Friday Premium Chat Wrap

Get the lowdown on what's going on with the team and on the recruiting scene as the Nittany Lions prepare to tangle with the Wolverines.

PlaybookMark:: Big game this weekend

weRpennST:: heck yea!

mrfolks:: you wouldn't really know it up here in ann arbor

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mrfolks:: everyone seems pretty apathetic

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liftin:: hello everyone

mrfolks:: to me that = good news

KokobewareHI:: Koko's back and badder than eva! liftin: who's eva? ;-)

KokobewareHI:: ever

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PlaybookMark:: Apathetic? Wow - this is a big opportunity for Michigan

KokobewareHI:: just watched the PSU fb story on gopsusports....GOOSEBUMPS!

liftin:: im pumped for tomorrow

mrfolks:: yeah- not much of a buzz around here PlaybookMark: This team's leadership should carry them far...

weRpennST:: is the game going to be televised in Arlington VA DC area?

KokobewareHI:: I'll be at a wedding...I'll miss the game live :(

PlaybookMark:: They are incredibly focused, all business and have had this game circled since the winter

mrfolks:: wore PSU gear all week- i got no hecklers snakester: Any word on practice this week, who has looked good, any new wrinkles being added? liftin: mrfolks, you are in michigan?

KokobewareHI:: I'm wearing my PSU thong...errrr....ummm mrfolks: yep- stuck in ann arbor

liftin:: im sorry

mrfolks:: me too

weRpennST:: the alum bar that was chosen down here SUCKS seating wise

mrfolks:: but, i do have a place to stay for my 8 friends coming up today!

Psu96:: Joe said the team practiced well this week on last night's call-in show

PlaybookMark:: Snakster - Defense: Gaines may see more action in the DE rotation - the focused on pocket collapse drills - they want to force Henne out weRpennST: whats the weather prediction for ann arbor tommorrow?

Psu96:: 65 and sunny

PlaybookMark:: WeR - weather report is on the FOS homepage

weRpennST:: nice

mrfolks:: mid 60s, partly sunny i believe

KokobewareHI:: Is scUM's offense tailor made for our defense?

KokobewareHI:: we seem to match up very well. weRpennST: brb

PlaybookMark:: Also we could see a variety of disguised pressure schemes - but the focus is to stop Hart and make Henne go up top

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puleo61:: thoughts on the McCoy article??

Psu96:: it's more of a traditional attack Koko. No gimmicky stuff like NW. PSU will know what they're seeing is what they'll get from UM

Psu96:: pule, that particular writer is not known for his credibility. I'm not buying it.

KokobewareHI:: I think we can really get after Henne, though.

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PlaybookMark:: I expect a similar plan as with Minnesota - stop the power back and make them go to the air

DieselPSU:: Hello all!! Already in Ann Arbor and waiting for the rest of the Nittany Lions to get here to party! :)

mrfolks:: i'm concerned about Anwar on Manningham liftin: they better get to henne though... UM receivers 'on paper' better than minny

DieselPSU:: I must say one thing.........there were some fine ladies out there last night!

mrfolks:: Diesel- i've been here 3 years waiting!! KokobewareHI: any word on scUM's attitude leading up to this game?

DieselPSU:: we're over at the Comfort Inn

PlaybookMark:: The linebacker lineup looks like OLB: Poz, MLB: Shaw, OLB: Connor

Psu96:: JK could get Manningham. Anwar is a wily vet though. He knows what to do to stay with receivers. He covered Holmes pretty well last week.

mrfolks:: where'd you go last night?

DieselPSU:: Scorekeepers

mrfolks:: S'keepers!- fun place

Psu96:: Koko, the Michigan players look at this as a must-win. They'll come out fighting.

PlaybookMark:: Koko - not much confidence from the fan base, but UM will come out swinging I can't believe they are apathetic like the fans

DieselPSU:: yeah i loved the set up

mrfolks:: RIck's ain't bad either on Thurs- if you like undergrads

Psu96:: We got a big win, but thats behind us now, Paxson said. Lets keep the snowball rolling down the hill, lets keep building up on this. Theres no turning back now.

PlaybookMark:: King has been seeing more reps at the nickelback spot

DieselPSU:: that was our second choice but we loved the $2.50 pitchers so we stayed and got smashed for cheap :)

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PlaybookMark:: I just posted an article on Paxson - good quotes from him on the team

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YorkPAinPSU:: Big game fellas

mrfolks:: where are you headed tonight?

YorkPAinPSU:: who me?

