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PlaybookMark: OK so the receivers...

PlaybookMark: McDonald is on the Scout team (green 2nd team jersey) he is likely not to see action for the rest of the year barring any injuries

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snakester: Any word on team’s attitude or practice this week?

PlaybookMark: Butler, Norwood, Kilmer and Golden has seen the bulk of first team reps

MeadowLion: no king?

PlaybookMark: sorry King not Golden

PlaybookMark: Golden has seen some first team mostly second

PSUSem: so who starts? butler/kilmer?

PlaybookMark: Snake: all-around the team is looking at the final three games as a playoff - lose one and the season’s done

nittlion: king/butler/norwood?

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PlaybookMark: King butler

nittlion: i don’t think this team is capable of a “letdown”

PlaybookMark: The leadership has “spread” throughout the squad - the captains’ attitude is described as “infectious”

nittlion: 2 years of losing made these guys hungry

MeadowLion: will we see king used more in the way that dwill was used or are they still phasing him in?

snakester: WILL McCoy announce soon?

KokobewareHI: gotta give props to Golden. preseason reports of him were not good. he has really lifted his level of play!

mrfolks: How is Bob L. doing?

YesPSUwins: mrfolks, is Williams break in three spots a shattered fracture?

MeadowLion: Golden is a pretty darn good blocking WR

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mxbscout: Bob is still out of commission. We will update his status as soon as we can

mrfolks: where did you hear it was 3 spots?

YesPSUwins: Joe’s press conf

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PlaybookMark: Meadow, King has seen some backfield reps, but he is unlikely to see the amount of carries Williams had

mrfolks: interesting- i wouldn’t describe it as shattered

PlaybookMark: Yes, Joe said Williams’ break was “in three spots” we are trying to confirm that, but Joe probably knows more than anyone

YesPSUwins: Give me a quick “how is it broken in three spots idea” if you can. I know you are an expert.

PlaybookMark: didn;t sound like a shatter though

PlaybookMark: Yes - not sure what you are asking

MeadowLion: Are Kinlaw and King still the KR’s this week? Any thought to put Kinlaw at PR too?

mrfolks: well, if there is a butterfly fragment, it can look like 3 breaks- i’ll try to find an example xray and link it

PlaybookMark: The offense has expanded the intermediate passing game more this week with increased use of passing to TE and RB out of the backfield

YesPSUwins: Mark like is it broken like breaking pretzel in three places.. the stick pretzel?

mxbscout: I think there are concerns about Kinlaw’s hands as a punt-return man

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YesPSUwins: OK thanks mrfolks

nittlion: how about king?

nittlion: as a PR?

mxbscout: what other college football chat offers free medical advice?

PlaybookMark: Lowry is likely to stay on PR through the rest of the season

YesPSUwins: DWilliams has raised Kinlaw’s confidence level as well as others. WIlliams effect on team member is phenomenal.

nittlion: can anyone help me with this rash?

KokobewareHI: mark...1 and 2 star “under the radar” recruits? who will will get?

PSUSem: how did he raise kinlaw’s confidence level?

PlaybookMark: Yes - you are right Williams is an “confidence injection” as one observer calls him

YesPSUwins: as a sample

YesPSUwins: He can do it I can

PSUSem: good to hear... sounds like mr. bell is fairly confident too

mrfolks: nitt- you’re on your own

PlaybookMark: Meadow - yes King and Kinlaw were on kick returns all week with Scott and Golden as the upbacks

KokobewareHI: how much time will Shipley see this week?

PlaybookMark: Koko, that is a question for Bob or Rob

nittlion: i’m still waiting to see king run back a KO. i think he’ll be great at it.

YesPSUwins: Shipley’s natural position is DT ...

PlaybookMark: Koko - they have had Shipley seeing more first team reps with the focus on getting him in the rotation more for Purdue

PlaybookMark: they want to keep the front four fresh and rested as they head into Wisconsin/MSU as much as possible

nittlion: I am glad they moved Shaw to DE. That is where he played at Rice as a freshman.

