Friday Premium Chat Wrap

See what went down in our weekly chat session, this one previewing the Illinois game. Who will take Derrick Williams' place on offense? What changes have been made along the lines? What's the latest on recruiting? We talked about all this and more.

PlaybookMark: There has been some confusion around personnel at CB with Williams' injury and King shifting over

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rriva: How has D. Johnson practiced?

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PlaybookMark: First Team CB: Zemaitis and Phillips, Second Team CB: D. Johnson, T. Davis D. Fentress

Cafe210: Is Sarge getting more reps at WR, or is King slotted to play DWill's role?

rriva: i know he's been playing safety, but how has he looked overall, he's a journeyman

Rathskeller: Where has Ed001 been lately?

rriva: he's fleeing the hurricane :-P

PlaybookMark: Johnson has looked good in coverage this week, but needs to "read-react" more

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sweetgingerbrown: Donnie Johnson is not a CB

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PlaybookMark: King has been at DWill's spot all week

Cafe210: thanks Mark

mrfolks: is he running out of the backfield like DWill?

jwtanger: johnson getting work at nickel this year will help tremendously for next year.

sweetgingerbrown: they should be sneaking him in at Lowry's spot a few reps for experience \

NewYorkNittany: any idea if shipley will actually see time at DT?

MeadowLion: So king will play WR in 2 WR sets correct?

PlaybookMark: Sarge started out strong, but is simply not at the stage of Butler, King, Norwood, etc.

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State09: 2 or 3 wide

PlaybookMark: Some comments have been that Sargeant has "regressed" some

PlaybookMark: Meadow - that seems to be the plan

Psu96: Donnie Johnson is a safety, but PSU likes to play safeties as the nickel. Look no further than Cronin and *cough* Derek Fox *cough*

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sweetgingerbrown: 96 ain't that the truth

mrfolks: Sarge doesn't seem as aggresive- he's a little overwhelmed i think

Cafe210: Do we expect King to spend the remainder of the season on O, or will he shift back to CB when we go against Purdue and MSU?

YorkPAinPSU: do not even mention that name 96

MeadowLion: the good news is the DJ is a better tackler than King

Psu96: York, I almost called him He Who Shall Not Be Named, but I figured that was too vague. :-)

Rathskeller: no swearing in here, 96!

PlaybookMark: Cafe - tough call, but the staff seems to feel he is needed on offense - and could play the "draw" role pulling coverage off Butler and Norwood

Rathskeller: ;-0

GotBand1: Greetings

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MeadowLion: So are we sure that Norwood is healtyh enough to play?

Psu96: Mark, any idea if he'll line up in the backfield like DWill was?

Psu96: King I mean

PlaybookMark: Hey Band - Wyatt is movin' on up!

GotBand1: this week anyway

PlaybookMark: King? They have been running sets which have him in the backfield

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Psu96: His time is coming soon Band. Tell him to keep his nose to the grindstone

sweetgingerbrown: meadow if King is solely at Wr I bet it is because Norwood might be somewhat questionable

GotBand1: who knows what head games they play next week

PlaybookMark: Meadow - not sure about Norwood, but he has been drilling first team and "looks fine"

Psu96: Makes sense Mark since King was a great HS RB

lionlover: LOL....I dont think anyone messes with an OL more mentally than JoePA

GotBand1: agree 96,

Rathskeller: was the whole Norwood scare overblown a bit, Mark?

mrfolks: i think he is more dangerous withthe ball than DWill

jwtanger: Band, gotta love those head games,

mrfolks: king that is

GotBand1: damn straight lionlover, him and kenney

PlaybookMark: The comments around Bowman have been impressive - strong, focused, determined, passionate

Psu96: I imagine it's not nearly as amusing for the kids involved in the head games. Gotta be frustrating as can be.

Psu96: Nothing else to do but give 100% every day and let the chips fall where they may

MeadowLion: King has a better initial burst than DWill does I think....Dwill may win a longer race but King is amazing in short bursts

lionlover: lol

PlaybookMark: Rath - Norwood is said to have a hairline fracture, but it doesn't seem to be that serious

mrfolks: did shipley move back to d at his request or coach request?

MeadowLion: i didnt know a hairline fracture was ever not serious? Couldnt it break the rest of the way through?

GotBand1: aq wanted more time on the field, this is a win win for him and the d

Rathskeller: not if he seems 100%- glad to hear it.

