going to post somethign abotu Lee

Pezlion: season is half over

MyBloodisBlue: Lee is too good to sit

78Lion left

mrfolks: we are stacked at LB- give him an extra year

zeta1344: ive been hearing he is too good not to play, if we want our best season, he can contribute

Psu96: If that's the case MBIB, they should have played him before now

mrfolks: better than Hayes?

Pezlion: i don't think we need him for depth right now

Psu96: Hayes is very very good as well

PlaybookMark: Lee is described as an animal and some of the players "really think he is nuts"

zeta1344: we are only going to keep reloading at LB for years to come, we can afford to use his RS this year

Psu96: Big debate on whether to redshirt him or not

MyBloodisBlue: 96, we need animals on special teams, and he fits the bill

Pezlion: ridenhour, sales, brown have all looked very good

Psu96: Brown has been very impressive in run support

Pezlion: i love ridenhour and kilmer on ST

mrfolks: special teams, imho, more about scheme and not one "animal"

Psu96: Good instincts, flows to the ball well and stops the ballcarrier in his tracks

Pezlion: kilmer should never see the field otherwise, but the kid is a beast on ST...reminds me of the guy from the Bills back in the day

mrfolks: steve tasker

Pezlion: yeah

mrfolks: or Bill Bates if you like the NFC

Nittanylfan: I could imagine a Lee and Ginn collision ???

zeta1344: spoke to Mike Haynes yesterady.... he has moved to NC close to Matt Schmitt.. He feels his time in Chicago may be running out

Psu96: I think PSU will pooch kick to keep it away from Ginn/Holmes

PlaybookMark: A Lee/Ginn collission would not likely bode well for Ginn

mrfolks: Is Ginn playing any DB?

zeta1344: He says his teamates are tired of him talking about PSU....

Pezlion: i'm telling you, i want harrell to go head hunting early on Ginn

Nittanylfan: oh man.. would it be a worse hit than Robinson vs the Minny player ??

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PlaybookMark: Ginn will likely only play offense

Pezlion: ginn isn't strong enough or physical enough to play DB

Psu96: Go old school on the Buckeye WRs like PSU did against Miami in the Fiesta Bowl. Those guys got a severe case of alligator arms in that game

mrfolks: it would be cool to see King vs. Ginn both ways

Pezlion: i said it before he even got to osu

mrfolks: wonder if that ever happened before?

Nittanylfan: Mark - do you see any MISMATCHES in this game that would be good for either team ???

Pezlion: i'd be surprised if justin sees more than 5-7 snaps on offense

Psu96: Phillips is a weak link in the secondary for PSU

PlaybookMark: Phillips concenrs me a bit...

mrfolks: he's soft

Psu96: That's a spot to go at for OSU

Pezlion: i think phillips will be ok....he's always stepped it up as the season wears on

Nittanylfan: AP vs TG ?

PlaybookMark: yeah although they will likely have strong safety support there

Pezlion: i think these teams are clones of each other

Psu96: AP vs TG better include safety help because Phillips can't stay with Ginn speedwise

mrfolks: if we play nickel- that will put JK on GInn

PlaybookMark: yes

Nittanylfan: that would be a nice matchup

YorkPAinPSU: no folks, doesn't Ginn play in the slot?

mrfolks: but i would think they'll move ginn around

Nittanylfan: Mark - your opinion of Ginn other than he's fast ??

YorkPAinPSU: true

mrfolks: york- you beat me to my own correction

Pezlion: nittany, i think that ends the description of and shifty...end of story

PlaybookMark: Ginn is a good player - problem is OSU has not done a good job getting him the ball

mrfolks: yet

Psu96: that changes tomorrow IMO

Nittanylfan: can Ginn take a good hit over the middle ?

rriva: wasn't it Texas' db's that said he's easy to push around off the LOS

rriva: he doesn't like contact

Pezlion: we need to watch the reverse

YorkPAinPSU: yes riva

Nittanylfan: remember the hit Wiiliams took in the CMU game over the middle ?

