Wisconsin Game-Day Weather

Hello friends, it's time for another edition of Cold Fronts and Field Goals for the tenth game of the 2005 Penn State college football season, which keeps us at home for the battle against the Badgers of Wisconsin. I'm sure I speak for many when I say this season thus far has been nothing short of enjoyable as a Lion fan, especially when there's a high likelihood of playing in a bowl game! It sure has been a while.

The forecast for this upcoming Saturday won't be exactly picture perfect, however we won't have any hurricane remains or huge snowmakers with which to contend. After a glorious early November day on Friday that will see plenty of sunshine and temperatures over the 70 degree mark, we will see a very cold front approach from the west for Saturday.

The front will stop short of the region right around midday Saturday, and with it in close proximity for the backhalf of Saturday we will have cloudier skies with a good chance of a few showers during the game. As the front eeks closer to us on Sunday, we'll have more widespread shower activity, but I'm thinking right now that we'll only have a few spritzes, if anything, for the game. Granted, it won't be a washout, but just like the rides at Hersheypark, you may get wet on this ride.

Your Saturday gameday forecast: Sunshine early, then thickening clouds in the afternoon with a few rain showers possible; it will be a very unseasonably mild day with highs in the mid 60s! (And there is much rejoicing in the FOX 8 Weather Department; the clouds part, the rays of light come down from the heavens above, the angels sing, the trumpets blare, the flags wave, and all the small, furry woodland creatures come out of their burrows and rejoice; all this for highs in the mid 60s. Wow.)

In comparison to week's past, it's been a relatively uneventful week weather-wise here in west-central Pennsylvania. Temperatures have been on the mild side, and aside from a few hours' worth of rain Tuesday night it has been dry as well. Looking at the October 2005 numbers, State College's average rainfall of 2.92" was nearly doubled as 5.59" of rain fell in the month. Nearby Altoona fell a bit short with 2.40", compared to an average of 2.78", but given the long stretches we've had without rain as of late it sure is refreshing to see a surplus in the totals! Despite the excess for most of the region, we still lag behind by several inches in our yearly total. Therefore, we can only regard October's numbers as a temporary band-aid.

That's all for this edition. I hope that I may return to you two weeks from now, loyal reader, with a 9-1 record and a perch atop the Big Ten. It will be a great Saturday for football…

Go Big Blue. Beat Wisconsin.



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