Inside the Lions' Numbers

With Penn State looking at three games left on the schedule and staring squarely at a possible Big Ten title and BCS berth, the 2005 Nittany Lions have some individual and team stats that you may find interesting.

Most Nittany Lion fans know that Penn State (7-1, 4-1) controls their own destiny when it comes to a possible Big Ten crown and BCS berth (Penn State's first ever), however what fans may not be aware of are some of the interesting statistics surrounding this team.

Here is a look at some intriguing numbers around the Lions:

  • Among running backs in the Big Ten with a minimum of 100 carries this season, Tony Hunt holds the top number for yards per carry with 6.4 yards per carry.

  • Calvin Lowry has the most punt returns in the Big Ten with 22. His average yards per return (12.1) put him at fifth best in the conference.

  • Kevin Kelly is ranked #2 in Big Ten scoring among kickers with 64 points. The leader is Winsonsin's Taylor Mehlhaff with 70.

  • Paul Posluszny is tied for third among Big Ten tacklers with 88 tackles.

  • Tamba Hali is ranked #2 in sacks in the Big Ten with seven QB takedowns.

  • Penn State is second to last with time of possession in the conference with an average of 28:10 minutes per game with the ball.

  • The Nittany Lions are 100% on fourth down conversions, converting all six that they have attempted this season.

  • PSU is the second least penalized team in the Big Ten with an average of 34 penalty yards per game. The leading team is Iowa with 32 penalty yards per game.

  • Penn State has the second most sack in the Big Ten with 27. Ohio State has 31.

  • 49% of Penn State's first downs are rushing downs.

  • The Lions are #1 in the Big Ten in pass defense efficiency.

  • Through eight games Penn State's offensive yardage has shown incredible balance with 1642 yards on the ground and 1696 yards through the air - 49.2% rushing and 50.8% passing.

  • Penn State average yardage per rush is exactly double their opponents, 5.2 YPC vs. 2.6 YPC.

  • Just over 26% of PSU's receiving production has come from Deon Butler. Derrick Williams accounts for 17% and Jordan Norwood for 13%. These three wideouts account for a total of 56% of the receiving production.

  • Every 4 receptions Deon Butler scores a touchdown.

  • Every 3 receptions Ethan Kilmer scores a touchdown.

  • Every 2.5 receptions Justin King scores a touchdown.

  • Before he was sidelined with a broken arm, Derrick Williams had 22 carriers and 22 receptions on offense.

  • Seven different defensive backs have interceptions this season. Calvin Lowry leads with two.

    Seven different defensive players have recovered a fumble this season. Alan Zemaitis leads with two.

  • Michael Robinson has at least one rushing touchdowns in six of seven games played this year.

  • Since Big Ten play began the Penn State offensive line has surrendered two sacks.

  • Rodney Kinlaw saw kickoff return duties for the first time this season against Illinois. He average 54.5 yards per return.

  • 48% of Calvin Lowry's total season punt return yardage was gained against Illinois.


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