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PlaybookMark: Folks - staff made the move

PlaybookMark: I did not hear anything about AQ making the request - he plays where he is needed

lionlover: We are going to really miss Hali next year, but Shaw's move could really help ameliorate that loss

Psu96: AQ deserves playing time, but he wasn't going to get it at center or guard right now. This move shores up a thin DL

GotBand1: true mark, but aq wasn't getting much time lately, their move helps both

Psu96: If Sales shows promise at DE, I bet they ask him to put on some weight during the offseason.

PlaybookMark: Question is center next year - you have Shipley, Harrison...

mrfolks: meadow- it sounds like a stress fracture...and there can be a risk for completing the fracture

PlaybookMark: Band - very true

mxbscout: ameliorate?

PlaybookMark: Meadow - Norwood's X-Rays have not arrived to us yet

GotBand1: mark, greg will be at a guard, unless aq is a force on D the rest of the season

Rathskeller: heh

Psu96: Hey, we have some gentlemen and scholars in here mark

MeadowLion: lol, ok...keep us updated Mark

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PlaybookMark: Band - I agree - they need to shore up depth at center - not sure Varva is the guy

GotBand1: mark, trent could be the one, but he has to focus more

Psu96: I think the team will be ok at DT in 2006 without Shipley. Can't say the same about center. He has to move back IMO.

GotBand1: personally would prefer Q at center

GotBand1: but if he ever finds out I said that, I will dissavow all knowledge

Psu96: Band, Trent didn't seem that physically imposing when I saw him at LFL. His other OL classmates looked much bigger and stronger by comparison. Just a personal observation, and that doesn't mean Trent can't catch up of course.

GotBand1: part of the focus 96

PlaybookMark: Varva has to get consistent

lionlover: I am EXCITED to see Dontey Brown in action. I was told by a decent source that his back up status had nothing to do with :inability to grasp pass coverage" and had everything to do with a little off field incident...take it FWIW

mrfolks: LL- can you be more specific?

PlaybookMark: Brown has made strides

lionlover: no

rriva: 96, you were right and i was wrong about rickerson...

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Psu96: He dumped PSU like a bad habit?

GotBand1: nail meet head lionlover, and no one knows the specifics below the coaches

rriva: pretty much

rriva: i think he's being a primadonna though

rriva: and i'm convinced he and james will not go to the same school

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mrfolks: do you think we will cool on James now?

MeadowLion: Rickerson will be a stud will see that name on a draft board one day IMO

lionlover: Rickerson is going to be a STAR somehwere

Psu96: I honestly can't blame him. He has a bunch of big time schools recruiting him. He doesn't need to waste time with schools who can't be bothered to keep appointments

lionlover: beat me to it meadow

rriva: but, interestingly enough, he isn't seeing much love from UF and Auburn

MeadowLion: yep lionlover, that guy has shutdown corner written all over him

PlaybookMark: Rickerson is impressive

Psu96: James will reschedule, and McCarthy looks like he wants to visit after the season ends, so it could be worse

rriva: he's like plan C for UF and Auburn, plan B

PlaybookMark: MCCarthy would be a nice addition

MeadowLion: UF needs to find some guys that fit Meyers offense....CB is the least of their worries

rriva: exactly

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PlaybookMark: Finding guys that fit Meyer's offense is a challenge

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playdrums: got chat?

rriva: i think PSU has a very very strong chance at James

restoartheroar: wasnt eveyone saying that leak would fit it perfectly at the beginning

Psu96: McCarthy has PSU LB written all over him.

mrfolks: is Tate still consindering PSU or is he gone?

PlaybookMark: the bigger challenge is having that offense work against the speed of the SEC

lionlover: We NEED Wallace probaby more than any position from a pure NEED perspective

rriva: James genuinely likes PSU

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Psu96: I don't see it happening lionlover. He hasn't even included PSU among his official visits

MeadowLion: Im not sure why we need James, we already have him in Kinlaw and Sargeant...

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rriva: folks, a lot of Auburn people i've spoken with think Tate will not stick with Auburn

rriva: that's not to say he'll come to Auburn, but they were talking like they already lost him

playdrums: interesting

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PlaybookMark: Some not so great reports about ALE's visit to Maryland

lionlover: 96, I know its a long shot....:O(

MeadowLion: yeah, rumor was that Tate was told that his Auburn offer was only good for so long so he jumped on it to make sure it was there

Psu96: Tate/McCoy would be too much to hope for, but if it did happen, it would be an incredible 1-2 punch at RB for this class.

