Friday Football Chat Wrap

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PlaybookMark: No new injuries on PSU's side this week

PSUSmitty: Riva - recent reports on Shady are promising - any inside scoop?

KokobewareHI: Riva-CAn you talk about Big Red visiting Young and Wenger?

Psu96: I'm expecting Sean Price to be a sleeper recruit in this class. Seems like there is a decent chance he'll get an offer if his comments in that Baltimore Sun article are accurate

PlaybookMark: I have not heard any credible source on MSU's receiver being out

rriva: i actually called Wenger two times this week, left a message each time

rriva: but

rriva: i did speak with Brandon James

Psu96: Kyle Brown stated earlier this week that he would play on Saturday

KokobewareHI: Sean Price...ditto...Whay haven't we offered?

rriva: now, my story on him was held, rightfully so, because James was waiting to hear from UF last night about na offer

Psu96: Koko, we might have by now. No way of knowing at this point.

PlaybookMark: Staff is hoping to get King more involved in the offense - ideally with the ball, but "the guys is a magnet drawing coverage. He opens things up"

KokobewareHI: Wenger would be a HUGE pickup!

rriva: but, what i found interesting is that James said McQueary has pretty much stopped calling him

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psunittany: Did the staff botch the recruitment of Bruce Campbell...or are there higher rated OL on our list?

rriva: and he didn't visit when he was in Florida last week

Psu96: I think PSu will be behind the 8-ball with Wenger

KokobewareHI: I agree...but It would be nice...96

Psu96: nittany, look at the guys being recruited for the OL. Just about every one is a 4 or 5 star kid

KokobewareHI: James would be nice, but he is way down the list of our current needs.

rriva: i think he's one kid that the staff will bring the house with, they're going to tell him he has the opportunity to start as a true freshman

NWNittany: Mark - he isn't listed on their depth chart

KokobewareHI: riva-you talking about Wenger?

PlaybookMark: Defense has worked on blitz scheme and disguises - using Posluszny, Connor, Harrell and Lowry on various looks

rriva: i just really like james as a player, i saw him play last friday, and he is just so explosive and elusive...

PSUSmitty: Riva - you talking about Wenger above re: the staff?

rriva: koko, yes wenger

rriva: smitty, yes wenger

PlaybookMark: Nittany - who isn't listed?

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KokobewareHI: I loved that Wenger on tape...don't even say it smitty!

psunittany: I know...I tend to be a little pessimistic ...sorry ...I just figured it can never hurt to have too many eggs in your basket...

PlaybookMark: hey cbd

MeadowLion: riva, james seems to be a player but he is so it worth it to bring him in just for ST???

rriva: i would

PlaybookMark: I agree

rriva: because he recognizes that's his future...he said it to me on tuesday

NWNittany: I think the guys name is jeromy scott....

cdbpsu89: good morning everyone

rriva: some coach must have told him that he's not goign to be an everydown back

Psu96: If Joe Paterno goes according to form, James wouldn't play on special teams aside from maybe kick returner. He's going to want a guy like Scirrotto back returning punts

rriva: because all of a sudden, he said "i see myself being a slot receiver and a special teams guy"

Psu96: Urban Meyer is probably selling him on those ideas


NWNittany: <----- scott listed as their top wr

MeadowLion: yeah, i can see that, i just didnt think he would be happy with that.....still.....he shouldnt be a priority if that is all he will do

PSUSmitty: right 96 - the Lowry situation baffles me

PlaybookMark: Nittany I'll look into it

rriva: i think uf is in trouble in recruiting though....

KokobewareHI: Mark...what's the word on Sparty's mindset heading into the game?

rriva: james isn't the type of kid they normally offer at this point in the game

Psu96: Joe has said a number of times that all he wants is a guy who is smart and can catch the ball back there.