YesPSUwins: yes

KokobewareHI: How has ERob looked in practice?

cwf110: i just love shipleys attitude on the o-line

YesPSUwins: yes

MeadowLion: wow, Golden returning kicks...they might as well put smolko back there returning kicks if Golden is forced into KR duty

PlaybookMark: Shaw is a “natural” at DE

YesPSUwins: yes

nittlion: golden has been upback on the KO for most of the year

KokobewareHI: nitt...agreed on Shaw...once he drops the addded weight, he’s gonna surprise many on this board.

nittlion: nothing has changed

PlaybookMark: Koko - ERob has focused on his bullrushing - has good footword and power, has been improving on lower stance and his leverage

YesPSUwins: isn’t ERob RS ing.?

nittlion: Yes Yes

PlaybookMark: ERob is expected to redshirt, but he continues to workout and practice

cwf110: I trust LJ Sr. to produce a solid d-line...i am more worried about the o-line for next year. But I am making sure to enjoy this ride

KokobewareHI: Is Erob a space stuffer or is he more of a “motor” guy?

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YesPSUwins: cwt110 , the OL may be better next year.

PlaybookMark: Koko - good question - I think Shipley is more motor ERob is more of a “filler”

YesPSUwins: Brown and John Shaw at tackle next year will be the best in the Big Ten.

nittlion: Isn’t that what we say every fall...that the OL will be better next year?

KokobewareHI: Granted Ship was playing against Illinois, but his surge is really impressive.

PlaybookMark: Hahn saw more reps this week, so we could see him get some playing time against Purdue

KokobewareHI: Shaw will manhandle every DE he faces next year, the question with him will be technique.

YesPSUwins: yes

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YesPSUwins: YMCA man

PlaybookMark: The staff wants to gett Purdue off balance with a variety of passes, but they worked the run game a lot this week also

PlaybookMark: practice was described as “intense” and “aggressive” this week

YesPSUwins: wow

KokobewareHI: There seems to be some discension among the Purdue players.

PlaybookMark: Koko - have heard that - not sure what to make of it

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daCronk: sup NewYorker

PennStater: Hello all

daCronk: pissed off team more angerous than an apathetic team

daCronk: dangerous

PennStater: Hey Doc

daCronk: hey stater

PlaybookMark: The toughest aspect for the D this week has been trying to prep for both Kisch and Painter

YesPSUwins: Can you imagine someone trying to cause disentiion in front of POZ? That is why we are good. Leadership...

PlaybookMark: two different style QBs

MeadowLion: yeah, but the pissed off team becomes apathetic if they dont start off well

mrfolks: staer

mrfolks: stater

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daCronk: purdue seems to have a lot of players dinged up

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PlaybookMark: Mixed reports on Dorian Bryant’s status

daCronk: any word on cronin yet?

PennStater: we should slice through them like a warm knife through butter that is why I think it will be closer than we think. It sounds to easy.

daCronk: mark-he is a great receiver...without him, they have no chance


nittlion: purdue’s D is only allowing 3.1 yards per carry but 350 yards passing per game and 20 TDs passing

daCronk: what is up with ray edwards being benched?

ridleyjim: So Jim Shaw will battle John Shaw in spring practice?

PennStater: Doc hows Mich

KokobewareHI: Anyone else think we can rattle Purdue’s QB...homecoming crowd noise and a couple of quick hits...BTW, Wisky’s crowd was uncharacteristically quiet last week; until the INTS.

PlaybookMark: Cronk - Cronin is not expected back - the staff “made an example of him” to make a statement - and it seems to have worked well

PennStater: we have scaped and are getting settled

PennStater: escaped

mrfolks: it s what it is- to quote Todd Bertuzzi

mrfolks: is

YesPSUwins: Brother against brother , older brother wins so younger brother calls MOM...Ha

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PennStater: are you going this weekend

KokobewareHI: How bout’ VT last much as it pains me to say this; they are a well oiled machine (great team speed, solid D, great STs play, and great coaching)

PlaybookMark: Kicking team has drilled a lot this week on snaps, sets and kicks

mrfolks: going? to psu? no

PSUSmitty: Koko - VT has really not played anyone yet

ridleyjim: IS Odrick the only big recruit attending this weekend? Any unofficials?

KokobewareHI: FOFF Smitty!