PlaybookMark: Not so great for the Terps

rriva: I think McCoy and James would be a nice combo...

twak1: good

restoartheroar: yesss

rriva: James is a player

playdrums: Carter/Archie

YorkPAinPSU: sweet

mrfolks: mark- you scard me for a second

nittlion: College Park is a hole

restoartheroar: yeah same

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Cafe210: good news on ALE?

Psu96: I wish I had seen reports that ALE was sporting that blue PSU jacket on teh MD sidelines. :-)

restoartheroar: what happened there

MeadowLion: Jamse may be a player but where exactly does he fit in PSU's offense?

twak1: punt returns

rriva: definatley PR and KR

nittlion: how nice would it be to have gotten Vernon Davis?

Cafe210: Doesn't Lowrey have a little brother that we can recruit for PR?

Psu96: Meadow, slot/scatback. He's different than Kinlaw in that he has powerful legs and would be stronger than you would think at first glance

rriva: he's better than anyone on PSU's roster, including Williams

rriva: at PR and KR

restoartheroar: lol cafe

lionlover: are

rriva: trust me, i was super skeptical of him

Psu96: actually, Calvin does have a younger brother who plays football, but he finished his high school career last year and wasn't recruited by PSU

mrfolks: what did ALE say about maryland?

Psu96: Spencer is Calvin's brother's name

nittlion: to be called a punt returner, i think you actually have to field the punts

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mrfolks: lol

nittlion: just mho

Rathskeller: more on ALE, Mark?

Cafe210: thought I remembered that 96 - he was supposedly a player early in HS, but must have fizzled

MeadowLion: oh i think he has skills, but i just dont know how we would use him on offense.....we say skatback but we say that about all kinds of recruits and we never have one...i think James could be a pretty good college player but in our offense i dont see it? KR and PR yes

PlaybookMark: "Butler has looked fantastic this week - catching everything around him."

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Psu96: Sometimes, I think PSU might as well rush all 11 guys but then you'd see a bunch of roughing the punter penalties probably

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lionlover: can i share something with you guys?

PlaybookMark: Rath - Maryland fans just don;t seem to feel real good about their prospects with ALE - apparently he was not overly impressed

playdrums: ssshhhh, lionlover is talking

nittlion: i'm concerned about our WRs ability to get open without Williams to draw the defense

MeadowLion: thats good, now with williams down we need Butler to stop having an occasional drop of a ball coming off his chest

lionlover: I love you guys so much....You bring tears to my to go :O) Thanks all!

PlaybookMark: back at ya

Psu96: Butler definitely has to step up

playdrums: awwwwww

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PlaybookMark: Well King could draw coverage and open up Butler

Rathskeller: lol

nittlion: true mark

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Rathskeller: Thanks Mark

playdrums: one moment, there's somethin' in my eye!!!!

Psu96: remember it was Butler who allowed Derrick Williams to break out because Deon was drawing a lot of attention after a couple of big games early in the year

twak1: could just be allergy play

PSUSmitty: Sorry if this was covered, but does King get as many snaps as Williams in this game?

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rriva: Penn state should run the ball a lot, Hunt could have a career day

nittlion: mark or 96, is king going to be the sole KR like DWill was?

twak1: smitty think he'll get way more

Psu96: PSU needs to run Hunt at least 20 carries. They never give him the ball enough IMO. He was rolling over Michigan and they went away from him in the second half.

PlaybookMark: Smitty - King is in for Williams - so likely

PSUSmitty: yeah, i don't mean as Williams this game

PSUSmitty: but as many as he got

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twak1: i know--just kidding

PSUBETA: Didn't JK play TB in HS as well as CB?