Pezlion: can't overpersue

PlaybookMark: I don;t think Ginn does like contact

YorkPAinPSU: but AP isn't our most "phsical" Corner

mrfolks: especially early- they are going to try to take advantage of agressiveness

YorkPAinPSU: physical

Psu96: I doubt they send Ginn over the middle anyway. Streaks, posts, and maybe slants are what they will run with him

Pezlion: i really want harrell to lay him out

mrfolks: twice

PlaybookMark: Pez - really?

Pezlion: :-)

Nittanylfan: one thing I hope we really need to do tomorow nite - TACKLE !!

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YorkPAinPSU: i just hope Harrell's wanting a huge hit doesn't leave him in the wake

Pezlion: and i'd love to see the game end with people talking about Poz and getting off AJ Hawk's jock

mrfolks: i hope lowry keeps playing well, his deep help will be key

rriva: the best thing that osu has done for psu is talk talk talk, every team that has underestimated psu, which i think osu is absolutely doing, has lost

Nittanylfan: no swiping at the players... wrap up and tackle.. GANG tackle !!

PlaybookMark: These guys have to play disciplined - they need to maintain their assignments

YorkPAinPSU: agree riva

YorkPAinPSU: will this be connors first game back in game shape?

Pezlion: how many games did smith start last year?

YorkPAinPSU: he looked ok last week

PlaybookMark: Which is why Paterno locked down the team - he wants them to be a mystery to OSU

rriva: which i thought was a smart move

Pezlion: look, paterno's not an idiot

Psu96: AZ, AP, and JK got Santonio Holmes' comments emailed to them this week

Pezlion: you should have put harrell on that email list :-)

rriva: i've never been overly impressed with holmes, i mean, he's a good receiver, but i've never been like "wow"

zeta1344: after this week, people will know how to pronouce "Posluzney"

Nittanylfan: compare our WR's to OSU's RIVA

Pezlion: hey, i'm still not sure how to pronounce it :-)

Psu96: Do what Joe does - call him Paul P

YorkPAinPSU: "the young paul p"

Pezlion: lol

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PorterandHastings: Paws-looze-knee

Pezlion: that's what i used to think

PlaybookMark: correct

rriva: well OSU's are certainly more experienced, they've all played in big games, so wihtout a doubt the experience goes to them

Pezlion: but so many call him Poz-Luz-Knee

mrfolks: MBIB_ how much bigger is Lee now compared to last year at this time?

rriva: they've also played against some of the nation's best db's over the years with their schedule

mrfolks: he looks A LOT bigger ont eh sidelines

Psu96: Big game experience could be a factor, but PSU's kids will have the home crowd behind them. I just hope they don't press early in the game and make mistakes.

MyBloodisBlue: he is bigger mrfolks

rriva: on the whole, i think that OSU's are better

Pezlion: i ask again, how many games has Smith started...anyone know?

PlaybookMark: Lee has added a lot of size - fast and aggressive - "he's flat out scary"

MyBloodisBlue: he looks like he is ready

rriva: but, that's not to say that PSU's are bad

MyBloodisBlue: that isn't to say he is mentally ready, I wouldn't know

rriva: i don't htink you can go wrong with either

PlaybookMark: I don't think Smith has started many

rriva: although i still think this offense misses Rubin

PorterandHastings: Sorry I'm late - youse all talk about Richardson vs Kudla?

Pezlion: was OSU-scUM in the big house last year?

Psu96: He split time with Zwick last year, started against Michigan

PSUSem: no, it was at osu

Psu96: no

Nittanylfan: its in the big house this year

Pezlion: so he's never had a road game

Pezlion: not a real one anyway

rriva: interesting, never realized that

PlaybookMark: OSU has not been stellar in night road games

Psu96: He played in their games last year some.

mrfolks: maybe he should tallk to J.Lord!

Pezlion: this will be a big key

PSUSem: yeah, i'm interested to see how osu comes out for their first night game

YorkPAinPSU: woody pick psu in OT, what a goofball

Pezlion: Smith isn't the headiest QB, and he's erratic

PSUBETA joined

PSUSem: *road game

Psu96: I would love to see one of those Jammal Lord floater specials from Troy Smith

Psu96: AZ to the house

Pezlion: the crowd could rattle him bigtime

PSUBETA: Back in the saddle

mxbscout: Hey folks, I'm going to grab the entire chat from here back to post on the site. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to keep chatting.


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