PSUSmitty: Riva - news on Shady? lots of rumors flowing that he is ours

cdbpsu89: Urban;s shotgun approach to recruiting isn't working so well

rriva: Shady does not take my calls

PlaybookMark: Interesting rumor we are working on - Witovet's crew may be working the MSU game

Psu96: Scirrotto fits that mold given the few times he has had a chance to field a punt

MeadowLion: well UF is in the same situation we would have been if we fell on our face this year.....everything in place to turn it around and they did nothing but beat UGA without shockley

KokobewareHI: Lowry is neither smart nor can he catch the ball

NWNittany: Mark ??? really ???

rriva: apparently he only speaks with a select few writers with whom he's built a relationship at camps/combines

PlaybookMark: Rob - Shady knows you piced MSU - he doesn't want to talk to you

rriva: Bob L. has a great relationship with him

PSUSmitty: right - just thought you might have some more info via Bob L

Psu96: Lowry has fumbled 2 punts this year. He is most definitely a cerebral player in the secondary Koko

psunittany: 2006 schedule - what will be done about the LaTech hole? I heard we might still play them late August?

rriva: well,it's interesting, i've spoken with "someone" on his cell phone on several occassions, but when i introduce myself, the person says he's not McCoy and that McCoy can't come to the phone

cdbpsu89: V V for Villanova

PlaybookMark: Lowry is #2 in the Big Ten for interceptions

KokobewareHI: 96...I like CL in the 2ndary!

Psu96: Lowry doesn't get enough credit for playing as well as he does at safety because people don't like him returning punts. It's unfortunate

NWNittany: I guess the question is : who does witovet's crew screw more, us or msu

rriva: but from what i have heard, PSU is in fantastic shape with McCoy, maybe the reason there aren't a lot of other backs, if any outisde maybe Brent Carter, who the staff is recruiting

psunittany: I think Harrell & Lowry have been outstanding safties this year.

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PlaybookMark: Donnie Johnson's play this year should pay dividends next season

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PlaybookMark: heu Bridge, Slack and Law

rriva: johnson is very very aggressive

PlaybookMark: hey

NWNittany: dj is certainly physical.

psunittany: so....PSU wins tomorrow...Orange or Fiesta?

PlaybookMark: DJ will help fill secondary holes this year left by the seniors

psunittany: DJ #6 has been impressive to me

MeadowLion: riva, do you believe that PSU is actually considering AJ wallace at RB or is that just telling him what he wants to hear to get him here and then move to DB?

Psu96: Joe's comment on Johnson last night was interesting. He said that Donnie doesn't realize how good he is and doesn't always trust that he's seeing what he thinks he sees.

slackpsu: Do we still have a chance with Devlin?

Lawman2014: Do you think Spencer goes to safety?

rriva: i think it's one of those situations where Wallace hears what he wants to hear, i'm sure that the staff told him they'd look at him on both sides of the ball, but he'll ulaimtealy end up at db

rriva: i'm calling Devlin this week

psunittany: is there buzz about Devlin? is his Miami verbal shaky? what did I miss?

Psu96: The Ridenhour decision won't be made until next spring

Psu96: Joe Paterno said that PSU is still recruiting him on his call-in show

Psu96: him being Devlin

psunittany: thanks

PlaybookMark: Also Paterno and Hall have both all but snuffed out the rumors of Butler to CB

NWNittany: joepa sounded like he had another bad cold at the presser

PSUSem: when did they snuff those out mark?

PlaybookMark: Bradley likes Spencer at LB as does Vandy

MeadowLion: i had heard that Hall was TOTALLY AGAINST butler moving to CB

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rriva: moving butler to cb would make absolutely no sense

psunittany: 2006 DEs..... Gaines, J. Shaw, and ??????

NWNittany: we are going to need something like a 3-7-1 alignment get all these lb's on the field.....

PlaybookMark: Sem - Hall said it last week in the call-in show and Paterno this week

Psu96: Bradley talked last week about wanting to have LBs that can run like safeties and that's where they see Ridenhour

PlaybookMark: Riva - "someone" started that rumor

Psu96: NWNittany, there's nothing wrong with having quality depth. May the best men win

NWNittany: 96 - not complaining

PlaybookMark: The great programs have depth

rriva: you mean someone completely fabricated, then would write a premium article to correct it?