DieselPSU:: not sure yet we heard good things about Arbor Brew Co

DieselPSU:: but could very well end up st ricks or scorekeepers

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mrfolks:: it is so- is ok, food sux, stay at skeepers

DieselPSU:: alrighty

BobLichtenfels:: Howdy

DieselPSU:: yo bob!

liftin:: yo bob

PlaybookMark:: Suhey played Henne this week and was "running for his life"

DieselPSU:: is it looking good for bell on monday?? :) mrfolks: yes

BobLichtenfels:: I feel pretty confident saying yes PSUSem: did anyone confirm he's cancelled his UVa visit?

DieselPSU:: that's what i like to hear

BobLichtenfels:: Koko you ran out last week just as i busted out some 2pac lyrics

BobLichtenfels:: Not yet Sem

KokobewareHI:: NICE...BL...I got plenty of love for Pac :)

BobLichtenfels:: I'm diggin jadakiss a lot lately PSUSem: who's chris dokish by the way?

KokobewareHI: Run DMC, Tribe, or Biggie...for me. DieselPSU: bob, any other recruiting updates for us? i know dokish had mccoy quoted as psu you get the same impression?

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Psu96:: former Pitt site writer

PSUSem:: is he the mod at panther report still? BobLichtenfels: He was fired from the Pitt site here and Rivals

BobLichtenfels:: hell no

78Lion:: Just read that article. Were they in bed together?

BobLichtenfels:: lol

PSUSem:: okay, didn't think so, but i had him confused with chris94 i guess

KokobewareHI:: fired...was he involved in some "extra curricular activities"? :)

BobLichtenfels:: nah, just didnt follow direction very well

DieselPSU:: alright guys.......we're out to scour Ann Arbor let's get rowdy!!

DieselPSU:: peace

BobLichtenfels:: peace

78Lion:: Just read Paxon article. Great attitude (DieselPSU left)

mrfolks:: bob- have you talked to I.Williams recently? YorkPAinPSU: Maybe McCoy's meds made him feel chatty (Spider legs 11 joined)

BobLichtenfels:: no, i believe Riva did about 2 weeks ago

BobLichtenfels:: i guess York

YorkPAinPSU:: lol

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PlaybookMark:: The attidue of this team should not be an issue

PlaybookMark:: Penn State just can't beat themselves mrfolks: I think if we get a decent lead- UofM will collapse

KokobewareHI:: Although Hart put up some big numbers recently, his hammy still seems to be bothering him. thoughts?

mrfolks:: he's playing in a lot of pain

78Lion:: Just hope joe lets 'em open it up. We play like we did with OSU 2nd half we lose

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BobLichtenfels:: Too me hart is no better then Andre hall just with more around him

PlaybookMark:: Hart has seemed tentative on cuts, but he is a dangerous back - PSU has face 5 Top 25 backs this season so far and played all very well KokobewareHI: Hart still has the shiftiness, but seems to lack the extra gear right now.

PlaybookMark:: Hart is objective one for this defense Psu96: 78, doubtful Joe would apply the same logic to this game that he did against OSU. UM's offense is too good to sit on a 1 score lead

psualumni:: Just joined the chat, but wondering everyone's opinion on the matchup between our young receivers and UM's secondary?

liftin:: mrfolks i agree on the UM folding comment BobLichtenfels: It hurts that Michigan doesnt really have that deep threat this year, teams can play more in the box

Psu96:: how fast is Manningham?

78Lion:: the frosh is their best deep threat BobLichtenfels: He's pretty quick i would say a legit 4.5

BobLichtenfels:: maybe less

mrfolks:: over/under on Poz tackles?

78Lion:: Is JK going to play #2 CB some

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BobLichtenfels:: Poz is sick

BobLichtenfels:: I still say he's the best backer in the nation

mrfolks:: he's never out of position

liftin:: poz = 19 tackles, 2 sacks

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KokobewareHI:: poz or ditka? :)

shpsu:: Anyone think there could eb more to the cancelled visits than just distraction?

78Lion:: Poz or Poz

liftin:: poz = minny ditka

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BobLichtenfels:: Ditka was way before my era (HailtotheLion left)

mrfolks:: shp, what do you mean?

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BobLichtenfels:: You mean that PSU didn't want them to come?

Psu96:: I think you're trying to read something into the situation that isn't there shpsu.

shpsu:: Do you really want Ben Tate there when you are trying to extract a verbal from McCoy? For example. BobLichtenfels: hell yeah, put the pressure on and take your chances

Psu96:: McQueary wanted as many kids there as he could possibly have

BobLichtenfels:: nothing can make a kid say yes faster then another kid right there to take his spot BobLichtenfels: i think thats why latimore and maybin committed now

mrfolks:: McQuery was such a perfect hire... I was initially skeptical

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CharlestonLion:: getting nervous about the Michigan game...

JoeBB:: koko, you're up early, eh? isn't it something like 5am in HI?

CharlestonLion:: isn't there suuposed to be a recruit announcing for PSU today?

