Nittany Notes: MSU Prep

With the Nittany Lions facing one more regular-season opponent in Michigan State, Penn State is opening things up a bit more in practice to get the players "fine tuned" for the coming clash with the Spartans.

Joe Paterno is very excited for the Michigan State game this Saturday, with observers saying he is "intense," "energized" and "downright pumped to play this game." The squad had a meeting yesterday where he addressed the players, preaching determination, focus and fun. "He really wants the players to keep a razor-sharp focus, but he also wants them to really enjoy the moment," one observer explained.

The coaching staff has changed up the practice routine this week. The typical practice set this season has been:

Monday: Helmets
Tuesday: Pads
Wednesday: Tops
Thursday: Helmets

This week the practice set has changed to:

Monday: Tops
Tuesday: Pads
Wednesday: Tops
Thursday: Helmets

"The staff is very intent on keeping the squad rested, but they also are working to build them up with a little more contact this week — the Monday session provided that," an observer shared.

Another observer explained, "Although we'll see a bit more contact this week in practice, the squad won't be overworked. It is good for them to build up their aggression until they head on the road."

Although there have been no major lineup shifts since the Wisconsin win, a lot of fans are curious about the status of Justin King and the concussion he sustained against the Badgers.

Currently King is donning the green cross jersey which means he is on the second team and is limited (minimal contact in drills) due to his injury, but is able to see action.

Observers say he looks fine and expect him to move back up into the powder blue first-team jersey later this week.


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