Gibson Back from U-M

"The game atmosphere was crazy," exclaimed Ohio linebacker Thaddeus Gibson when discussing his official visit to Ann Arbor. "There were people just everywhere cheering and yelling. It was so loud, I couldn't hear myself think!..."

Euclid, Ohio, five-star linebacker Thaddeus Gibson (6-3, 205, 4.5) took his first official to Michigan on Nov. 18, and came back with favorable reviews.

"I enjoyed myself a lot," Gibson expressed. "Prescott Burgess (linebacker), Pierre Woods (offensive linebacker) and I went out on the town after their loss and they were still able to have a good time.

"Prescott was my host. I got along with him real well. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Pierre, too. Him being from close-by in Ohio and all (Glenville High School of Cleveland), we linked up real well. He knew from going through the same recruiting process how Ohio State is the choice for most people in Ohio, but if he still had it to do over again, he would still choose Michigan. He talked about the great academics that they have at Michigan as well as the great people on the team. And I was able to see that for myself as well," he said.

"The coaches were nice, especially Coach (Lloyd) Carr. He was telling me how I fit in with their program, and how much they really wanted me.

"The game atmosphere was crazy!" Gibson exclaimed. "There were people just everywhere cheering and yelling. It was so loud, I couldn't hear myself think!"

"I'd say the highlight was when I got out with all the players -- Prescott, Pierre and Mike Hart (running back) were a few. I just went out and enjoyed myself," Gibson said.

He noted that Tim Tebow and Carlos Brown were two others at Michigan for their official visits. "Carlos was in the room right next to mine, and he got there on Friday as well. We got to hang out a little bit," he said.

Part of his campus tour included a visit to the new, not-yet-opened academic center. "We got to take a tour of it before they got everything in place, so that was cool. It's supposed to open in January, I think. I talked with an academic advisor and she was telling me that I couldn't go wrong with a degree from Michigan. She said it's one of the best in the country," he explained.

He admitted that the visit increased Michigan's chances. He said, "Oh yeah, they moved up in my eyes."

Though Michigan has gained speed, he is still looking at Tennessee, Ohio State and Penn State. "The schools are all about the same. I can't name a favorite until I check out more of the schools," Gibson said.

Tennessee is slated for an official visit on Dec. 2, and Gibson added, "Ohio State will be after that. I'm not sure when, but sometime in December." There was no mention of when he would take an official to Penn State.

Euclid High School finished their season at 7-4. Gibson isn't sure about his entire season's stats, but noted that he did have 14 sacks, two blocked punts and a 90-yard kick return for a touchdown.

2.5 GPA/Dec. 11 ACT retake


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