Logan-El Compares Visits

The recruiting process continues for Antonio Logan-El. The five-star offensive lineman from Forestville High in Forestville, Md., remains actively immersing himself in researching schools and weighing his options.

Since August, Logan-El has taken one official visit, that being to Oklahoma. Since then, he has taken an unofficial visit to Penn State when the Nittany Lions took on Ohio State three weeks ago, as well as an unofficial visit to Maryland last Thursday when the Terrapins faced Virginia Tech.

“Well, they both were two good experiences in all,” Logan-El said. “Even though Penn State won their game, it was a 'bigger game' with two ranked teams playing each other. The atmosphere of 100,000 people compared to 58,000 that Maryland had, you see that Penn State has the advantage as far as the atmosphere that they won and beat a great team in Ohio State. The experience was a little better at Penn State just because of those simple facts there. All in all it was a great experience at Maryland. I wanted to see how the offensive line worked and I got to see they way they played for their coach. If I had to tell you straight up, then Penn State won. [ESPN College] GameDay was there. I would give the advantage to Penn State.”

Logan-El said he currently has three more official visits scheduled: to Virginia, Florida and Tennessee. While he will not take an official visit to Penn State, he said he intends to visit State College on another unofficial visit before signing day.

“I will take another unofficial visit to Penn State, which is great about their coaches, they're so understanding,” Logan-El said. “They proposed the offer in a way that if I have to just maybe make another unofficial visit, we'll treat it as an official. We will do the whole thing they'd do on the official, I'd just have to pay, which isn't a big deal. I come off the lucky because I get to take six official visits in a certain extent.”

During his sophomore year in high school, Logan-El committed to Maryland. However, since then, Logan-El has made it known that, as of now, it is a two-horse race between Penn State and Maryland to garner his services, even naming the Nittany Lions and Terrapins as “co-leaders.” To date, nothing has changed.

“At this time, it's pretty much the same that Penn State and Maryland are neck-and-neck followed by Oklahoma,” Logan-El said. “It's basically still the same. The only thing I can see changing is after taking my last four official visits, things might change then.”

One thing that impresses Logan-El about Maryland has been the success of true freshman offensive lineman Jared Gaither. Penn State heavily recruited Gaither last season, but the prep star ultimately signed with the Terrapins.

“That is very impressive for something to look at it,” Logan-El said. “[Gaither is] a true freshman and I've seen him a couple of times on TV and you really have no feeling how big he is until you stand next to him. As far as true freshmen playing, that shows you the opportunity that Maryland has. A lot of college teams say they play young guys and freshmen and they do, but they're not on the offensive line. Maryland blatantly shows you that with a freshman starting. They're showing by example.”

Helping Logan-El through the recruiting process is his mother and grandfather. Both will have an impact on his ultimate decision.

“The people who are closest to me are my mom, grandfather and head coach at this point,” Logan-El said. “Basically my grandfather helps me out with things. He's a college professor at Lincoln University and teaches human resources and decision-making skills. We're really close at this point. He's stepped up as a father figure in my life. Me and him are pretty tight.”

But does his grandfather have a personal favorite school?

“I believe that he does have a favorite school, but he will never tell me because he knows how influential he is and he doesn't want to be selfish and make my decision for me,” Logan-El said. “Once I make my decision, he'll tell me. If I had to say, I'd say it's either Maryland or Penn State. He was very highly impressed with Penn State and their academic programs. He's had a chance to bond with the Maryland coaching staff too.”


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