Penn State Nike Camp

Nearly 300 high school football players attended the Nike Camp at Penn State this past Sunday. As expected, several well-known players were very impressive. However, there was as least one unknown that made heads turn (Pic inside).

I spent quite a bit of time focusing on the quarterback position simply because of the importance of having a player with tremendous leadership and ability at that position.

There was one group of quarterbacks that seemed to possess the majority of talent.  That group included Kevin McCabe of Pine-Richland High School in Gibsonia, PA, Adam Bednarik of Bethlehem Catholic in Bethlehem, PA, Dan Gronkowski of North Williamsville in Williamsville, NY, sophomore Anthony Morelli of Penn Hills in Pittsburgh, PA and Andrew Woodson of North Hardin in Radcliff, KY.

Kevin McCabe was very impressive as expected.  He has an excellent arm to which I can personally attest since he bounced an errant pass off the turf into my shin and it's still painfully swollen two days later.  In my opinion, his performance in the footwork drills was second to none.  He was disappointed with his accuracy during the drills, but in his defense, the quarterbacks were throwing to different receivers each time and several kids did not run proper routes.

Dan Gronkowski and Adam Bednarik also looked good, but were overshadowed by sophomore Anthony Morelli of Penn Hills.  I spoke to Anthony's father prior to watching the quarterback drills and he said that Anthony is hearing from 45 Division I schools already and can throw the ball 77 yards.  I was skeptical as to how good a prospect he was until I watched him perform.  He appears to be about an inch taller than McCabe (6'4", 199 pounds per his father) and also diplays an excellent arm, great footwork and a smooth delivery.

Coach Bob Johnson who coaches the quarterbacks at the Student Sports Elite 11 Camp in California every year, said that if he were a college coach, he'd take Morelli right now.  Johnson listed McCabe, Morelli and Andre Woodson as the best quarterback prospects at the camp.

Who is Andre Woodson you ask?

I have to admit that I did not know who he was prior to the camp.  I saw him early in the camp when he was getting his picture taken.  I was hanging out by the photographer and taking pictures of guys with whom I was familiar.  Even though I did not recognize the name, I snapped the included picture simply because he was big and looked like a great athlete.  I'm glad I did.

He is an impressive looking individual, at least 6'5" tall.  More importantly, he has a tremendous arm and smooth delivery.

I talked to Andre briefly after the camp. 

"I'm receiving interest from schools like Clemson, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Kentucky and some others," Andre said.

Penn State has not been in contact......yet.

Why did he come to PSU all the way from Kentucky?

"I wanted to get exposure up here, [Penn State] has always been my favorite team."

It was obvious to me that the Penn State coaching staff was impressed with Andre.  Was he impressed with Penn State?

"Yeah, I'm impressed a lot, nice facilities, great coaches, it's a real nice place."

Andre grew up a fan of Penn State because his mother is originally from a small town near Sharon, PA.  The family has moved around quite a bit as a result of Andre's father being in the military.

I will continue to post more info, including several pictures, from the camp.  LionNews will follow up with Andre in the very near future.

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