NWNittany: 96 - just saying if someone is a tweener, maybe give them reps at the non-lb position

PSUSmitty: anyone else annoyed with this co-champion BS in the Big Ten if both PSU and OSU win?

PlaybookMark: "I know nussssssing" - Sgt. Shultz

psunittany: can anyone comment on Elijah Fields?...I heard a great player on a small WPIAL teams, most likely headed to Prep School.... I heard he is Pitt's to lose.... is that accurate?

MeadowLion: Has there been any talk of moving Golden to TE? He is a good blocker and surely isnt fast enough to be a WR next year, esp. with Bell coming in and Dwill getting healthy

rriva: haha

PSUSmitty: can't see Golden as TE - he will be a possession receiver only i think

PlaybookMark: Smitty - it happens almost every year - a majority of OSU and Um's titles have been shared - who cares?

Psu96: Golden would have to add 30-40 pounds in one offseason to make that move. I can't see that happening

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PlaybookMark: I don't see Golden moving..

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PSUSmitty: if you win out head to head, you win it darn it

rriva: i can't tell if golden is slow, or if he's just stiff

slackpsu: What has change with offensive line getting better after first 3 games? Attitude - Smith - Philosophy ? I am amazed how well they are playing.

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PlaybookMark: Golden was a track standout - I think he runs stiff

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NWNittany: golden seems like a kid who is track fast and football not-as-fast.

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Lawman2014: They are fine at TE

PSUSmitty: champion = a singular distinction, but i'll take a shared title over none

psunittany: This OL has been the biggest surprise I think....

MeadowLion: everytime golden makes a catch it looks like it was the first time he ever saw a football

Psu96: slack, the linemen are much more comfortable running the zone blocking scheme, plus they don't have 8 or 9 guys near the LOS now

PlaybookMark: Slack : 1 Smith's communication 2 repetition with Zone Blocking 3 attitude - Posluszny was in their ear a LOT this season

Lawman2014: Yeah because he was in Joe's doghouse last year

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psunittany: OL has been nasty....Brown, Reed, Rush...all those guys have made some unbelievable blocks at critical times....

PSUSmitty: good for Poz encouraging the O-line

NWNittany: well, time to drag my butt into work. have a good one all.

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Psu96: The young guys coming up behind the current starters already have the attitude in place. Hopefully, they'll display their talent early and often next season

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PSUSmitty: Staff, any word on the the backups lineman for next year? staff optimistic?

MeadowLion: i think shipley needs some work on his OL technique if he is going to start next year at C.....he has the strength but very raw

Psu96: I hear that they really like what they've seen from Dennis Landolt. They have always liked Harrison, Shipley and Cadogan.

psunittany: it's tough that a young OL will have to play at South Bend & at Columbus in the first 4 games..... that's tough... hopefully they learn fast

Psu96: The team will be better for having played those games nittany regardless of the outcome.

psunittany: Cadogan looks to me like he can grown into another Levi Brown type....he has a frame & looks athletic

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PSUSmitty: i really hope the staff uses Bowl Practice time to get ready for next year - always crucial in years past

rriva: i don't think the OL is as much of a concern as the secondary is, as far as next year

Lawman2014: Cadogan will be a stud if given the opportunity

MeadowLion: you might have to add 8-10 sacks to this year's total for next year....5 for going from elusive MRob to Morelli and 3-5 for a young OL

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rednecklion: I agree, Morelli will take a lot of sacks.

PSUSmitty: this Daryll Clark news really interests me - i always thought of him as a project

PSUSmitty: Riva - are we out of it with Isiah Williams?

psunittany: King at CB, DJ at Safety....who are the other two DB possibilities?....I like Scorritto (sp?) ...he looks athletic, fast, etc....

PlaybookMark: Smitty - Clark has to progress like MRob on his decisions, but physically he is a beast - great condition - strong

rriva: smitty, don't think so, still a chance, but it's still very early to go either way

rriva: if he schedules an official visit, it will be interesting to see what happens

Psu96: Tony Davis will get the shot at the CB opposite King.

