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KokobewareHI: rob...any recruiting news?

rriva: spoke with Brent Carter last night, about to ship the story to Brennan

PSUSmitty: Rob - still looking good for Shady?

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KokobewareHI: do we offer bother carter and price?

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rriva: carter has an offer

rriva: i just cannot get in touch with mccoy

PSUSmitty: uh oh, i wil ask LK what that means Riva

Psu96: Why wouldn't shady want to talk with you?

rriva: i mean, i've spoken to someone on his cell phone, but that peron never says its McCoy

Lrja26: so Rob, would you say Brent has high interest in PSU?

mxbscout: These kids are approached by a lot of recruiting reporters. Sometimes they are only comfortable with a few people

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mxbscout: We'll have Bob L. give him a buzz

rriva: bob l. has a great relationship with him

rriva: it's nothing personl, i'm not offended or anything

rriva: brent is laid back, it's tough to tell

PSUSmitty: cool - i believe we are still in good shape

mxbscout: Bob's known the kid and his family forever

KokobewareHI: Fellas. I've been told that Sarge will probably RS next year and that the staff has told him to keep an open mind in terms of where they will play possibly as CB!

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mxbscout: Why would that bother you, Koko?

PSUSmitty: wow, Koko - based on preseason hype, I would have bet anything he would be a key piece of the team if you would have told me that freshman would dominate this year

rriva: i still think he needs to be a RB

mxbscout: it may depend on the caliber of RB they land this year

PSUSmitty: and what caliber will that be Brennan? ;-)

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mxbscout: Once Bob gets McCoy, perhaps we'll know

KokobewareHI: I love Sarge as a RB.

PSUSmitty: Brennan - does the B-Ball team have any hope this year?

Psu96: I doubt even then Mark. Shady knows how to work the recruiting reporters

mxbscout: I was kidding, 96

mxbscout: B-Ball team will have a better record

rriva: let's put it this way, Shady loves the spotlight, as do many recruits

PSUSmitty: i know its early, but i was wondering if the team looks more exciting/athletic than past years

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liftin: whats up, fellas?

mxbscout: non-con is weak outside of Pitt, A&M and Clemson

KokobewareHI: Guys...this is FB chat

Psu96: Sarge could be a very good CB. Too many variables right now. Depends on who they get in recruiting, how much they want to play Justin King on offense in addition to his defensive responsibilities, how quickly Sarge develops, etc.

Psu96: Koko, that's the attitude of most people around here unfortunately.

PSUSmitty: Koko - if PSU hoops ever reaches heights close to football team it will be just as exciting

mxbscout: one last hoop note: I'll bet Claxton has a monster year

KokobewareHI: yawn!

Psu96: I expect him to challenge for All Big Ten honors. Not first team, but be on the list.

KokobewareHI: My bows would take your nits to the woodshed!

mxbscout: What PSU football players should get All-Big Ten first-team?

PSUSmitty: Koko - don't make me pound you

Psu96: Poz is the only one I can see right now honestly.

KokobewareHI: on offense...we probably get none.

liftin: mrob, poz

KokobewareHI: Hali is a 1st team lock!

liftin: and hali

Psu96: Woops. Forgot Tamba

liftin: lol

PSUSmitty: who will be the QB though?

KokobewareHI: AZ is a 2nd teamer.

Psu96: You'd think I could remember a guy who would freight train me if we ever collided.

rriva: brett b

PSUSmitty: it better not be Henne!!!!

Psu96: Stanton

PSUSmitty: way too much early hpe

PSUSmitty: hype

KokobewareHI: Still plenty of football left.

liftin: after mrob beats both brett b and stanton on their own fields?

rriva: i actually did hear some good / reassuring news today abotu the game tomorrow

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KokobewareHI: what was that?

Psu96: The funny thing is that people are talking about MRob being named Big Ten Player of the Year, but he probably won't be the first team All-Big Ten QB

PSUSmitty: Riva - from a bookie? ;-)

rriva: i got an e-mail from one of the FDNY members who was at the 2002 nebraska game...a bunch of them are coming up to the game tomorrow

Psu96: cool

rriva: ...and they have student section tickets....

rriva: how they got those, i have no idea

scpsu21: any chance it will be a record crowd tomorrow?