PlaybookMark: I need to find out about KR

mrfolks: any "official" word on Dwill's surgery?

playdrums: Hunt definitely does not get enough touches

mrfolks: Beta- yes HB and CB

nittlion: i think king can be a very good KR if given the chance

PlaybookMark: Hunt is #32 nationally with limited touches

playdrums: he's a threat on every touch, but no love

nittlion: he's got vision and the effortless acceleration

PSUBETA: I am interested to see him carry out of the backfield with Hunt or Snow clearing the way.

playdrums: absolutely

PSUSmitty: agreed - Hunt is impressing

MeadowLion: yep, Hunt is terrific.....cue the Austin Scott argument

restoartheroar: why do we only have one back for KR

PSUSmitty: he could be a Chris Perry type guy next year

Psu96: I don't have any idea why they aren't using him on screens. That play should be wide open because PSU hardly uses screens

nittlion: cause we don't want them kicking to the other guy

mrfolks: hunt is head and shoulders the better RB now- no argument


palehorse: Expect many many screens next year w/ AM at the helm

restoartheroar: i dont think we will be upset if king gets KR touches

Psu96: Austin Scott looks painfully slow to me whenever he carries the ball. I think it's not that he's physically slow, but he takes too long to make up his mind what hole he is going to run through

PSUBETA: Was Taylor impressed by MD's performance last night?

nittlion: King will take a KO back this week if he is back there by himself

MeadowLion: yes, Hunt is a million times better.....Scott doesnt make a decision where he is going until the game is over

Psu96: Last time PSU played at Illinois, LJ ran back a kickoff against the Illini for a TD

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restoartheroar: i feel bad for scott though i just want him to be good

nittlion: i cringe when i hear the mccoy/scott comparison

mrfolks: scott is just snakebit- hesitant, over thinking every move

Psu96: It was PSU's first KO return TD since 1986

PSUSmitty: Austin Scott had the best high school film I have ever seen

PSUBETA: How much of Scott's indeciciveness is b/c he is a second or third teamer? Rightfully so, btw.

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playdrums: because he's a 3rd teamer

playdrums: ?

Rathskeller: Kelly was more decisive on the PAT than AS is ;-)

playdrums: that should cause him to run with wreckless abandon through every hole

nittlion: Scott is good in the open field. problem is he can't get himself to the open field.

PlaybookMark: Kelly should be a RB

Psu96: BETA, that excuse doesn't wash with me. Players need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities they are given if they want more playing time.

playdrums: c'mon - these are division 1 kids

playdrums: go or sit

restoartheroar: alright enough bashing scott

MeadowLion: LJ was great at KR because he was decisive....pick a spot and run through it....thats what we need to teach these KR's

PSUSmitty: i just don't understand what happened to him - i thought he was a sure bet

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PSUBETA: Just tossing it out there.

MeadowLion: yeah, who thought PSU would lose to Michigan after Kelly runs in a botched XP....not this guy

78Lion: What happened was attitude and extra weight that was useless to him

Psu96: You have to prepare like you're the starter because you're only one play away from being just that

restoartheroar: lets do predictions PSU 50 to illinois 3

Rathskeller: heard ya, meadow

nittlion: meadow, don't remind me

PSUBETA: I agree 96. Elite athletes will do just that.

palehorse: IMO, AS is trying to hit the homerun b/c he feels he is behind the eight ball and needs to do something big.

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PSUBETA: He kind of does.

mrfolks: i agree pale

PlaybookMark: pale - good point

Psu96: The offsides penalty on the ensuing KO after Kelly'

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MeadowLion: well AS has to hit a single before he can hit a HR

nittlion: meadow, thought same thing with 53 seconds to go

Psu96: Kelly's 2-pt conversion might be the worst mistake PSU made last weekend

PSUBETA: It would take a lot of something special to catch TH.

Psu96: They had Breaston stopped at the 21

nittlion: D let us down both times


78Lion: game over Illinois is up

rriva: i tell you what though, kelly showed some headiness on that play, expecially considering he is a freshman, on the road at UM, after missing two fg's

snakester: Do you think Butler will have the same impacet as a corner? If not will the staff give him a short leash to improve on D?

Rathskeller: he cut like a TB, seriously.

Rathskeller: Kelly, that is-

PlaybookMark: I am not sure where the Butler to CB came from - he is 100% WR now and the staff isn't thinking about 2006 at this stage

palehorse: On Breastons last return was anyone else screaming at the inital coverage man to break down when he blew right past SB?

Rathskeller: I laughed my butt off

Psu96: no regard for his physical well-being by diving into the end zone too. Great play by KK

Rathskeller: yes.

rriva: was kelly a wrestler in HS?