MeadowLion: Morelli will have to learn the art of throwing the ball away under pressure....even MRob hasnt gotten a total grasp on that....he does it on occassion but other times he runs out of bounds for a 2 yard loss.....

rriva: meadow, absolutely

cdbpsu89: If we land Wenger, does AQ go back to D-Line. He looks like such a beast on the DL

rriva: dead on analysis

PSUSmitty: Mark - does Clark have MRob's elusiveness and arm strength (assuming he will improve of course)

Psu96: The other safety could be Scirrotto or Nolan McCready/

psunittany: Philip Taylor? Logan-El?...I just can't see BOTH these guys heading to Maryland ... I think they see that we are on the rise & we get at least one.....

KokobewareHI: I've heard John Shaw has been down right nasty as an OT....thoughts?

rriva: i think psu has a "better" (relative term) shot at Logan-El than Taylor, but are in great great position with both

psunittany: I want to give you guys a complement...Mark, riva, 96, guys really have sharp insight & are objective...I appreciate your service...great job....

PlaybookMark: Smitty - he runs well - makes decision errors like a younger MRob, but he has good arm strength - not like MRob's current abilties though - he could get there

cdbpsu89: Any guesses on our next verbal?

rriva: nittany, thanks

psunittany: Quarless

rriva: quarless :-)

OldBridge: Is Wenger visiting?

KokobewareHI: John Shaw...anyone?

PlaybookMark: thanks nittany we appreicate it

PlaybookMark: Shaw is expected to play out his career at OT

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cdbpsu89: Any surprises brewing out there (ala Morelli two years ago)?

PlaybookMark: nittany - good guess

psunittany: I think Shaw 99 really can turning to force at DE next year....

KokobewareHI: about his play so far...Shaw that is...

Psu96: If we knew that cdb, they wouldn't be surprises would they? :-)

PlaybookMark: Koko - Jimmy or John Shaw?

PSUSmitty: gents, Ed Johnson still on track to return?

cdbpsu89: good point

PlaybookMark: Smitty - yup looks that way

KokobewareHI: JOHN SHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nittlion: only if you didn't tell us 96

nittlion: ; )

PSUSmitty: calm down Koko - keep your legendary temper in check

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PlaybookMark: John Shaw has improved with his base and ability to get low - the RS year really has served him well and he should be an impact for the OL

psunittany: I heard the Ed Johnson trouble was really a hazing incident w/ a male friend/student gone WAY TOO far.... the

KokobewareHI: smitty---I'm sending Mr. Fuji over to visit you!

psunittany: the offical university statement made it sound like a sexual assault

slackpsu: Any updates on D Williams Health?

PSUSmitty: with a male student?

PSUSmitty: i won't ask anymore about it

rednecklion: no female student is what I recall.

psunittany: severe hazing.... frat brother or something... a double dare?

cgiam311: so will he be back?

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KokobewareHI:'s what I heard...yes it was a male student and it was a complete joke; however, big ED made the kid feel very uncomfy if you know what I mean

PSUSmitty: Koko - yikes

nittlion: well that sounds weird

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PlaybookMark: Slack - Williams is recovering well - not sure about the bowl game thought

MeadowLion: what is your opinion of the situation with Aaron Berry? Do we not want him for some reason? Does he want to play WR not DB? I've seen him play a few times and he is a stud IMO....not sure why he has no interest or PSU has no interest.....

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nittlion: where are the 2 safeties we need to sign coming from?

slackpsu: Mark: Who is your Deon Butler player next year? ie show up, produce and suprise folks

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PlaybookMark: slack - kinda early for that since we pick those in the off-season (PS - I did pick Butler this year) I'd keep an eye on Lyons and Lee

GotBand1: Greetings

PlaybookMark: Hey Band!

cgiam311: we need Lyons big time next year

GotBand1: hiya mark good to see(?) ya

PlaybookMark: How's Wy?

GotBand1: great, all are pumped and redy to take care of business

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psunittany: Who are our FS/SS recruiting targets (besides Myron Rolle...LMAO)

PlaybookMark: great to hear - the OL should control the trenches against the MSU DL

nittlion: i hope we get after Stanton early tomorrow

rriva: it's a good question nittany...