PSUSmitty: their schedule has been terrible

PlaybookMark: VT has Miami coming up

PennStater: hey it’s only 400 miles I have made the drive lots

mrfolks: have to work sunday a,

mrfolks: am

YesPSUwins: Doctors are always working

PSUSmitty: haha Koko

PSUSmitty: calm down

PennStater: predictions anyone

YesPSUwins: 46-14

PSUSmitty: Penn State 34-21

PennStater: hey Mark How’s Bob doing?

mrfolks: meadow- what’s up, how’s things

PlaybookMark: Stater - we will have an update on Bob soon

PennStater: okay care to elaborate a little

mxbscout: Yeah, he is still out of commission, though

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PlaybookMark: I actually don;t know - we have to find out how he is doing

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PSUSmitty: Back to the Tech game, I thought BC looked very slow

PennStater: Okay

mxbscout: we told him to take his time and make sure he is well before coming back

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PennStater: Hope he gets well soon!

PSUSem: VT has had a very favorable schedule this year... i don’t see them losing at home either

PlaybookMark: Riva has a call into McCoy to help clarify all the swirling rumors about his annoucnement

PennStater: MXB any news on the bowl package?

mxbscout: and when he gives us the go-ahead to say what is wrong, we will

KokobewareHI: have to give Tech some credit.

PSUSmitty: Koko - I agree that they look very good

mxbscout: Stater, we’re trying to find the right travel agency as we speak

nittlion: i missed a few minutes of the VT game last night...did anyone catch what marcus vick’s favorite color is and if it’s the same as his brother’s?

PennStater: should be fun

PSUSmitty: but they have not played at OSU or at ND like Texas and USC have

PlaybookMark: lol

PSUSmitty: they have ZERO signature wins

PennStater: later guys go State beat Purdue!

mrfolks: cya stater

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KokobewareHI: just like you...ZERO signature moves...unlike my “ghostbuster”

YesPSUwins: VT beating BC is like us beating Minny.

ericma84: ....

KokobewareHI: good analogy YesPSU

mxbscout: /maxposters 100

PSUSmitty: c’mon Koko - I have my patented Smitty elbow drop

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MeadowLion: tell me again why mike vick goes to EVERY VT game....and on a Thursday when he should be at falcons practice

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YesPSUwins: I think you see King Sat doing a lot of the plays DWilliams did before he got hurt.

mrfolks: that’s why his qb rating is so great, meadow!

PSUSmitty: that is peculiar Meadow

PSUSem: the first game was pre NFL season, this week the falcons were off

PlaybookMark: Yes, Norwood has continued to practice all week this week and is fine - he could have played vs. ILL, but they did not need him - so they rested him

YesPSUwins: AT TB in the eye.

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PSUSem: it’s a shame the BC-VT game interuppted the Marcus and Michael Vick reality show on ESPN

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YesPSUwins: It was sickening how they prop up rapists

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KokobewareHI: ESPN is a bit out of control with their shameless promotion of certain players.

YesPSUwins: He should be in jail

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PlaybookMark: hey sweet

sweetgingerbrown: say mark

shpsu: With Anwar?

nittlion: i thought the beginning of telecast “comparison” piece of Kiwi and Mracus Vick was an insult to Kiwi

YesPSUwins: yes

sweetgingerbrown: who is Kiwi?

PlaybookMark: The staff was on Phillips this week, but I can’t see him losing his spot at this stage

YesPSUwins: DE

sweetgingerbrown: gotcha

PSUSmitty: Mark - why were they on Phillips?

PSUSem: what about when they compared the leadership in their backgrounds... kiwi’s grandfather was a prime minister... michael is a qb for the falcons

Ramblewood: Curious, what did you guys think of Toal’s play last night?

nittlion: that’s what i meant sem

sweetgingerbrown: smitty because he shys away from contact is my guess

YesPSUwins: Mark, Phillips has to tackle better. Come up faster on the run and hit someone.

PSUSem: toal looked really small last night

nittlion: toal took a lot of bad angles last night IMO

mrfolks: Who’s Brian Toal?

iejayden3: toal seemed like he could shed blockers either

PSUSmitty: thanks Ginger

KokobewareHI: Toal is a VERY good player; let’s settle down a bit.

shpsu: Toal looked like he had a belly on him????

YesPSUwins: mrfolks , we wanted Toal’s

PSUSmitty: Toal looked a JV player to me last night

Ramblewood: I wonder how much was his Oline not helping him, or whether Vandy is just a great LB coach.

