Excited to Visit PSU

It's good to still be playing football. For most, if not all prep schools around the country, that means playoffs are upon you. The time where it's win and move on or lose and go home, thinking about what might have been. Offensive lineman J.B. Walton has already been thinking that, but not because they lost, but because it seemed like fate was against them in the first round of the post-season.

The game is over, you run off the field, celebrating that you just won your first playoff game of the year and you are already gearing up to play the next opponent as your team tries for the state title.

Then again, maybe not

In what had to have been a surreal event, J.B. Walton's Lackey Chargers running off the field, having just beat Friendly, the sixth ranked team in the state; 21-19. The next thing you know, though, grins turn into frowns, because someone decided that the game wasn't quite over.

"There was like this big discussion on the field for like 10 minutes," Walton said of the refs and the coach of Friendly high school. "The next thing you know, they are putting two seconds back on the clock and they have the ball on our one-inch line."

"I couldn't believe it, because we had just won and now we have to head back on the field and try to stop these guys one last time."

J.B. and his team get into the down position, crowding the line as much as they could – there's the snap, the quarterback tries to push it over the middle, right where Walton and company happened to be. You'd have to forgive J.B. if he was a little mad at this point, thinking that this play wasn't even supposed to take place. So when the ball was snapped, Walton went up the middle with a vengeance.

"Another teammate and myself, we just got a really good push up the middle and I grabbed the quarterback and we just pushed him back," J.B. said. "I wanted to strip that ball, but we had him pushed back. He wasn't going anywhere. I knew they couldn't take THAT away from us."

With the victory in hand for a second time, the unranked Chargers now look to the third ranked and undefeated Brandywine Yellowjackets.

Recruiting should be the last thing on his mind

It is, of course, but not so much that he doesn't think of the schools he's looking at and about his favorites from prior updates – Nebraska and Penn State sharing the lead for his services down the road.

With the official visit to Nebraska already taken and one yet to be taken to Penn State, Walton said that he can't really say that much has changed. "I still like them both a lot," he said. "I loved my visit to Nebraska, so I am looking forward to visiting Penn State, so I can compare the two."

If you were to look at the records of either team, an outside view would be that this is a no-brainer for Walton. Penn State is off to the BCS while Nebraska is off to a bowl with far less luster. Plus, Penn State is closer and there's no doubting how much tradition the Nittany Lions have, especially for those growing up on the east coast.

Walton said that's great and all, but it's only going to matter if that's all you look at in a program. "It's about how I feel at a place, not what their record is," J.B. said. "It's about the relationships I have with the coaches and what I think of the atmosphere on campus and in the community."

"I look at a lot more than just records, because everything changes so much from year to year."

Walton said that after his playoffs are done, hopefully sometime in mid-December, he'll take his official to see PSU. After that he's contemplating a visit to see Florida State, but said that the possibility of that is still up in the air.

Right now it's all about Penn State and Nebraska and while things can change and more often than not do, he's still looking at them as equal and the only time he'll be able to separate the two is when he's had a chance to check them both out equally.

"I'm not really close to a decision, because I may went until January," Walton said. "I don't know how it's all going to work, but I know I can't wait to make my visit to Penn State and see what it's like over there."

"After that, I don't know what I am going to do. I guess I will just see how I feel and if I think I should look at more schools, I'll do that, but I know between Nebraska and Penn State, those are two pretty good schools right there."

"No matter where I go, if it's one of them or even someone else, I know it's going to be the best situation for me."


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