PlaybookMark: nitt - they are running similar schemes to the Wisconsin prep

GotBand1: there will be lots of stanton sandwiches tomorrow, count on it

nittlion: how is the MSU OT that will have to block the Bamba Train?

PSUSmitty: Gbadyu at Safety right?

psunittany: I almost see a kid like Navorro Bowman making a splash at safety...he is a small LB...Brent carter maybe...

KokobewareHI: Mark-What's Sparty's mindset?

PSUSem: riva-any word on travon bellamy? a lot of people say if we havent offered him by now we won't, but it seems like we're running out of options

psunittany: not Bowman...I meant Gbadyu..sorry

MeadowLion: Cant get too out of control on our pass rush....Stanton has some pretty good legs....

GotBand1: so does our D

cdbpsu89: I met Jordan Lyons dad when I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago. He said Jordan's doing well and will make a complete recovery

rriva: sem, i'll try to call bellamy this week

rriva: i'm not sure what is going on with that

PlaybookMark: Koko - Sparty players seem dejected after Minn - but this is like a bowl game for them - national TV - night game...

Ramblewood: Stanton does move well for a big guy. I'm kind of hoping to see that in a couple of years with Brackett

rriva: they might still offer him, i don' t think it's too late quite yet

cgiam311: what's the story with Walker Ashley? is he doing some double-dealing?

PSUSem: thanks rriva

nittlion: how much of an impact will this game and BCS bowl appearance have on recruiting?

psunittany: This Spartan game scares me....I wish they beat Minny & would let down w/ us....

PSUSmitty: Ramble - Brackett might not be on field for years if Clark is all he is cracked up to be

mxbscout: MSU has one win over a team with a winning record this season

rriva: and i picked them to win :-)

Ramblewood: Funny, I'm more worried about our back-up QB next year than Morelli.

nittlion: i am excited to see clark. we have seen the value of a QB that can move this year.

cdbpsu89: Riva---let's hope your accuracy streak comes to an end this weekend

PSUSmitty: Riva - JB walton and Nebraska - do they have any real shot in your mind?

rriva: :-)

nittlion: but brennan, msu blew games against osu and michigan

rriva: i think psu is in a better position than nebraska

GotBand1: throw out all the statistics, the one that wants it more tomorrow will dominate, and that is the lions, msu will start strong then fade

cdbpsu89: Brackett can move

mxbscout: I know nit, but that seems to be a pattern

mxbscout: not saying MSU can't win this one

mxbscout: saying it is unlikely

mxbscout: coming off a physical beatdown vs. Minny

PSUSmitty: good news Riva - if it is down to us and Neb for Walton, I will take that as a very good sign

psunittany: I am amazed at the way nebraska has fallen apart....I bet the wish they had Solich back.... that program seems in disarray

cdbpsu89: We need to deflate their balloon early

nittlion: not saying we won't kill them but, talent and potential-wise, they have concerned me more than purdue and wisky

mxbscout: offensively, yes

nittlion: it is PSU's game to win or lose

psunittany: calhoun was the key to Wisky...I was very confident vs Wisky

rriva: for the reason i belive Maryland has the slight edge on PSU, i feel the same that PSU has the slight advantage of nebraska for walton...that being distance

cdbpsu89: Jam it down their throats and watch them fold like a cheap suit

PSUSem: i'm hoping we start out of offense and we give them a healthy does of hunt right away

mxbscout: MSU has killed itself in the red zone this year, next to last in the league in RZ efficiency

PSUSmitty: riva - MD and has advantage for walton over us?

rriva: no, md isn't even in the picture with Walton

LiverpoolLion: Here in CNY, Syracuse PUS alum club is getting together for tomorrow's game. Did that for Mich, too, Ugh!

nittlion: brennan, your thoughts on the bball team? morrisey is a huge loss, huh?

mxbscout: MSU scored in what, three plays, to open the Northwestern game

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mxbscout: then promptly folded

PSUSmitty: right - to whom were you referring

rriva: i was trying to say that i believe distance is the key with taylor and walton, which is why psu leads for waltson and maryland leads for taylor

rriva: i just said it terribly :-)

mxbscout: nitt, they still have a long way to go

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mxbscout: but at least Ed has all of his own guys now

