Nittany Notes: Injuries

Penn State has a bye this week. While there may be concerns about the timing of the break in terms of hurting momentum, it will allow the 9-1 Nittany Lions to recover from some bumps and bruises before heading to Michigan State for the regular-season finale.

The coaches are taking advantage of the bye week, giving the players a bit of a rest by reducing practices this week to sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Although the practice time is reduced this week, the team will run two of those practices in full pads.

The objective of the staff is to maintain the team's momentum, but also rest up for a closing game that is described by observers as "a matchup against a team that thrives on upsetting ranked teams."

Here is a rundown of some injuries Penn State sustained against Wisconsin and the updated status of each player.

Tony Hunt

Hunt sustained a "minor hamstring pull" during the game, but continued to play, rolling up 24 carries for 151 yards (6.3 YPC) and two touchdowns, along with two recptions for 35 yards (17.5 YPC).

Observers describe Hunt's injury and "minor" and "inconsequential." As one observer said, "He pulled up on it, but after he sat out a bit, stretched and loosened up he was fine." Hunt was quoted after the game saying, "I feel great.

BranDon Snow

Snow sustained a "high ankle sprain" in the game. Although he was in pain, Snow continued to play throughout the remainder of the contest.

It is expected that the staff will have him rest and will limit his practice reps this week to aid in his recovery.

Matthew Rice

Some fans have asked about Rice and an apparent injury he sustained. Rice sustained a "minor leg injury" described as a "cramp" which caused him some pain in the game. The staff was initially concerned that he may have a more extensive injury due to a pile up he was involved in, however he is "fine now." Observers say that he appears fully recovered and is expected to practice normally this week.

Justin King

Many fans have written asking about the hit Justin King sustained, which sent him to the sideline. King suffered what is described as a "migraine headache" due to the hit. He came off the field after the collision "somewhat dazed" and did not feel well.

There are lingering concerns it may be a mild concussion so the staff is going to keep a close eye on him and limit his contact this week to allow him to recover. As one observer said, "It was a nasty hit, but he should be OK with a little rest."


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