PlaybookMark: Smitty - on Phillips for his tackling - he is not wrapping up and making clean contact

KokobewareHI: look like a JV player when it comes to ladies!

mrfolks: i know- i’m just joking.. i wnated him at PSU for sure

PlaybookMark: Toal is a good player, but he’d likely be lost in the current LB DC

PSUSmitty: Koko - I have so much game, you need to move 5000 miles away because you were jealous

cwf110: Toal was aggressive all night long, had some big plays on d and ST

KokobewareHI: WRONG...the gene pool in Hawaii comes correct!

YesPSUwins: I am going to the wife’s alma mater tomorrow...Tenn. South Carolina game...7PM start.

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MeadowLion: Toal will probably have a better college career than Cushing will at USC

mrfolks: is cushing hurt?

YesPSUwins: yes

MeadowLion: yep

nittlion: yes

Ramblewood: Meadow, did you see Cushing is having surgery in the off-season?

KokobewareHI: Both Toal and Cushing are very good players...let’s leave it at that.

YesPSUwins: MRob tomorrow..........three TD passes and runs for three.

PSUSmitty: Toal did have a great hit last night on special teams

MeadowLion: Cushing got too big for his body frame.....he needs to lose some size

PlaybookMark: Toal has good technique

PSUSmitty: Mark/Brennan - any word on DWill’s recovery?

KokobewareHI: I’ve noticed that PSU likes slightly leaner / speedier LBs than many college programs.

mxbscout: Smitty, I’m not sure what there is to report at this point

KokobewareHI: Smitty...he’s done until Spring Ball.

PlaybookMark: Smitty - surgery reportedly went fine - he will just have to take it easy until it heals and then tackle PT

PSUSmitty: i know its early, just interested to know if the surgery went well, how his attitude is, whether he can train at all

YesPSUwins: I can’t wait to see a game start with LEE< POZ>CONNOR at LB’er................Whoa nellie...

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PlaybookMark: Koko - that is Vandy - he likes powerful/mobile backers

nittlion: shaw is no slouch...he’s fast and a good blitzer

KokobewareHI: Smitty...bad news on the surgey...Dwill had to have his arm amputated

mxbscout: He supposedly his still very good at Madden for PS2, even with one hand

PlaybookMark: Vandy’s impact is often overlooked

mxbscout: is

Psu96: Shaw gets overlooked because Poz and Connor are All-American caliber LBs. Shaw is very good in his own right.

YesPSUwins: Vandy next head coach?

mrfolks: somewhere maybe

KokobewareHI: I actually like smaller / more mobile LBs.

PSUSmitty: Koko - if you joke one more time like that I might fly to Hawaii and amputate something you have - if i can find it of course

PlaybookMark: Shaw would likely be among the best backers on a lot of Big Ten squads

nittlion: that’s what i heard koko

Psu96: I would expect him to get head coaching looks very soon Yes.

KokobewareHI: takes one to know one

nittlion: not that there is anything wrong with that

Ramblewood: Maybe Maryland would be interested? Kidding.

YesPSUwins: Shaw caused two fumbles this yr that were returned for TD’s.

PlaybookMark: Koko - PSU’s backers were criticizes for their “small” size heading into OSU - they more than held their own against the big Buck backers

MeadowLion: Marks, i heard that ohrnberger is now the 2nd team RG...although if an injury occured, EZ might get the call....can u confirm?

PSUSmitty: I read somewhere that both Carpenter and Hawk might be Top 15 picks

KokobewareHI: know what’s crazy...both Shaw and Poz are in the 230 range and their considered small!

YesPSUwins: EZ has football smarts...can play either guard.

PlaybookMark: Meadow - Ricjh O has seen second team reps at guard - are you asking if EZ would shift over to guard?

PSUSmitty: I know those guys are good, but i would honestly not take them over Poz and Connor

Psu96: It would be nice to see Ohrnberger get himself out of the doghouse for good. He has a ton of ability.

nittlion: John Shaw question. If everyone is so high on him, why didn’t they put him in when Wilson went down?

Psu96: They want Shaw to redshirt and Richardson is a reasonable replacement

YesPSUwins: Save for next yr.

PlaybookMark: Shaw needed to redshirt

nittlion: we didn’t save lee or fentress for next year

Psu96: Taking this year off allowed Shaw to save a year of eligibility. He’ll be a two-year starter at RT beginning next season.

MeadowLion: Mark, yeah I was just curious if you had heard that EZ would move to guard if there was an injury or do you think they would go with Ohrenberger?