PSUSmitty: brennan, i almost fell out of my seat when i heard that McNamara and Reddick are still around

mxbscout: lol

PSUSmitty: they are like Bryan Evans at Indiana

psunittany: I think, hands down, Tony Hunt has been the most under-rated RB in the Big Ten...this guy has REALLY stepped up.... he's been a rock, a stud....It's funny...with all the weapons we have, he just doesn't get the's comforting to me that not many media people talk about him

mxbscout: McNamara is 35

mxbscout: I was trying to think if PSU has ever had a more punishing back than Hunt

rriva: nittany, i agree, and it will be scarry how many good rbs will be in the big ten next year

cgiam311: Hunt is very solid, notice you don't talk about him fumbling anymore

cdbpsu89: Enis was a load

nittlion: but all GMac can grow is that thin thread of facial hair!

PSUSmitty: Enis Brennan

mxbscout: good one

NealPage: Guys, with our depth at LB next year, assuming Poz stays, is their no way they move Lee to safety to get him on the field? Is he fast enough?

MeadowLion: its scary how many good RB's are in teh B10 THIS year

rriva: true

Ramblewood: Sorry if asked, but any guesses if Devlin is really in play?

rriva: but they'll all be even better next year

mxbscout: Joe said last night Lee is an LB

mxbscout: compared him to Jack Ham

cgiam311: move Spencer back to safety

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nittlion: crazy depth at LB next year

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psunittany: If you watch Lee's aggression on the field, he looks like he plays like an animal.... he must have a crazy motor

cdbpsu89: scary depth at in the country

nittlion: sounds nuts but could Poz move to rush DE next year on 3rd downs?

nittlion: next year

PSUSmitty: if what Riva says is true, are we totally out for a BCS game?

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cgiam311: if we lose, we're out

mxbscout: I don't agree with that

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nittlion: me neither

mxbscout: depends on who else loses

mxbscout: Ohio State, Bama

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rriva: all i said was that msu would win, no bcs implications :-P

PSUSem: i think we'd need a VT loss then too

nittlion: miami is gonna lose one of these three games

cdbpsu89: VT doesn't travel well

cgiam311: think SEC and VT

rriva: nitt, i think you're right

mxbscout: Smitty was asking if PSU loses, does it still have a chance at BCS

Ramblewood: Heck, we might even need Oregon to lose to Oregon State!

psunittany: I just hope we don't get paired up w/ Oregon...they seem so generic.... if we make the BCS, I'd love to see a traditional, throwback match-up...Like Bama....

rriva: i also think fresno upsets usc

PSUSmitty: yep, we could sneak into Rose yet

Ramblewood: Oregon is so mediocre, it's ridiculous.

rriva: something wierd will happen over the next couple of weeks that will mess up everything

mxbscout: are you putting $$ n these picks, Riva?

nittlion: not with you on that riva

NealPage: that big WR for Fresno looks like a stud.

psunittany: USC is scary...they can just flip the switch & make the game like "POOF!"

cdbpsu89: Riva---I think everyone just passed out or fell off their chairs

rriva: what money are you referring to?

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mxbscout: that massive sums FOS pays

psunittany: I don't see anyone touching USC or Texas

Ramblewood: Riva, you can always sell your text books.

cdbpsu89: How many fans will we have in East Lansing this weekend?

nittlion: the Big 12 is so bad this year, it more than offsets the Mack Brown choke

rriva: haha

rriva: i'll put it this way...

rriva: despite my pick of msu winning this weekend

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rriva: if psu does win, the stars will allign to allow psu to play in the rose bowl

PSUSmitty: riva - i hope you are wrong and then right

cgiam311: I like it Rob, hope so

psunittany: The way USC was against the ropes at South Bend, it would be VERY interesting to see if they could defend their title if they had to play at Ann Arbor, Columbus, Madison, and Happy Valley....

nittlion: you really picking msu??

