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Greetings from a very chilly Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and welcome to the final issue of CF&FG for the 2005 college football season! As the curtain draws on yet another season of Nittany Lion football, many things can be said about the way the team has turned itself around from a team with many unanswered questions into a team with direction and a very optimistic future.

It's been exciting, and while not to assume the outcome of this Saturday's game in East Lansing or the upcoming bowl game (doesn't that sound nice, too?) I'm hoping that there will be several great seasons of football ahead in Happy Valley. That being said, let's move onto the forecast for this Saturday.

East Lansing has been on the same plane as State College the last two weeks; pleasantly mild temperatures were twice wiped away suddenly with the passage of very potent cold fronts. In both cases, strong thunderstorms not usually present this time of year led to very windy and cold conditions, with areas of flurries and snow showers to follow. Still in the wake of potent midweek cold front number two, Central Michigan will be looking at cold conditions this weekend, but its weather will also be affected by a new clipper system rolling across the Great Lakes. This clipper will unpack clouds and rain sprinkles for the game on Saturday, but as "less than ideal" as this sounds Sunday will be much colder and windier with snow showers to boot. Your Saturday Football Forecast: mostly cloudy skies with a few rain showers; game time temperatures / afternoon highs will be in the lower 40s.

Our weather for much of this football season has been unseasonably mild. Sadly, Old Man Winter has decided to visit the region once again with a large suitcase full of cold air to peddle on College Avenue, though this time he's on the extended stay plan at the Nittany Lion Inn. As mentioned earlier, twice in the past two weeks we've seen drastic changes in our weather in the span of 24 hours, although now in the wake of our second shift to cold it appears as though we're going to stay locked in this cold pattern all the way through Thanksgiving and beyond.

For those of you who are curious about my forecast for the next season, I'm expecting a colder-than-average winter temperature-wise, with an average amount of snowfall during the season. (For State College, that means around 40 to 45 inches of snow.) One thing I've noticed is that for nearly two years now, our seasons have been in a way "transposed" to the side of procrastination. What I mean by that is that while the typical winter season lasts from December 22 to March 21, we've had most of our accumulative snow events from February through the middle of April. Springtime weather got off to a late start each of the last two years; even this summer is a good example - our milder weather lasted a lot longer into Fall than it usually does. One thing I learned from a fellow colleague that holds true quite often is when you find yourself in a certain pattern, be it mild, cold, wet, dry, or procrastinated, it is wise to make the overall forecasts trend toward the pattern. Hence, my thinking is that we'll have to keep our winter coats out into the early part of April 2006. (Sigh) Regardless, I hear Florida and Arizona are lovely in early January - can't wait to find out at this year's bowl game! ;)

And there it is, friends, time to close the lid on another volume of CF&FG. Thanks to all for your feedback and comments, and barring anything unforeseen, I'll see you back here next season for the fifth edition!

Go Big Blue. Beat Michigan State.



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