PURDUE: Report Card

Who made the grade and who did not during Saturday's action at Beaver Stadium? We let you know.

OVERALL: Give the Nittany Lions props for overcoming their mistakes. The last couple of years, this would have been a loss.
Grade: B-

OFFENSE: The passing game was not sharp. But the ground attack eventually caused the Boilermaker defense to break.
Grade: B

DEFENSE: Nice all-around effort. But several missed chances at turnovers prevented this from being a higher grade.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: Was heading for an F early on (see Game Breakdown). But Kinlaw and Kelly helped offset some terrible play out of the punt and punt-return units.
Grade: C-

COACHING: Teams that overcome mistakes to win are generally well-coached. That was the case here.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: How quickly fortunes have changed for these two programs. Lions had the look of a winner all game.
Grade: B

OTHER GUYS: Purdue's slide another example of a Big Ten team getting down and staying down under the weight of the league.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: Big Ten zebras have to work on their ... uh ... spots.
Grade: D

CROWD: Another loud crowd helped the Nittany Lions keep things under control throughout the game.
Grade: B+


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