Nittany Notes: Practice Schedule

Although Penn State is unsure of who its opponent will be or even what its destination is for the Bowl Championship Series, the Lions are preparing for the clash in early January. Get a look at the preparation schedule for Penn State in the coming month.

The Nittany Lion players had the Thankgiving holiday off to spend time with their families, but now they are back to business, preparing for their BCS bowl.

The players have the following schedule starting this week and continuing into next:

Monday: Lifting
Tuesday: Conditioning
Wednesday: Lifting
Thursday: Conditioning (optional)
Friday: Lifting

The lifting sessions will consist of the typical lifting stations the players use throughout the season with the conditioning focusing on running, footwork and agility drills.

In terms of practices over the next two weeks, it will occur on Friday and Saturday. They are expected to be lighter sessions. As one observer explained, "The practices will likely work the players in their shells. If they look crisp they may move them up to some pads, but the full pads will likely be held off until the team gets out to the bowl location."

According to another observer, "Although there are only a limited number of practices over the next two weeks, several individual units are expected to practice on their own to work refining the running and passing games. [Michael] Robinson, [Tony] Hunt and [E.Z.] Smith will have their units out on the field a lot."

The organized practice sessions will work general fundamentals and skills since the team does not know who its opponent is yet.

So, with conditioning and practices starting this week and next, the players will then get the week of finals off, although there will be optional conditioning sessions during the week.

The players will report on Dec. 20 to leave for the bowl game. The remaining practice sessions will occur at the bowl location and "will focus on the opponent's scheme."

Stay tuned to Fight On State for more practice updates and bowl preparation notes.


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