Blitz the Boilers: PDF Guide

Download and print the only game-day guide you need, complete with stats, analysis, matchups, depth charts, rosters, media coverage, photos and more. FOS Blitz is the perfect game companion whether you are in Portland or Paternoville.

Get the original Blitz (pdf) game-day guide for this Saturday's matchup against Purdue.

Just download and print out the Blitz to get all the game-day information you need to watch Penn State in action. Don't forget to print out a few extras for the PSU fans you'll be watching the game with — they'll thank you for it!

The Blitz is in pdf format and will be published here at for every Penn State game this season. Download the Blitz now!

  • Click the link below
  • Then click "Playbook BLITZ" and then "2005"
  • Click the Purdue version to download as pdf and print

    FOS Blitz: Purdue Edition


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