Bani Gbadyu: In Search of Best Fit

Comfort level and an attacking defensive scheme are two very big prerequisites for Bani Gbadyu. Fortunately for Penn State they meet both needs. Gbadyu was in Happy Valley two weekends ago for an official visit and now he shares his thoughts with

Bani Gbadyu came away from his recent official visit to Penn State impressed with just about everything that transpired. Gbadyu a 6-foot-1, 210-pound, linebacker from Quince Orchard High in Gaithersburg, Md., has already given the Tigers of LSU a verbal commitment, but decided to visit Penn State and will visit Georgia this weekend.

"Penn State was amazing," Gbadyu said. "I got to meet Derrick Williams, who was my host, and Joe Paterno. I got to go to Coach Paterno's house and meet his family. They didn't try to push me away from LSU at all, that really impressed me. They did tell me I would have a chance to contribute early on defense or special teams. The defense is impressive they shut [Brian] Calhoun down and he was a Heisman candidate, they shut down [Laurenc] Maroney also, and he was another Heisman guy. They play a physical scheme on defense that fits my style of play."

As usual, Williams left a strong impression on another Maryland native,

"I was shocked with him,” Gbadyu said. “I would think he'd be out partying and all that stuff, but he really sits around playing video games and studying. He is very focused on what he wants to do and making sure he has everything in order. You don't see that a lot."

Williams' demeanor was not the only one that impressed Gbadyu. That was his sentiment about the entire program.

"Williams was well-mannered, but so was everyone else,” he said. “They have kids that all have good character and it's easy to see why they win; they're focused on what they need to do. The facilities up there were one of the best I have seen. That stadium is so big."

Gbadyu will take a 6:00 a.m. flight to Athens this weekend to visit the Georgia Bulldogs.

"Me and Akeem Hebron were talking about them, so I figured I have to go see it for myself. Georgia is a great school so I have to check them out."

There are a lot of variables that will factor into his final decision. That is a decision that he is preparing to make after this final visit to Georgia.

"I'm still committed to LSU, but I'm just trying to find the best fit for me,” Gbadyu said. “There's been a lot of things come about in my family the past few months so I want to make sure I don't go real far away from them, and it would be nice to be close to my high school. Penn State is nice because it is close. I want to go somewhere I can contribute early and I can do that at LSU. I'm going to finish my visit to Georgia then sit down with my family and my coach and make my final decision."


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