Nittany Notes: Pressing Questions

With Derrick Williams sidelined and the staff making shifts in preparation for the closing stetch of the 2005 season, PSU fans have been asking a lot of questions about the squad. FOS is the place where EVERYONE goes to get their answers first.

With Williams sidelined who is handling kickoff duties?

Practice this week had Justin King getting the bulk of kickoff return reps in place of Williams. Thanks to his "speed and ability to blow through a crack in the coverage" King is expected to pick up where Williams left off in the return game.

King was not the only return man stepping in for Williams, though. Rodney Kinlaw also practiced in the role throughout the week, although he did not see as many reps as King. "Rodney has the speed to split the coverage, but is not as strong at idenfying breaks as they open up."

Is Austin Scott returning kicks?

No. Scott has been on the retrun squad, but has beem playing a role on the return squad that is described a "an upback spot." He and Terrell Golden played up in this role during practice this week.

Is Knowledge Timmons preparing to finally see action on special teams this week?

Nothing seems to indicate that. Timmons did not see reps with the coverage units this week. Observers indicate Timmons is redshirting, saying, "Knowledge is on track to redshirt. He has a good base to work from, but needs more work."

Given the late timing of the season it would seem that that a reshirt for Timmons would make sense.

Where is Lydell Sargeant playing currently?

Sargeant is still seeing second-team reps at wide receiver. "He came out of the gate strong early on, but has regressed some since then," one observer explained.

There is no doubt Sargeant is quick and has "great hands," but lacks impressive overall speed. This and his 5-foot-9 size gives him a challenge when attemtping to separate from coverage. He has consistent hands, but needs to "focus on breaking away from his assignment more consistently."


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