Posluszny Still in the Hunt

Paul Posluszny's play this year has announcers practicing the pronunciation of his name. His performance also has him in pursuit of some hardware. Poslsuzny was just named a finalist for the Butkus Award.

"If we do everything we need to do, we can still play for the national championship and go to a serious bowl game." That was Paul Posluszny's attitude after the Michigan loss, an attitude which helped Penn State bounce right back into pursuit of a Big Ten title and BCS bid - and right back into the national picture.

Through the Wisconsin game, Posluszny has 106 tackles on the season. In five contests this year Posluszny has pulled down double-digit tackles, with his top performance against Northwestern with 22 takedowns.

His aggressive style of play and dominating performances have caused former players and national commentators alike sending accolades to the junior Nittany Lion. In fact Jack Ham, a college and pro Hall of Famer recently stated, "I truly believe he's the best linebacker ever to play at Penn State." An impressive compliment considering Penn State's nickname of Linebacker U.

Ham is not alone in his opinion of Posluszny. ESPN Gameday commentator Lee Corso called him the "best linebacker in the nation."

Posluszny is up against Ohio State's A.J. Hawk and Alabama's DeMeco Ryans for the honor which will be announced on December 10, 2005 at the 21st annual Butkus Award Gala.


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