PSU Predicts Bowl Ticket Rush

Penn State's sports marketing department says ticket availability for the Lions' BCS bowl showing "will not even come close to demand." Luckily, you can put down a deposit on a bowl package now to assure yourself a seat at the game and a trip to the Orange Bowl. If the Lions land in the Rose or Fiesta, your deposit is fully refundable or can be applied to trips to those game. And you will have a seat, no matter where State bowls.

The Penn State football program is headed to its first-ever BCS game this January. And the interest among Nittany Lion fans in traveling to the event has been beyond anyone's expectations.

Earlier this week, the university's sports marketing department said ticket availability “will not even come close to demand,” no matter where Joe Paterno and company land. They also suggested fans act quickly to arrange their bowl travel. is here to help. And we have a little advice of our own: Put a down payment on one of our bowl trips NOW and GUARANTEE yourself a spot at the game. You can also lock in a rate (Orange Bowl only), beating potential price increases next week.

If, for example, Penn State ends up playing Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, our prices very well could go up anywhere from $100 to $175 per package because fans from both schools will be snapping up tickets and hotel rooms at a frenzied paced.

BUT IF YOU MAKE A DOWN PAYMENT NOW YOU WILL LOCK IN A RATE FOR ONE OF OUR ORANGE BOWL PACKAGES AND ASSURE YOURSELF OF A TICKET TO ANY BOWL THE LIONS GO TO. (The hundreds of people who have already made deposits are already locked in for prices and tickets).

If Penn State lands in the Fiesta Bowl or the Rose Bowl, you can receive a full refund on your deposit or apply it to our packages for those games. is teaming with Premiere Sports Travel to present these bowl packages. Right now, we have multiple options for the Orange Bowl, the Nittany Lions' most likely destination. Last year, Premiere sent 1,100 Sooners Illustrated fans to the Orange Bowl for the national championship game, and the trip went off without a hitch. We are looking at beating that number this year.

We also want to do our part to make sure the Nittany Lions have a far better turnout at the bowl game than their opponent.

So lock up a ticket and a rate to the Orange Bowl now. And remember, if things change, you can get a refund OR TRANSFER YOUR PACKAGE TO WHATEVER BOWL PENN STATE ATTENDS.


We are running chartered flights out of Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Interest has been so intense, we have already sold out all commercial air packages out of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

A note about our partner in this venture, Premiere Sports Travel: We know this is a significant investment for people in our community, and we understand traveling with a site like ours — where staffers will actually be a part of the trip — is a completely new concept for Penn State fans. We are intent on making a strong first impression so people travel with us every season.

With that in mind, we opted not to accept advertisements from multiple travel agencies over the past several months, to ensure there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONFUSION over which company is representing and our people. Premiere offered the best mix of big-company value along with small-company customer service we could find. They are behind us. We are behind them.

So to reiterate:

• Penn State is urging fans to take care of their BCS bowl arrangements as soon as possible because ticket availability “will not even come close to demand.”

• We are offering multiple packages to the Orange Bowl that guarantee a ticket provided you put down a deposit.

• The deposit is fully refundable or transferable if Penn State lands in another BCS bowl.

This is a no-brainer if there ever was one.

So do yourself a favor: Get your deposit in now. Then sit back and enjoy the weekend of college football. On Sunday night, when others are scrambling for tickets and flights and hotel rooms and everything else, you can sit back and relax, knowing you are already part of FightOnState's official bowl tours.


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