Psu96: tell them to wear white!

KokobewareHI: My good college buddy is on the know what house ?

rriva: not off the top of my head

Psu96: They'll stick out like sore thumbs if they are the only ones in the student section not wearing white for the White Out

liftin: tell them to wear their pants down too far so they're mistaken for underclassmen

KokobewareHI: Rob...where do we stand with OL prospects?

PSUSmitty: Koko, you have good buddies?

KokobewareHI: easy...smit...

rriva: good with everyone really, walton, logan-el

Psu96: Best bets for OL appear to be Logan-El, Walton, Eliades right now

rriva: not completely sold on eliades

PSUSmitty: Young out I assume?

rriva: but i've made it known where i stand with logan-el

Psu96: Young = Gator lock

Psu96: :-)

PSUSmitty: haha

PSUSmitty: is he even visiting?

Psu96: He hasn't decided which of his 7 schools will get an official visit

Psu96: except for ND I think

KokobewareHI: How does the OLman from Neshaminy (Tommy Mc's teammate) grade out?

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PSUSmitty: Riva/96er - it seems like selections to the US Army game are ongoing

liftin: getting two of those OL would be fantastic

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rriva: i'm not sure smitty, i thought they were already done

PSUSmitty: am i correct to assume the team is not formed yet - would love to have Bell make the team

Psu96: I think all the selections are done but the players are setting up press conferences to make the official announcements

rriva: i think the rosters are already complete

PSUSmitty: ok - Bell must have not been selected then - is Lemming still involved?

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KokobewareHI: Austin Scott? The same person that informed me about Sarge said the staff doesn't know what to do with Scott as far as next year? Thoughts?

PSUSmitty: Koko - i think he is done if we get Shady - transfer in the works

rriva: i've always given lemming the benefit of the doubt...but some of his tactics are just stupid, he is a ND fan, if not a recruiter

liftin: transfer his senior season?

Psu96: If Scott wants to contribute somewhere, it might have to be at a lower division. He's not beating out Hunt next year for sure.

PSUSmitty: liftin - yes

mxbscout: Stayed tuned to FOS hot news for more U.S. Army Game selection news today

rriva: scott fell too far behind

PSUSmitty: he may even have NFL aspirations, but those are quickly fading

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KokobewareHI: FWIW, my informant (LOL!) said that Scott is more of an afterthought than anything else...sad indeed.

Melvie: What happened to Scott? Did he just not work hard enough?

Psu96: I honestly think Joe was pulling for the kid after he got his head on straight, but he is obviously multiple steps behind Hunt and Kinlaw is making more of an impact right now thanks to KO returns.

rriva: right, he was just too far behind, he had to play catch up

Psu96: Melvie, he got himself into the doghouse as a sophomore by showing up late for meetings and not putting in the work necessary to improve. He got too heavy and it was bad weight, which slowed him down and let Hunt pass him for good.

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Melvie: He has lost weight but still does not look explosive at all

PSUSmitty: folks - Hunt is turning into a big-time back - a big year next year and he joins the ranks of the greats at Penn State

KokobewareHI: I was also told that Scott isn't even close to Hunt in practice. And the separation has gotten larger as the season has progressed.

liftin: so if he redshirts next year, he would be in a battle with (hopefully) shady the following year...

Melvie: Hunt is the real deal

liftin: hunt is definitely the man.

Psu96: He is very indecisive. He's always trying to make a big play and can't pick a hole to go through. Hunt isn't afraid of picking up 2-3 yards by picking a hole right away.

KokobewareHI: If AS wants to transfer, the staff will NOT put up a fight at all.

Psu96: Kinlaw will still be around in 2007 as well as Matt Hahn

liftin: plus he's a SOB to bring down. (hunt)

Melvie: 96 that's a shame. He was dynamite coming out of HS

Psu96: bingo liftin

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PSUSmitty: such a darn shame - on film, in high school, Scott was in a clas by himself

rriva: i think college ball was also too complex for him, at least as a freshman, i remember some linemen tellign me he had no clue how to execute even the more basic blocking schemes

Psu96: gotta go meet my lovely wife for lunch. Have a good day everyone!

