Jared Odrick Talks About Penn State

This past weekend, four-star defensive line prospect Jared Odrick from Lebanon High in Lebanon, Pa., took his official visit to Penn State. The visit marked Odrick's third trip to Penn State this season, as he took two unofficial visits before taking his official.

“Everything went good, I've been up there a few times,” Odrick said. “I know what to expect during the game experience. Everything was a little more formal. It was nice to go on the bus ride and to sit in on some of the team meetings.”

At the start of the season, Odrick made clear his interest in Penn State, but questioned the team's ability to compete with some of the nation's elite programs. Has that question been answered?

“I definitely think that [Penn State] can compete and they've been proving that and they've been doing it with young people,” Odrick said. “They've also done it with their defense. The defense has been consistently strong and that's a compliment to the coaches.”

Given his athletic ability and 6-foot-6, 285-pound frame, there is considerable debate over which position Odrick will play in college. Some have suggested his best position is defensive end, others defensive tackle, and still others believe offensive tackle is the proper place.

“Penn State is recruiting me as a defensive end and that's where they want me to play,” Odrick said. “Virginia Tech has me as more of a defensive tackle. The other three schools are defensive line. There's not too many schools looking at me playing offensive line. That came early in my recruiting, schools looking at me there, but I've said I want to play defense and I've proved I can do that. I'd like to play end, that's what I'd like to do, but whatever gets me to the next level.”

Odrick went on to say that he greatly respects Penn State defensive line coach, Larry Johnson Sr. Throughout the recruiting process, Odrick has developed a strong relationship Johnson.

“I think [Johnson is] a great guy and I have gotten nothing but honesty from him as far as I can tell,” Odrick said. “Everything he's been telling me about what he wants from me is what I want to hear. Everything sounds and looks good so far with the way he talks and handles his players, it's something that I admire.”

One aspect of recruiting that Odrick has had to deal with is the rumor mill. Like many top recruits in the nation, rumors of impending commitments, among others, seem to pop up on a regular basis. For Odrick, it's been no different.

“I've heard rumors from early in my recruiting, some people thought I was going to Virginia and early in my recruiting that it was already down to Florida and Penn State, and a lot of people around my area and my friends think Virginia Tech,” Odrick said. “After the [PennState-] Ohio State game, which I really liked, a lot of people thought I had committed, but I didn't.”

Specifically, Odrick negated a rumor that he and fellow Pennsylvania blue-chip recruit LeSean McCoy are bitter rivals.

“No, no, it's not anything like that,” Odrick said. “Whenever we see each other, we say 'what's up?' It's not anything near not being friends. I don't know where people get that from.”


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