McCoy Puts Rumors to Rest

The rumors have become laughable to LeSean McCoy, each week he hears a new one about his college choice, his health, his grades, he has learned to ignore them and just continue focusing on the task at hand. caught up with LeSean McCoy who has proven over the span of his prestigious high school football career at Bishop McDevitt High in Pa. that he is indeed one of the top running backs in the nation. McCoy was on his way to capping a once in a lifetime career until it all came crashing down with one simple tackle. McCoy has taken many hits that were harder, but his leg buckled under the weight of Harrisburg junior linebacker Xzavier Hunter and put an end to his storybook senior season.

"I suffered a broken ankle, no ligament damage," McCoy said. "They performed surgery on it and put in a plate and some screws. I'm hoping to start rehab very soon. My teammates were all very supportive of me. The records are just records; I have done just about everything I wanted to do in high school, now I just have to look towards college and hopefully the NFL."

McCoy has not shied away from still being a part of the Crusaders PIAA playoff run.

"I'm helping coach, just doing what I can," laughed McCoy.

McCoy has basically narrowed down his choices to USC, Virginia Tech, Miami, Penn State, and Alabama.

"I took visits to USC and Virginia Tech both schools have great coaches, I really like how they bond with their players. I'm really feeling Penn State right now also. It's tough I just say everyone is even, it changes all the time. I just try and take everything in and weigh it all out."

Penn State's resurgence has really opened McCoy's eyes. He had been interested in the Nittany Lions, but admits if they had another losing season they probably wouldn't have made the cut.

"No doubt, the way they have played has really changed my mind about them."

McCoy has also had to endure the recent rumors about his academic prowess, he admits he's not fully qualified but he's not as far off as some tend to believe.

"My GPA is 2.5, but I'm a few points short on the ACT. I'm taking prep classes to try and get the score up. I don't think it will be a problem."

The five star running back may also make a decision sooner then most had thought.

"I may decide before January, I'm not sure yet."


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