Logan-El: Lions Top List

After a surprise visit to see Penn State stun Ohio State, Maryland star says PSU is the leader. But the offensive line will continue to go through the recruiting process.

In the middle of just under 110,000 people packed into Beaver Stadium this weekend to watch Penn State take on Ohio State, there was one individual who was not originally supposed to be in attendance.

Antonio Logan-El.

The five-star offensive line prospect from Forestville High in Forestville, Md., was able to capitalize on the bad weather after his game was canceled and made the drive up to State College at the last minute.

“It was surprising actually because I didn't think I could make it,” Logan-El said. “I got a call that morning from my coach that our game was cancelled, so I drove down that morning and I really enjoyed myself.”

Earlier in the recruiting season, Logan-El committed to his home state school of Maryland. Since then, Logan-El has gone on record and stated that his recruitment has opened back up, and that Maryland and Penn State are his co-leaders. As for his trip to Penn State, Logan-El had a difficult time manifesting the words to describe the experience.

“It was overwhelming, it's hard to put it in words,” Logan-El said. “You have the feelings inside, but you can't get out the words. While those guys wanted it so bad, they wanted it more than Ohio State. Ohio State knew they were good, I think they thought the game was going to come with them. You hear about Penn State fans and they're so dedicated and how it feels to be in front of 100,000 people and everyone knows who you are. Within 10 minutes of whenI was there, everyone knew I was there. That blew me away. People were asking for autographs. They were chanting my name, 'we want Logan-El' and 'who's number one, Logan-El.' That was overwhelming. I'm going to keep my recruiting process going. Penn State is at the top of my list at this point.”

In the grand scheme of things, Logan-El stressed that he is methodically progressing through the recruiting process, and wants to analyze all of the components that will go into making his final decision. However, Logan-El said that his last-minute trip to Happy Valley on Saturday put the Nittany Lions in improved status.

“Well, [my visit] didn't do anything but help Penn State in positive ways,” Logan-El said. “Being around the atmosphere, [Penn State] coming in as the underdogs and winning, they were up the whole game, they were never down. They ended the game and their fans stuck it in there with them. The way they just played with heart, it was hard to describe. My grandfather watched it on television, he could tell.”

Interestingly enough, Logan-El also commented on the circumstances that allowed him to watch the nationally televised game. Maybe it was fate that got him to Penn State this weekend.

“I believe things do happen for a reason,” Logan-El said. “It didn't have to rain and my game didn't have to get cancelled. I didn't have to drive up that morning.”

After Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson took a final knee to let the game clock run out to solidify the Nittany Lions' win, Logan-El caught up with Penn State defensive line coordinator Larry Johnson, who is recruiting Logan-El for Penn State. Ecstatic over the win and almost in tears, Johnson smiled at Logan-El and said, “What else do I have to do to get you here?”

“Coach Joe Paterno has it planned,” Logan-El said. “I think a lot of [Penn State's players] are doing it for Coach Paterno. The way he gets them motivated and the recruits motivated is amazing. [The recruits] came out hyped like we were going to play. The whole experience was awesome. I'm grateful that I could be at the game.”


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