BobLichtenfels:: lol, no that was a rumor on the audibles board yesterday

Psu96:: two announcements Monday

liftin:: so how many psu fans will be in the big house? i've read that psu fans are buying a lot of tickets but have no idea what kind of numbers that translates to.

mrfolks:: there's plenty for sale

KokobewareHI:: Joe...I'm on the east coast this week. mrfolks: i turned down four freebies this am liftin: freebies! wow

CharlestonLion:: I hope Bell verbals to us...what a great pick up at WR

mrfolks:: didn't have anyone on short notice to give them to

Psu96:: probably 6-8,000 liftin. PSU gets a 5,000 ticket allotment as it is. Then you have people like my brother who has a friend at UM and snagged tickets through her.

liftin:: thanks 96

liftin:: wish i had a free weekend to get out there. i was in the house in 2002.. left a bad aftertaste. joshuag: What are odds PSU lands McCoy?

BobLichtenfels:: i may have to venture to a college game saturday, i got tickets given to me for pitt/USF and WVU/Louisville

Psu96:: honestly, I think they're better since the injury

BobLichtenfels:: what times is state on

JoeBB:: gotcha, koko... now when you're ready to go home, let me know, and i'll join you! haha (Cafe210 joined)

BigMurna:: 330 et

Psu96:: go to Morgantown. That place is nuts! Great venue to watch a game.

CharlestonLion:: that Dokish article sounded good for McCoy

BobLichtenfels:: tape state and go to another game mrfolks: wvu/loisville will be a good game liftin: guys im out. enjoy the game. BEAT MICHIGAN Psu96: pay no attention to that Dokish article.

Psu96: PSU is in good shape with McCoy, but Dokish's credibility is pretty much nil

BigMurna:: I'm interested to see what happens w/ Pitt/USF tomorrow.

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Cafe210:: I like that he is talking about staying close to home though...

BobLichtenfels:: 96 have you ever seen the movie wrong turn?

Psu96:: no. Is that the cannibal movie?

BobLichtenfels:: If you have you'd be scared of WV mrfolks: lol

shpsu:: I agree 96er but why would a Pitt guy manufacture an article that trashes Pitt's chances and pumps up PSU?

Psu96:: I went to WVU-Pitt 2 years ago with a WVU grad. It was fantastic

Psu96:: shpsu, Dokish supposedly provides a look at recruiting for all PA teams

BobLichtenfels:: I went last year it was the first pitt game i was at in 3 years and it was 28 degrees BobLichtenfels: i thought my cheeks would freeze to the seat

mrfolks:: Pitt-WVU on thanksgiving day again this year? BobLichtenfels: The backyard brawl is always a good one

BobLichtenfels:: yes

shpsu:: Bob, you should have been at PSU-Notre Dame in the early 90's it was 0 degrees!

PlaybookMark:: One of te unsung heroes overlooked on this staff is Vanderlinden - they guy has rebuilt Linebacker U.

BobLichtenfels:: I couldn't do that, i'd rather stay home

78Lion:: Ok worst game ever '74 Navy

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mrfolks:: mark- i agree- not much being said about him PlaybookMark: Mr. Yeah Vandy is totally overlooked shpsu: Bob, any thoughts on AJ Wallace and PSU? mrfolks: did wonders with tim shaw this offseason mrfolks: or so it seems

BobLichtenfels:: I wouldn't be surprised to see someone try and hire him after the season as a head coach 78Lion: didn't directional Michigan try last year or year before

BobLichtenfels:: shp he's still looking it will be a while, if he schedules an official then they have a shot

PlaybookMark:: I think Vandy stays personally BobLichtenfels: My guess is bradley gets the head job and vandy gets D-coord

PlaybookMark:: This staff has four potential head coaches on it - Vandy, LJ, Bradley and Hall mrfolks: What happens to LJ?

78Lion:: Hall isn't going anywhere except home after Joe retires

BobLichtenfels:: Make LJ a very high paid DL coach PlaybookMark: 78 I am not saying Hall will be a HC - just that he could be

78Lion:: agree

PlaybookMark:: If Bradley takes over I see LJ becoming DC

mrfolks:: not joke- he makes whatever they apy hi in recruiting alone

mrfolks:: no joke

Psu96:: LJ doesn't want to leave State College. I bet they either name him DC or DL/Assistant Head Coach like the Steelers did with Russ Grimm when they named Whisenhunt the OC

78Lion:: LJ even bigger this year with all the MD recruits we could get

BobLichtenfels:: If someone big offers vandy he cant stay just to coach backers, unless he's had enough of being the head guy

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Psu96:: LJ also handles Harrisburg, so he's responsible for McCoy

78Lion:: wow

BobLichtenfels:: LJ is a machine this year mrfolks: i'll bet mccoy is a group effort 78Lion: didn't he visit shady in the hospital PlaybookMark: Vandy could go, but he is very greatful to Joe for helping him when he was down

Psu96:: Most recruits are a team effort mrfolks. The regional recruiter makes first contact and then gets the kid in touch with the position coach so that they have all bases covered.