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Joepa4life: do we have concerns about the DL wearing out -- it seems like there have been a lot of position changes this week that makes me nervous there are some more injuries there or the guys are exhausted

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palehorse: He didn't even try

MeadowLion: if he wasnt riva we can start a rumor....Kevin Kelly wrestled black bears in his backyard....thats a start

PlaybookMark: Joe - yes they are trying to bolster the rotations with AQ, Shaw and Sales

nittlion: if you watched the um game, you have those concerned 4life

rriva: meadow, well put, i think we should start a rumor that he fought in the UFC

rriva: :-P

Psu96: Paxson and Alford have played a ton of snaps and were gassed by the end of that Michigan game

Joepa4life: seems like Sales will be abused on the end

Cafe210: I was gassed at the end of the Michigan game as well

Psu96: Adding Sales and Shipley into the mix ensures that the starting 4 will have something left in the tank by the 4th qtr

nittlion: i have been surprised about the lack of rotation for the front 7

mrfolks: i assume he'll be in on passsing downs only

rriva: i was not impressed with Sales at LB

Rathskeller: "Trooper" Kelly

MeadowLion: Sales will have some plays where he will get shelled but others he will be on the QB before he gets to his drop

twak1: agree all the moves make sense to me

Psu96: The losses of Ed Johnson and Lavon Chisley have really hurt

nittlion: especially EJ

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Joepa4life: frankly -- I would rather see Puz step up more on passing downs and come of the end

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Psu96: I think PSU does a terrible job of disguising its blitz schemes

PlaybookMark: 96 - they did against UM - increibly transparent

nittlion: did we really drop a DL into coverage on the last play?

MeadowLion: yeah, when Poz or Connor are blitzing they hold up banners saying "I'm blitzing" and they stand on the LOS

Psu96: Bradley always sends guys from the outside and well away from the ball. It takes too long to get there from that far away. Whatever happened to blitzing up the middle?

mrfolks: nittlion- we dropeed DL often during that game

nittlion: i know but someone told me we did it on the last play, which made no sense

mrfolks: i saw one play we had Gaines on Avant-- whoops!

nittlion: anyone else hurt hurt their thumb pressing too hard to delete the game from their TIVO list? ; )

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MeadowLion: i still havent gotten up the nerve to watch it nittlion

MeadowLion: the screaming at michigan stadium at the end is embedded in my brain forever

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PlaybookMark: Anyone else notice the crowd got louder when UM had the ball - either there were a TON of PSU fans or UM fans don;t understand the game too well

nittlion: why didn't we recruit stupar again?

Psu96: nittlion, TE wasn't a position of need when Stupar was a senior I think

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restoartheroar: mr stuapr does not have a good relationship with joe i have heard

palehorse: It is kind of odd

MyBloodisBlue: gentlemen

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PlaybookMark: It's not like PSU uses the tight end

restoartheroar: and we probably wont get nate stupar

nittlion: if we had one, we'd use him

nittlion: when is the last time we had one?

Joepa4life: i think Smolko is very capable

MeadowLion: if we can get quarless and use him properly it would be great....of course, if is a strong word with PSU

PlaybookMark: Smolko is capable, but only if he has the ball tossed his way

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nittlion: Smolko is jekyll and hyde

mrfolks: How do we stand with Quarless?

Psu96: I think Jordan Lyons could be a very good receiving TE. Don't know much about his blocking though. Smolko's actually got pretty good hands as well, but MRob always seems to misfire to Isaac

Joepa4life: i think in this offense he wil become even more important as the season goes on

PlaybookMark: Lyons was struggling with blocking, but came on strong in the area in the spring

nittlion: rubin to te?

PlaybookMark: I cannot see Rubin shifting to TE

nittlion: with dwill and bell on the outside, a good te can get mis-match city down the middle of the field

MeadowLion: kinda like this year nittlion?

restoartheroar: and bulter

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mrfolks: lol

Joepa4life: any more info on the details of the Cronin situation? the details have been very quiet

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restoartheroar: hes gone for the year i think

mrfolks: the message is: don't screw up during the season

restoartheroar: and he is a sr

Joepa4life: i got that part

palehorse: Was Cronin one of the prank callers? I forget

nittlion: TE has been an after-thought in both recruiting and playcalling for a long time

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Psu96: no palehorse that was Connor, McCready and Kaunch

nittlion: is shuler putting on any weight?

