Logan-El Talks Visits

Forestville, Md.—-While speculation has run rampant that Auburn offensive line coach Hugh Nall would be the next coach at Georgia Southern, he has been busy on the recruiting trail visiting some of the top prospects on the Tigers' board and working to strengthen his offensive line for the future.

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One of those players is massive offensive tackle Antonio Logan-El. A 6-5, 320-pounder with good feet and the quickness to play inside if needed, Logan-El says that he had a good visit with Nall at his school on Wednesday and really came away with a positive impression of Auburn and Nall.

"He came down and we sat down and talked for a little while," Logan-El says of Nall. "They (Auburn) are still in the mix. He's showing me the opportunity that I have at Auburn. It's going to be tough for them and I understand that at this time. Just for the simple fact that I haven't been able to visit them. We'll see as the process goes along though."

The reason it's going to be tough for the Tigers is that Logan-El already has his official visit schedule full, meaning Nall and the Tigers will have to hope for an unofficial visit unless something changes if Logan-El is to see what awaits him if he chooses Auburn. Having already visited Oklahoma during the season, he says that he's already scheduled his remaining four visits with the first coming this weekend.

"My next visit happens to be this weekend," Logan-El says. "I'll be taking that to the University of Maryland. I have set the rest of my others to the University of Tennessee, the University of Florida and the University of Virginia."

While he admits it's going to be tough for Auburn at the moment, Logan-El also says that the Tigers have something going for them and that is Nall.

"He's a great coach," Logan-El says. "I can tell he's a great offensive line coach and he likes what he does. When you find a guy that's good at something and likes what he does, then you'll have a lot of success there."

A dominating blocker for Forestville High, Logan-El helped his team to a 5-5 record in 2005 with all five losses coming to playoff-bound teams. During the year he allowed only one sack and he says it came on a fluke play that he doesn't count.

"My coach gave it to me," Logan-El says. "He's the one who wrote it down as a sack. The actual call was to spike the ball, but my quarterback decided to make something out of it. He faked the spike and I touched my man and let him go figuring he had spiked the ball by now. He tried to make something out of it and got sacked and my man was the one who got credit for it. I was like ‘You can not tell me you're going to give me that.' It was kind of for jokes and it gave us something to laugh at."

That was all the laughing people would see if they watched Logan-El in action on the field. Punishing defenders on offense and defense, he says he had a very good year to finish out his high school career.

"I believe I had 90 pancakes this year," Logan-El says. "A key for me in the offseason, I knew I was getting recruited as an offensive lineman but to help my team out I wanted to improve defensive-wise. Last year I had around 44 tackles and two sacks. This year I ended up with 89 tackles, seven sacks, five forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 39 tackles for a loss. I really improved on defense this year."

That improvement on defense is something that Logan-El says he's most proud of following his final high school season. With his future on offense he says that he helped his game by getting better on the defensive side of the ball.

"It helped me this year and it's going to help me as far as I go down the road," Logan-El says. "It has really helped me this year because with me coming a better defensive player I learned how to beat offensive linemen. By knowing how to beat offensive linemen I know how to get beat and how they will try to beat me. It's worked so far."

Logan-El now turns his attention to basketball. After playing three practice games his team opens the season next week.


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