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rriva: take care 96

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liftin: cya 96

KokobewareHI: Fellas...enough on Scott...who are our 2 starting safeties for next year?

rriva: scirotto and johnson

PSUSmitty: I'd love to see Ridenhour move back

KokobewareHI: Me too Smit.

liftin: if ridenhour hopes to see much of the field it will have to be at safety IMHO

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liftin: assuming poz returns

KokobewareHI: POZ will return.

rriva: i'm pretty confident he'll be back

rriva: i'd bet the house on it

mxbscout: Whose house?

mxbscout: I think Poz comes back, as well.

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rriva: your house, i certainly don't have one

KokobewareHI: 99.999999999999999% he'll be back.

mxbscout: I actually asked him about turning pro. I think he was just being honest in saying it has crossed his mind.

mxbscout: why wouldn't it?

rriva: i'm betting Brennan's house that Poz will return, mark it down

liftin: it has crossed my mind too, but no way I'M going pro

mxbscout: but earlier in the teleconference, he was talking as if he would be back next year

KokobewareHI: I'm betting my wife and daughter...(I hope he turns pro)...

PSUSmitty: 90% Poz will return - not as confident as Koko

mxbscout: said he hoped to implement a lot of the leadership skills he learned from Robinson and Zemaitis

liftin: guys i have to take a break from the rigors of chat and get some lunch. later.

PSUSmitty: gents - what is your over under on PSU winning out?

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playdrums: East Lansing scares me

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PSUSmitty: i say 60%

rriva: i have heard some rumblings that Rickerson might (stress: might) be back in the psu picture...

rriva: the reason is that he is somewhat of a "plan b" for both auburn and florida

jwtanger: rriva, have other teams been cooling on Rickerson?

rriva: and i'm not sure he likes that

rriva: i know he's about third on the board at florida and about the same for auburn

rriva: i think it's an issue that there's so much talent in FL, that teams just have their choice

rriva: Rickerson only recently got a written offer from Auburn, it was a verbal offer before

rriva: recently as in within the last couple of months

playdrums: so, if Rickerson comes North it will be because he didn't get enough love in his home state?

PSUSmitty: Riva - why aren't top programs tripping over a big-time 4 star CB from Florida?

rriva: because there are about 10 other 4-star cbs in florida

rriva: not florida, but the region

rriva: play, i think that's accurate

jwtanger: I hope PSU can get back onto Rickersons list. Kid is a stud

rriva: although i think rickeron completely mishandled the PSU situation

rriva: he picked off Tebow about three weeks ago

rriva: second year in a row

PSUSmitty: Rickerson appears to be a little bit of a primma donna

rriva: i think that's a fairly accurate statement

rriva: but the relationship between Rickerson and James is interesting

rriva: I've never seen them hang out together before or after a game

PSUSmitty: Riva - do you feel at the end of recruiting season, we have a Top 10 class? Top 5?

rriva: i have a strong feeling that it will be top 10, a chance to be a top 5

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Lrja26: Rob have you had a chance to speak to Tate?

Lrja26: there was a pretty optimistic interview with him on the other board

rriva: despite Pitt's very strong start, i think PSU will end up with a better class

PSUSmitty: to get to top 5, believe we need to run the table on our big guys

rriva: i have never spoken to tate

Lrja26: I dont think Pitts class will be top15 come signing day

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rriva: although my auburn contact down here feels that he won't stick with auburn

Lrja26: from the interview, lets just say if its not auburn he doesnt have alot of options

PSUSmitty: riva - are we next on Tate's list then?

rriva: honestly, i do not know

rriva: i think PSU is in pretty good shape with McCoy

rriva: despite what some annonmous posters may think

rriva: :-)

Melvie: When do you think McCoy announces

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rriva: signing day

jwtanger: I hope PSU can land both McCoy and Tate. Could they be our Bush and L. White?