PSUSem:: speaking of coaches, has anyone watched the awful job amato has done at NC State? i watched them again last night and it's painful

78Lion:: maybe get fat ralphie. Another MD coach that can't win with his own talent

78Lion:: Just kidding

PlaybookMark:: Friedgen won with Vandy's team - once that dried up so did his success

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BobLichtenfels:: sometimes 96, but honestly i have never heard a recruit like Mccoy or tate mention the RB coach at PSU its always LJ

LexLion:: NC State has had MAJOR troubles since Rivers left. Defense is overrated.

78Lion:: don't think Hall does much in recruiting? Psu96: Galen Hall is the running backs coach. He doesn't do a whole lot of recruiting

BobLichtenfels:: I have never heard his name mentioned LexLion: Actually, the enigma of that group of the ACC is Virginia. Is there a coach out there besides Carr that gets the least out of the most than Groh? Psu96: doesn't surprise me Bob

PSUSem:: they're just so undiscplined... 5 offsides penalties in the first half alone... i bet practice is like lord of the flies

shpsu:: Precisely why Hall won't be ahead coach again. He has apparently zero involvement with recruiting. PlaybookMark: Hall doesn't recruit much, but he is an asset to recruiting - when they bring in backs it helps to say this is the guy who coached Emmitt Smith shpsu: No doubt Mark.

BobLichtenfels:: there's a lot of schools that do that like one of their coordinators will barely if at all recruit

Psu96:: With LJ as the main recruiter, you don't really need anyone else involved unless there's a specific question for a position coach. Joe Paterno is probably the other person involved with McCoy

mrfolks:: i think he just likes the X's and O's and leaves recruiting to the experts

PlaybookMark:: Hall is PSU's NFL angle on recruiting... 78Lion: I liked the comment I saw earlier . Groh is the Queen of getting the least out of the most. Soon to assume the throne from Mack Brown

BobLichtenfels:: whoa, I wouldn't pass the torch yet Scrap is still the man

mrfolks:: i heard scrap's nickname is the grim reaper 78Lion: nickname from rival coaches

mrfolks:: exactly

PlaybookMark:: Scap's nickname is Scrap :) mrfolks: a guy can have two nicknames :) (WeRPSUPlaybook joined)

WeRPSUPlaybook:: Morning everyone..

PlaybookMark:: The question is how PSU's offense handles the UM defense - which has nothing to lose (joshuag left)

mrfolks:: what do you think they'll do, Mark? shpsu: If PSU can have succes throwing over the middle this one will get ugly quick.

PlaybookMark:: I think they take a lot of risks pressuring the pocket and trying to put Robinson on edge

WeRPSUPlaybook:: Michigan's secondary is suspect. UM will have to get pressure on Robinson quick WeRPSUPlaybook: or the PSU receivers will burn them shpsu: How about a screen to DWill or JK and catch them in an all out blitz?

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mrfolks:: i have been waiting for a screen all year PlaybookMark: You have to use some screens and draws to counter the pressure

Psu96:: they used the draw very effectively against OSU's pressure

PlaybookMark:: The ironoy of it all is that UM is calling for Henne to be benched

WeRPSUPlaybook:: Gutierez was the heir apparent at UM until he was injured and Henne stepped in - I'm not surprised at the qb controversy

mrfolks:: don't be suprised if gutierrez sees some time PlaybookMark: Gutierez was shafted - the guy has a lot of talent but got overlooked

mrfolks:: he did have a shoulder injury last year PlaybookMark: I believe it was a shouler WeRPSUPlaybook: It's tough to sideline a quarterback who is winning.. but Michigan is not winning this year with regularity..

PlaybookMark:: People didn't realize how good Edwards was he caught everything Henne threw within 10 yards of him

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WeRPSUPlaybook:: Sometimes it doesn't matter.. PSU was not winning with regularity last year, and we all know there was no qb change.

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78Lion:: last year...I don't remember last year mrfolks: alright fellas- hope to see some of you there tomorrow! i'll be the one wearing white! mrfolks: WE ARE...

WeRPSUPlaybook:: lol folks...

PlaybookMark:: I am still amazed PSU came out of that OSU game as healthy as can be hoped for

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WeRPSUPlaybook:: PSU controls the path to the Big Ten championship, but they must stay focused each week and take care of business - beginning tomorrow. (PennStatePigskin joined)

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PennStatePigskin:: Does the chat begin at noon? WeRPSUPlaybook: usually gets rolling about 11, Pigskin


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