PSUSmitty: nittlion - see Front Page

PSUSmitty: Riva made a very bad prediction this week

cgiam311: come on nittany, ND is a national power again, don't you listen to the talking heads?

rriva: i picked msu, yes, check the staff predictions

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Ramblewood: It's ok, Riva gets most of his insight from Gene23!

cgiam311: ha!

psunittany: I know...I just meant if USC had to play on the road in the Big 10...vs Pac 10....

rriva: you know i don't even know who he is

rriva: i know he posts here, but that's it

cgiam311: nittany, I was being sarcastic

psunittany: gotcha

KokobewareHI: Anyone watch Cuse dismantle TTech last night?

rriva: there has just been sooooo much parity this year in college football, but that parity hasn't hit USC and/or Texas yet...i stress yet

PSUSmitty: yes Koko - it was ugly

nittlion: has tech made a basket yet?

cgiam311: the media talks about a fan bias agaisnt ND, they don't even recognize the media bias for them

KokobewareHI: When the 2-3 Zone is's tough to beat Cuse.

nittlion: su's zone killed em

PSUSmitty: GMac is still around - how is that possible?

psunittany: Pat Bostick..... there might be a logjam at QB at PSU w/ Brackett & Clark....Pitt is in disarray....Michigan has him as their #2 or #3 option.....any early thoughts?

cdbpsu89: Did the General throw any chairs?

KokobewareHI: He's a Sr Smitty

PSUSmitty: i know that Koko - but still amazing

nittlion: with all due respect, that's no logjam

psunittany: ha ha

KokobewareHI: Cuse is loaded with unknown athletes this year...they could be a good sleeper pick to make a deep run in the tourney.

cgiam311: I like the idea of a QB in every class, some won't work out

psunittany: I think Bracket is a fine prospect

Ramblewood: Plus, Michigan has had to go to their #2 and 3 prospects a lot this year.

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rriva: Brackett definately a solid prospect

cgiam311: agree nittany, he looks good

nittlion: we need to have the luxury of 2-3 very good qbs every year instead of one

cgiam311: yes, nittlion

psunittany: He reminds me of a "better Kevin Thompson" who can run

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PSUSmitty: not to open up Pandora's box........

rriva: look at it this way, if morelli goes down next year, are you sold on Paul C. or Daryll C.?

cdbpsu89: Has Michigan picked which officials they are bringing to Happy Valley next year?

rriva: or Brackett for that matter

nittlion: um, no

PSUSmitty: but is Myron Rolle a stone cold lead pipe lock for FSU?

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cgiam311: Smitty.....:-)

psunittany: Rolle is a Florida *LOCK*

nittlion: who is myron rolle?

cgiam311: he seems like a kid who'll stick with his choice

nittlion: j/k

mxbscout: I've heard he is not

KokobewareHI: Rolle's family bought some real estate in Gainsville! LOL!

psunittany: LMAO!

mxbscout: just a lock

rriva: it will be interesting to see what happens at the UF/FSU game

mxbscout: not stone cold lead pipe

psunittany: I see FSU losing 5 or 6 this year

nittlion: riva, i assume you are referring to something besides the lousy football

cgiam311: would be nice, Joe's gotta gain ground on that bozo

rriva: florida doesn't even look good

psunittany: Meyer looks lost....

KokobewareHI: Florida looks terrible this year.

rriva: just the game, i think it will have implications on recruiting, not only with those two schools, but with psu

psunittany: Vandy almost pants UF in the SWAMP!

cdbpsu89: Does Leak graduate this year?

rriva: look at how many kids uf and psu went after

cgiam311: I want Young and/or Wenger, any shot?

rriva: i think leak has one more year

KokobewareHI: Riva...UF went after EVERY 4 and 5 star recruit!

psunittany: Meyer only offered 4,286 kids...check their board

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PSUSmitty: Urban is in over his head

rriva: uf reminds me of psu over the last few years, espcially on offense, just not getting it done, boring, and predictable

cdbpsu89: Leak looks as lost as Urban

KokobewareHI: Urban is a good coach, but KOKO got NO love for that fool!

cgiam311: Koko has an Urban bias, though it's understandable


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