For Whom the Bell Tolls? Find Out Soon

It's decision time for WR Chris Bell. Stayed tuned to for news from his PC.

Chris Bell, a five-star receiver prospect from Granby High in Norfolk, Va., is scheduled to make his college choice at a press conference from the Military Circle Downtown Locker Room in the city at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

Bell has reportedly narrowed his list to Penn State and Virginia, and preliminary indications are that he is leaning heavily toward the Nittany Lions. Will he pick the Blue and White, joining one of the nation's top young receiving groups? Or will he have a last-minute change of heart and head elsewhere. is scheduled to stream the press conference live, so find out as it happens. Visit our free Audibles Message Board (See the board here) for details on the stream and to talk about the big announcement when it happens.


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