Odrick Moving Up his Decision?

With this past weekend's trip to Charlottesville, Jared Odrick wrapped up his official visits schedule. The majority of Odrick's stay was spent furthering his relationships with members of both Virginia's team and coaching staff.

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"I went out with [Jameel] Sewell and then I hung out with Chris Long and some of the other guys," said Odrick. "I definitely get along with [the players.

"I talked a lot to the coaches, like Coach [Levern] Belin. I just get a long with him so well that sometimes we just don't talk about football, we talk about everyday things. That's one of the things about Virginia."

Odrick, a 6-foot-6 285-pound defensive lineman from Lebanon (Pa.), has also officially visited Virginia Tech, Penn State, Florida, and Georgia. Despite his travels, Odrick lacks a leader, but has realized that he can't go wrong with any of his choices.

"I've learned that you really can't make a bad decision," said Odrick. "I really can't make a bad decision with the schools that I've narrowed it down to. I'm happy with the schools that I'm looking at them right now. All five of them are good situations for me to go into. It's really hard for me right now to say one school is better than the other. I had a great visit to Georgia, Florida, Penn State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech."

For the time being, Odrick will take a break from the recruiting process until his in-home visits with the coaches from each of the five aforementioned schools.

"I'm going to lay back a little bit," said Odrick. "I'm going to play some basketball here for the school, and play some all-star games. I have some of the in-home and in-school visits from the coaches are coming up. But really just laying back a little bit from the recruiting process."

Originally, Odrick planned to announce his collegiate decision at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, but is now starting to reconsider those plans. Prior to his decision, he is going to compare each of the schools playing close attention to relationships and situations.

"I've experienced everything that I wanted to experience at all the visits," said Odrick. "So I'm going to compare who I get along with better, because that's what I'm really going to look at. What it's going to come down to is what situation is going to fit me best, and which is going to benefit me the most."

Odrick hopes his senior basketball season pans out better than his football season. Lebanon ended the season with a 4-6 record, while Odrick was unsatisfied with his 70 tackles, but recognizes that most teams ran play away from the dominating defensive lineman.


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