KokobewareHI: Shaw still needs plenty of technique work.

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PSUSmitty: I like him redshirting

YesPSUwins: My next years OL ........Weber. center. Harrison and Ohrnberger guards..Brown and J Shaw tackles.

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PlaybookMark: EZ could play guard - I doubt they would shift him from center though since he has had a big impact on the line at that position

Psu96: Lee and Fentress were ready to play. Like Koko said, Shaw is using this year to work on technique and channel that tremendous strength.

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YesPSUwins: Or Harrison center and cadogan guard

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Pezlion: fentress looked great on saturday

Psu96: Tim Shaw did the same when he moved over to LB

nittlion: I am more just being skeptical of the “Next year’s OL is going to be better” stuff

PlaybookMark: Harrison will likely not play center - he has worked there, but he is a guard

KokobewareHI: Next year’s center position could be the key?

YesPSUwins: Fentress is flat out good.

YesPSUwins: Weber is good koko

Pezlion: yes, center will be key next year...always is

Psu96: I think next year’s OL will take a step back initially, but will eventually be better than the current group. By eventually, I mean 2007 in all likelihood.

KokobewareHI: Outside of Weber, who is realistically in the mix for center? Dan Wenger!

Pezlion: i have no idea why psu can’t bring in someone for the sole purpose of being a center, and kept them there

nittlion: that is reasonable 96

Ramblewood: Are we thinking that AQ will stay on D?

nittlion: AQ will be center

YesPSUwins: 96 with the spread offense I think you are wrong about 07

Pezlion: i think AQ belongs on d...

PSUSmitty: My biggest concerns for next year’s team are, in this order, 1) OL 2) secondary 3)Morelli’s ability to step up EARLY in TOUGH games

Pezlion: should have been on D all along

YesPSUwins: yes

KokobewareHI: AQ on D...I love him there.

Psu96: Wenger doesn’t seem as interested in PSU as he was previously. I expect AQ to move back to center in the offseason

iejayden3: cuold Doug Klopacz play center?

KokobewareHI: NO 96!

nittlion: not next year

Pezlion: AQ is a beast, he was unblockable on every single play in big 33

PSUSmitty: therefore, I love hearing about some of our backups that can fill in on the OL next year

Psu96: Elijah Robinson will be just fine at DT. Shipley is needed more on offense

PlaybookMark: AQ will likely shift back to center

YesPSUwins: AQ will stay at DE

KokobewareHI: Smitty’s pop was a mean center in the 50s!

Ramblewood: Maybe he can go both ways? again, kidding.

Pezlion: i think it’s a mistake moving AQ back to OL

YesPSUwins: Weber is good Mark, I’m telling you now he will be the starting center next year.

KokobewareHI: Both ways...interesting...thoughts Smitty, since you go both ways!

nittlion: unless the staff seriously changes its intentions, AQ back to center

YesPSUwins: Who was our last good walk on center? Walk on WR?

Pezlion: Iorio

Psu96: Iorio was a walk-on center

PSUSmitty: well, after that fine introduction, I’d have to say that it is best to go ONE WAY - therefore, I want

YesPSUwins: Butler

PSUSmitty: AQ on D

YesPSUwins: Iorio yes

nittlion: Spano

PlaybookMark: at DT you have ERob, Alford, possible EJohnson - PSU needs a solid center

Pezlion: why not harrison at center?

YesPSUwins: yes

Ramblewood: Recruiting question. How many people think McCoy has already given Joe his word?

Psu96: Because Harrison is a great guard prospect

PSUSmitty: Mark/Brennan - is there any reason, short of bad Karma, why we just can’t recruit good centers?

YesPSUwins: Me

PlaybookMark: Pez - observers feel Harrison could play center, but is really suited for guard

Pezlion: orhnburger and cadogan at guard

PSUSmitty: we have relied on walk-ons WAY too much

YesPSUwins: Butler

nittlion: i don’t think center has been any more of a problem than the rest of the OL

Psu96: Cadogan is back at tackle where he belongs

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PSUSmitty: I still can’t Francis Spano thoughts out of my head

nittlion: it’s an OL problem

PlaybookMark: yeah not a center issue - OL issue

Pezlion: i don’t think cadogan has the lateral movement for T

Psu96: You don’t put a 6’5” kid at guard IMO. He’s perfect for the LT spot behind Levi Brown

Psu96: Cadogan was a district champion swimmer and performed very well in space at the Big 33. He’ll be a good tackle IMO

KokobewareHI: OL recruiting? We are looking at Walton, Logan-El, and Eilsades (sp?)...right? If we don;t land any, which DL recruits could shift to the other side of the ball?

