Logan-El Talks Recruiting and Visits

While Antonio Logan-El may be undecided on where he will play college football next season, he has made some decisions about where he will take his official visits. The 6-foot-5, 310 pound five-star offensive lineman from Forestville High School in Forestville, Md. has a final list of six schools, of which five will get an official visit.

However, even with five official visits to dole out among six schools, Logan-El made it clear that all of the schools on his final list will get a visit.

"At this time, I'm 100% open in recruiting," Logan-El said. "The six schools that I still have listed, Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida. Those six schools have as good of a chance as any. No one has an edge. I'm 100% open. The best school for me that I think I fit in best will be the school that I choose."

Oklahoma already received an official visit from Logan-El, but Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida will round up the remaining official visits. That leaves Penn State, a school listed in Logan-El's final six, without an official visit.

"If I had six official visits, Penn State would have one," Logan-El said. "It just so happens I'm interested in six and I only have five visits. I've been at Penn State before, and I'm making up for not having an official, I'm taking an unofficial visit there. I'm really taking six visits if you look at, one's just going to be unofficial."

Logan-El discussed his reasoning for selecting the schools he did for official visits.

"Basically, the schools I selected, I haven't had the chance to visit often," Logan-El said. "At the same time, I've visited Penn State a few times, and I feel I have a good feel for State."

However, while he will not take an official visit to Penn State, Logan-El clarified that he will "definitely" take an unofficial visit to Penn State, but that the date has yet to be decided. Accordingly, the Nittany Lions will in fact get a visit from the blue chip offensive lineman.

"Whenever I have a weekend, or a Penn State has a recruiting weekend and I'm free and my grand-dad or my mother is free, we're going to work it in. That's the reason I haven't' scheduled it yet. It will happen. I'm playing it by ear with me and [Assistant] Coach [Larry] Johnson on when I'll take my unofficial visit to Penn State."

This development is not new as Logan-El discussed his plans after an unofficial visit to Happy Valley for the Penn State game against Ohio State in October.

"I will take another unofficial visit to Penn State, which is great about their coaches, they're so understanding," Logan-El said after his October unofficial visit to Penn State. "They proposed the offer in a way that if I have to just maybe make another unofficial visit, we'll treat it as an official. We will do the whole thing they'd do on the official, I'd just have to pay, which isn't a big deal. I come off the lucky because I get to take six official visits in a certain extent."

Many have written off the Nittany Lions for Logan-El's services for the reason that they will not get an official visit. However, Logan-El made it clear that Penn State, as well as any of the other schools in his top six is in the running.

"Just because [Penn State] doesn't get an official, it doesn't rank them out," Logan-El said. "Penn State is a good program and everything and I can see myself there, just like anywhere."

Off the topic of official and unofficial visits, Logan-El also talked about an experience he had at a Washington Redskins game two weekends ago. While filing into the stadium, Logan-El had an interaction with a Penn State fan.

"I remember that," Logan-El said. "We were entering the stadium, and he had a Penn State hat on and as I entered, he kept looking to say that looks like ALE. As I got closer, he yelled out my name. He yelled ‘We Are,' and my grandfather yelled ‘Penn State.' That was pretty good. Some of the people didn't know who I was. My grandfather had my football uniform on, and it's black and silver, people thought I played for the Raiders."

Logan-El said that an event like this does have some impact on his overall recruitment.

"Some things like that catch you off guard, and it does have some type of beneficial factor that people do know who you are," Logan-El said. "You're only in high school but people want you to be part of their university. It's a great honor for me."

Logan-El went on to say that while being paid homage in public did catch him off guard, he has been prepared for the type of attention he has received as a result of his recruitment.

"Basically, I had a cushion," Logan-El said. "I've known a couple of people who have been through the recruiting process such as Andre Jones (Boston College) Richard Abney (Syracuse), and Derrick Williams. So I've had a couple people who have come before me and been through the process and they gave me a head up on some of the things they went through. Basically I had a cushion so I already know what to look for."


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