Game-Day Weather Forecast: Michigan

Hi friends, time for another edition of Cold Fronts and Field Goals! Because of the mad crazy schedule I've got (no thanks to Major League Baseball throwing off our newscast times), I have to keep this version of CF&FG very short. Nonetheless, the game day weather in Ann Arbor this Saturday will be just as rosy as the Nittany Lions' 6-0 (and hopefully, soon to be 7-0) record.

While "drab" is a great word to sum up the East Coast's weather this week, things have been a bit nicer off to our west. This Saturday, eastern Michigan will be under the influence of high pressure, which basically means the weather will be picture perfect for this time of year. The high will act like a giant pinball bumper, keeping clouds and stormy weather away, leaving nothing but superb football weather at the Big House. To the point: Your Game Day Forecast: Mostly sunny skies and a bit breezy in the afternoon, with highs around 65 degrees. For those of you from the East traveling out to Michigan, it will be a welcome change from the clouds and blah that we've been experiencing as of late.

I can't resist mentioning one thing about eastern Michigan that you may find very interesting, or even amusing. Either way, it's a real place! Just to the west of Ann Arbor lies the quaint little town of Hell. If you don't believe me that it exists, it's in the Rand McNally atlas. If memory serves me correctly, you take US 23 north from Ann Arbor to route M-36, head west to the town of Pinckney (twelve miles, I think). Just on the outskirts of town, make a left at the quickie mart that sits on the left side of the road - there is a stop light there. Travel back about a mile, then turn right onto Darwin Road where the green sign for Hell sits (really, I couldn't make this up if I tried) and about four miles later, you'll find yourself right in the middle of Hell. You'll find the Hell Country Store and Spirits, the Dam Site Inn, and another bar with a few port-o-johns outside. You'll get the hint as you walk through the country store that they take great pride in being from Hell.

I mean, there are people that live in Hell, people that work in Hell, and you'll have a chance to meet them all. As if that weren't enough, the National Weather Service in Detroit actually takes weather observations in Hell. That equipment can be found inside the general store, and a big sign outside welcomes you to the official weather observation station of Hell, Michigan. So if by chance you really want to impress your friends, go to Hell and back, take pictures, and root the Nittany Lions on to victory in the Big House.

And then, if you really feel like it, insert your own "I've been to Hell and back and took pictures" joke here. If you're still skeptic, check out this link of some extremely cold lows in Michigan, including Hell, a few days before my 26th birthday:

Cold As Hell

Here's another link to Hell, Michigan: Hell, Michigan

And oh yeah, enjoy the game, too!

Go Big Blue. Beat Michigan.

We Are...PENN STATE!!!


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