YesPSUwins: The big kid from Long Island may be a starter next year.

PSUSmitty: Gotcha Mark - I know there is an OL issue overall, but walk-ons have pervaded at center

YesPSUwins: Forgot his name

nittlion: i would have LJ, Sr. recruit all the OLs and DLs

Pezlion: i don’t really have issues with a 6’5 guard

nittlion: i have issues with a #65 guard

ridleyjim: What’s Eric Landolt doing? I remember him last year.

Pezlion: dennis

ridleyjim: right, my bad

Psu96: Dennis Landolt. I’ve heard the coaches really like him.

Pezlion: can he play center?

Psu96: no idea

KokobewareHI: I love the fact that that kid was a wrestler in HS.

ridleyjim: He had a big frame

PSUSmitty: no Pez, our current Center is probably playing at Shippensburg right now

Pezlion: they need to just make one of these kids a center from the time they step on campus

ridleyjim: mee too

PSUSmitty: ;-)

ridleyjim: second in the state in the heavyweight division

Psu96: Trent Varva has been a center from day 1

YesPSUwins: Chris Auletta

Pezlion: yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like trent is much of a player

Psu96: Auletta is a tackle

PlaybookMark: Landolt was asked to wrestle at PSU - he replied “thanks, but I’m a football player now”

YesPSUwins: I know.

ridleyjim: awesome

Pezlion: i like that attitude mark

KokobewareHI: Knowledge Timmons...anyone think he’ll be one of the KR for next year? Over 40 yds he’s as fast as anyone on the team, over

YesPSUwins: Yes

YesPSUwins: Joe likes him

Psu96: It’s a little early to write a kid off in their redshirt freshman year. Varva has a long way to go, but it can be done.

KokobewareHI: 60 yds no one can touch him.

Pezlion: i think dwill and kinlaw will be the return guys kokko

PSUSmitty: we have an abundance of guys that can return kicks

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PSUSem: what about punts? scirotto?

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Pezlion: 96, my bad, i thought varva was a rsSO

KokobewareHI: Kinlaw has a great 20 yd burst, but slows down after 50 yds.

PSUSmitty: question - were our young guys so inconsistent on punts that we have to still play Lowry?

PSUSmitty: I just don’t get it

YesPSUwins: We have talent. Really quite on the AIW front.

Psu96: Scirrotto fits Joe’s profile. Smart kid, probably won’t muff punts. I’d rather see Sargeant or DWill back there personally.

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Pezlion: what makes you say that koko? the only time he’s gotten that far downfield he was tripped up and stumbling

KokobewareHI: info from my source.

Pezlion: i’d really like to see sargeant on punts...he’s got the shiftiness of ARE

Psu96: Smitty, if you watch Sargeant in warmups, he is the backup punt return guy and he drops the punts way too often

Psu96: It’s amazing how often he muffs the punts honestly.

YesPSUwins: 96 is right

KokobewareHI: In fact, both sarge and kinlaw probably have as fast a first step as any on the team.

Pezlion: 96, why are they bothering have him back up then?

YesPSUwins: When he stops muffing them he plays

PSUSmitty: but we have more than just Sargeant available

Psu96: Because the coaches probably think once he gets the hang of it, he’s going to be a terrific return man

KokobewareHI: however, both sarge and kinlaw don’t have much after 50 yards.

Pezlion: in that FL/CA game Sargeant was at top speed in 2 steps

PSUSmitty: back on the McCoy comment, I am not sure if he told Joe he was coming, but I bet he gave him a strong inclination that he was

KokobewareHI: Guys like King and Dwill dropoff a little after 50 yds but still maintain a very good rate of speed.

PSUSmitty: they don’t drop off like you used to Koko

PSUSmitty: you got gassed running to first base

Pezlion: all these national guys seem to forget that McCoy flat out said he wanted to stay in state and would see if PSU could win this year

KokobewareHI: least I didn’t get thrown out from center field like you!

mxbscout: Hey folks, we are going to save the chat from here back for our wrap. everything else will be here only.

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