U-M: Report Card

FOS grades the performances from Saturday's big game in Ann Arbor.

OVERALL: The Lions showed plenty of character, even in defeat.
Grade: B

OFFENSE: Once M-Rob and crew got rolling, they did a little damage.
Grade: C

DEFENSE: Bottom line here: The game was there to win and this unit came up short.
Grade: C-

SPECIAL TEAMS: This not having a special teams' coach still isn't working. Issues here were a huge part of the game.
Grade: D-

COACHING: Kept the team fighting even after an ugly first half.
Grade: C+

INTANGIBLES: Lions had every chance to take the crowd out of it early but could not do it.
Grade: C

OTHER GUYS: Kudos to the Wolverines for bouncing back after their 3-3 start.
Grade: B+

OFFICIALS: Now these are the bumbling Big Ten refs we've come to know and love.
Grade: F

CROWD: Rallied to the occasion when the Wolverines needed them most.
Grade: B-


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