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Ramblewood: Us west coasters are just getting up . . . did I miss anything intersting?

mxbscout: Koko and Smitty talking about chaps, which will be edited out of the transcript so children can read it :-)

Lrja26: it will be interesting if Tate gets to PSU for an offiical

PSUSmitty: Brennan - HAHAHA!!!

rriva: i think it would be interesting to land Brandon James, i know i talk a lot about him, but he is a kid who can play

rriva: and would be a nice compliment to a guy like McCoy...assuming PSU lands him

mxbscout: Carter story should be on lead page in a minute

mxbscout: Score predictions for the PSU-Wisconsin game?

Lrja26: wow, if carter wants to play RB he's not coming here..

mxbscout: 35-24

Lrja26: 37-20 PSU

PSUSmitty: 34 - 20 PSU

playdrums: UW's run D is suspect

Lrja26: it could be even larger

PSUSmitty: i think it is about 17-10 at halftime

playdrums: 27-20 PSU

Lrja26: what does everyone think about Petrino running it up last night?

Ramblewood: I like Sean Price at RB better than Carter anyway. Though, either one may end up in the secondary.

mxbscout: since Bob L. is not here, I doubt anyone minds

mxbscout: FYI: Bob is getting bloodwork done or he would be here

Ramblewood: I don't think Petrino's actions were as bad as Texas Tech throwing passes to the end zone in the waning seconds of a blowout, but it ain't chivalrous.

PSUSmitty: guys - i will ask again - what are the chances we win out?

Lrja26: i wasnt particularly upset that it was Pitt

PSUSmitty: I say 60%

rriva: that was a very hard game to watch, kind of reminded me of watching psu over the last few years

Ramblewood: 75%

Lrja26: 75%

Lrja26: 100% this weekend

Lrja26: 50P% next weekend

Ramblewood: Lrja - copycat


mxbscout: 81%

playdrums: 66.666666666666666667%

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PSUSmitty: i like what i am hearing

Ramblewood: Don't forget about the coeffficient of friction when making your calculations.

Lrja26: so whats this scheme that Wiscy is going to employ on D?

PSUSmitty: odds we can reach title game = 5%

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Lrja26: i certainly hope they arent going to count on their LB"s to contain MRob

Ramblewood: I think Wiscy will have to take chances on D.

Lrja26: atually i should say i hop[e they do

Lrja26: their LB's are not fast enough

Ramblewood: They need turnovers or big plays (sacks) to stop us from scoring every time.

Lrja26: including Zalewski, and there is no way he's 100% this weekend

mxbscout: You know the Badgers will try to knock Robinson out of the game. PSU will have the chance to spring big plays early

mxbscout: UW won't get to Robinson with overpowering DEs the way it did last year

mxbscout: so it will have to gamble

mxbscout: sending LBs and DBs

Lrja26: also this is the smallest DL ive ever seen at Wiscy

Melvie: Wisky will hit Robinson every chance they get; focus on stopping Hunt; and force Robinson to beat them with his arm

Lrja26: Hayden is the only B10 caliber DL they have right now

KokobewareHI: I asked this does Tom Mc Neshaminy teammate (the OLman) grade? Is he worth a schollie?

Lrja26: he's an excellen trun blocker

Lrja26: Chris Daino

PSUSmitty: I think Hunt continues his big play this weekend - he gets even better every game it seems

KokobewareHI: thanks

Lrja26: i saw him play last year

KokobewareHI: who has offered him?

playdrums: they will definitely try to make MRob pass but it is going to be difficult to keep us from runnin'

rriva: all right everyone, i'm out of here, be good

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playdrums: later

78Lion: only offer on Scout is SUNJ

Lrja26: no too many teams

Lrja26: i wouldnt offer him at this point

Lrja26: he's pretty athletic but he needs to put on size

KokobewareHI: what's his story?

Lrja26: hes got a couple others

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Lrja26: no big schools though

Lrja26: not sure he could keep the athleticism though

78Lion: Akron

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KokobewareHI: seeya ladies...gotta run

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mxbscout: Me too, thank you for stopping by, everyone.

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