Bluegrass Sleeper Opens Eyes

North Hardin High School quarterback Andre Woodson may have been a known commodity to football fans in Kentucky, but those of us in the Northeast had never heard his name before. That changed after the Nike Camp at Penn State on April 21. Does he have a favorite?

Name: Andre Woodson
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9
Bench Press: 10 reps of 185 pounds at Nike Camp
School: North Hardin High, Radcliff, KY

Stats: (self-reported) 98/192, 1500+yds, and 18 tds. Led his team to a 9-3 record, including playoffs.

The quarterback most observers came to watch throw the ball in Holuba Hall on April 21 at the Penn State Nike Camp was Pennsylvania's own Kevin McCabe.  Although Kevin performed very well, a sleeper from Kentucky opened the eyes of everyone who stood on the sidelines studying each throw from the group of talented signal callers.

Andre Woodson had many us whispering to each other, "who is that kid?" and "where is he from?"  For a while, Andre was just referred to as the "big kid" from Kentucky, but in the end everyone knew who he was and where he was from.  He traveled to State College from Radcliff, Ky., a city located just south of the Indiana border and west of Kentucky's capital city, Frankfort.

His journey begs the question, why would a kid from Kentucky come all the way to Central Pennsylvania for a football camp, when seemingly there had to be a camp closer to his home.  The answer, simply stated, is Penn State has been his favorite team to watch since he was little.  In fact, Andre's mom hails originally from Hermitage, Pa., just an hour or so from Pittsburgh.

Andre, like most other kids in Kentucky, bleeds blue and white.  But, when placed under a microscope, his blood would contain little Nittany Lions instead of little University of Kentucky Wildcats.  According to Andre, his first visit to State College was great.  He loved the campus, the facilities, and he thought the PSU coaches he talked to were great.  While he was invited to the Blue-White Game, he and his mother just could not make the 6 hour drive on Friday night or Saturday morning for them to attend.

While he likes the Nittany Lions, don't color Andre a Penn State lock just yet!  According to him, at this early juncture in the recruiting game, he has no favorites--instead taking a wait and see attitude.  He has talked to many of the program around the country, including coaches from Florida State and Michigan.  Nittany Lion head man, Joe Paterno, is expected to be in touch on Monday night of next week.

Andre doesn't expect to attend any school summer camps, but he did mention that he hoped to garner an invite to the prestigous Elite 11 Quarterback camp, run by Bob Johnson, a well-respected former coach and Nike Camp instructor.  Many who watched Andre throw the ball on Sunday, can not imagine eleven better quarterbacks that would push him completely off the list.

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