MeadowLion: it seems that those messages only get sent to disposable players....such as cronin and tommy does not apply to ed johnson, tony johnson, etc.

Psu96: Kanuch

restoartheroar: i am not so sure quarless will be so great because he only really became known when his highlight tape was released

mrfolks: meadow- you're exactly right

Rathskeller: Cronin was the PK holder....

palehorse: McCready was the one I was thinking of

Psu96: Quarless is a stud TE restore

Rathskeller: looked like we missed him at UM.

rriva: Quarless is a very good kid, he politely declined an interview with me once on a Sunday because it was his day of worship

mrfolks: get any idea of where we stand with him, rob?

rriva: it will be a PSU/UVA battle, UVA alreayd has a commitment from a stud TE from NJ

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mrfolks: nice timing

Psu96: UVA was the first to offer back in January and then PSU offered in early February

MeadowLion: any TE that Miami is/was after is fine in my book

rriva: PSU is in good shape, but it's too early to say where he'll end up

nittlion: UVA definitely has a better track record with TEs lately

rriva: he's putting off recruiting for a bit, i.e. no visits, he's doing his research right now

Psu96: All PSU has to say is they haven't had a TE with Quarless' skill set before so that's why they haven't thrown to the TE as much as they'd like. :-)

Spider legs 11: question on AQ - everyone keeps saying he is a beast this and that -- what I have seen is him getting blown up at the line of scrimmage etc. I have not been impressed -- am I jsut missing all his good plays ?

MeadowLion: UVA, where the talented TE's thrive and the talented at every other position are doomed to mediocrity

restoartheroar: whats the deal with walton in your book are we leading

rriva: i think PSU leads for Walton, although I think Walton might be a bit over-rated

ridleyjim: who is going to play center for us next yesr?

restoartheroar: wenger

nittlion: It's kinda funny that we are not saying one word about the Illinois game

ridleyjim: seriously

restoartheroar: i bet shipley moves back

Psu96: spider, I've seen Shipley do some good things and some very bad things as well. It takes some time for a young OL to learn how to use leverage and strength properly. He's going to be a good one.

MeadowLion: PSU 38-ILL 7.....thats all that needs to be discussed

nittlion: especially when the teaching is faulty 96 ; )

mrfolks: for anyone who has been around the team- any chance of a letdown?

PlaybookMark: Calling the line, shifts, pulls, rolls, etc. is a tough job

playdrums: that's because our hearts still ache over UM - 7 in a row with the QB that dissed us.

Psu96: He has true passion for the game and is willing to do whatever he has to do to improve

restoartheroar: wont antloick be our center

Psu96: Antolick is a 5th yr senior

Psu96: as is EZ Smith

restoartheroar: oh

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restoartheroar: that could be our missing link on O next year

palehorse: later guys

restoartheroar: along with the OL

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Psu96: I think the OL will be an area of concern in general

nittlion: til the end of time

PlaybookMark: OL is the lynchpin to 2006

Psu96: The young guys have a world of talent, but there's no substitute for experience. They will get better as the year goes along and should be very good in 2007

restoartheroar: yeah seems like it

ridleyjim: we need a good o-line to protect Morelli next year.

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restoartheroar: yeah i am confident he can be a good one

Alexx: Where is Cadogan practicing? T or G?

Psu96: That Notre Dame game in September is one that PSU will be better for having played regardless of the outcome

nittlion: what is the word on daryll clark? is he a legit d1 qb prospect?

Psu96: Tackle I think Alexx

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PlaybookMark: Clark has been called one of the best physical specimens on the team - "he's ripped"

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Psu96: but can he hit a 15-yard out route?

restoartheroar: will he back up morelli

PlaybookMark: haven't seen him

nittlion: how good would MRob be this year if he was a 3-year starter?

restoartheroar: think how bad our OL was last year

nittlion: <----ducking

mrfolks: wouldn't you have said the same thing about Mills if he didn't start until his senior year?

restoartheroar: he wouldnt get a pass of

restoartheroar: f

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nittlion: but he could run

mrfolks: mills was a very good runner

mrfolks: when they let him

nittlion: zack wouldn't have made those OSU scrambles this year

rriva: i gotta jet, be good everyone

rriva left

twak1 left

PlaybookMark: later Rob

PlaybookMark: Guys, I have to run too - thanks for chatting - if you have any follow up questions post them on the TAP board...we'll have a recap of this up later today.


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