Friday Football Chat Wrap

Get a recap of Fight On State's weekly Friday Football chat. This time around the Penn State topics ranged from recruit pursuits and Rose Bowl possibilities to BCS opponents and bowl game preparations.

mxbscout: We will start the chat wrap portion of the proceedings now

cdbpsu89: greetings all

mxbscout: anything you say can and will be used against you

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PlaybookMark: Hey Sem and Meadow

PSUSem: what's up guys

MeadowLion: whats up mark et al

PlaybookMark: In terms of DWill he is running and conditioning with the squad - practice starts this afternoon - he still won't see contact yet

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cdbpsu89: Anyone have a feeling on Bowman?

PlaybookMark: They will watch him for a period and see how his PT progresses

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PennStater: Mark what is your vibe on bowman

MeadowLion: any word on nerve damage from dwill's broken arm? I understand that type of injury can cause some temorary nerve damage soemtimes

mxbscout: Penn State will be smart to say there is a chance Williams will play in the bowl, if only to make the opponent prepare for another weapon

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PlaybookMark: Meadow - all preliminary tests for lingeing damage apparently came back negative

MeadowLion: thats reassuring mark

snakester: When will get our next commit?

MeadowLion: thanks

sbrillia: it should be drs call

PlaybookMark: Stater - RE: Bowman - I think OSU has the edge, although don't count out Penn State

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PlaybookMark: brillia: it will be the medical staff and coaching staff's decision

cdbpsu89: Does Dwill have to have pins and plates removed, or are they staying in?

PennStater: osu his favorite growing up and earlier potential at playtime are two stacked against us

mxbscout: I talked to Williams on the field after the MSU game for a few seconds. He said he hoped to play in the bowl. He had this huge smile on his face.

PlaybookMark: I believe he has two 500 plates, I am not sure if they will be removed or when - I'll try to get clarification on that

cdbpsu89: Then why didn't he commit after his official to OSU in October?

mxbscout: Which led me to believe he was very confident

PennStater: 89 good question

mxbscout: I thought it was a good move on PSU's part to take him to the game

mxbscout: MSU

cdbpsu89: agreed Mark

MeadowLion: even when hurt, any experience dwill has at PSU he can pass on to the recruits that speak to him.....he has an energy about him that all these kids like

shpsu: heard this AM from a guy who is well connected in Miami area golf seen that there ares till 65 courses closed from the hurricane

PlaybookMark: There is cautious optimism around getting Bowman within the program

PennStater: shpsu as long as the orange bowl is open I am happy if that is where we wind up

PlaybookMark: Golden leaving UVA could give a nice boost in recruiting wars to PSU

PennStater: where is he going?

PlaybookMark: He's the front runner for Temple right now

cdbpsu89: He just signed his own death sentence

PennStater: why would he want that job

MeadowLion: Do you think that the Maryland/DC area is a bigger recruiting area than the state of PA? Because if we get a lot of the maryland guys we are after, that pipeline could be ours for awhile.

PennStater: Meadow how's altoona

cdbpsu89: Golden will take D'Onofrio with him, too

MeadowLion: cold pennstater

mendy4psu: Golden leaving has to help with Evan's decision

snakester: How much of bowl practice will be dedicated to getting next year's players ready. Example Morelli. Or is the sole focus winning the bowl?

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PlaybookMark: Well let's just say Groh may have to make a change after this disappointing season

PennStater: got you

snakester: Will Golden at Temple hurt us in a few years?

PennStater: Golden is the scapegoat

PlaybookMark: Snakster - no they will work out everyone

cdbpsu89: please....

PlaybookMark: Stater - not clear yet, but could be

shpsu: The worm has turned at both maryland and Virginia and i like our chances recruiting against both the next couple of years. Playing VT is the ONLY reason the Orange Bowl would be good for PSU.

PlaybookMark: snakester - Temple will have a looooong way to go to compete directly with PSU for recruits IMHO

mendy4psu: Groh's overrated. Virginia will be nothing more than an also ran in the ACC for years to come

MeadowLion: Groh isnt the world's best gameday coach IMO

cdbpsu89: nice place to visit...wouldn't want to play there

PlaybookMark: Well the NFL coach experiment in college football has not been stellar - UVA, Nebraska, Pitt...jury still out on Weis

MeadowLion: UVA is an awesome campus, so its not hard to recruit there

cdbpsu89: it's just hard to win there

MeadowLion: I think Weis has coached his players above their heads thus far.....he will be a good one, though rare

mendy4psu: The big three will dominate that conference for years to come

PlaybookMark: Losing Golden would be a big blow to UVA

PlaybookMark: Meadow - Weis beat as many winning teams as Willingham last year - 3

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MeadowLion: NFL assistants tend to work out better than former NFL head coaches....the head coaches seem to struggle to adapt to college kids against professionals

mendy4psu: I hate ND but Weis has made a huge difference

PlaybookMark: Willingham beat better teams - 10-1 Tenn, 9-3 Michigan, 8-2 Navy

cdbpsu89: Willingham had an awful year in Washington

shpsu: UVA didn't have a lot of recruiting momentum anyway and losing Golden now will hurt.

cdbpsu89: Gotta wonder how JR Hasty feels about his decision now

MeadowLion: true mark, but ND is more impressive in all of their games than they were under willingham.....with weiss, i doubt they will ever be outcoached

PlaybookMark: I am not sold on Weis - I loved him with the Pats, but Kansas and UNC had more wins over winning teams this season

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PlaybookMark: hey 78

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mendy4psu: Much more organized, two 1000 yard receivers. I don't think they even had one 1000 yard receiver in ND's history

cdbpsu89: Charlie Weis is a sharp guy...scored 1600 on his SAT's

MeadowLion: can only play who ya play though....we will see when their "tough schedule" turns out to actually be tough some year

PlaybookMark: I think their offense will be better - not sure about the D

cdbpsu89: smart version of Charlie Manuel

mendy4psu: Their schedule turned out soft but in the beginning of the year it looked brutal

Ramblewood: So long as Quinn comes back, they will be a real test for our D early next year.

PlaybookMark: Quinn is really looking at the NFL right now

shpsu: hey mxbscout, if PSU ends up in the Rose will the FOS packages be transferable there

mendy4psu: Are both of their receivers gone after this year?

Mxbscout: shpsu - yes

Ramblewood: I saw that story about the Dolphins being interested in Weis.

sbrillia: who is visiting the weekend of dec 10?

Ramblewood: Sorry, Quinn

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cdbpsu89: Stovall is definitely gone, not sure about Smarj

nittlion: Time to call Bani FOS guys

PlaybookMark: Rumors in DEtroit are that the Lions are looking at Wannstedt

PlaybookMark: lion - we've been working on Bani

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Ramblewood: Mark, I've heard that . . . but can't believe it.

mendy4psu: Why, I guess Millen wants to get fired

cdbpsu89: that might be the funniest thing I've heard in awhile

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jwtanger: Wanny in Detroit? Millen really is a moron

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cdbpsu89: at least Millen could blame it on a Pitt guy!!!

PlaybookMark: Pitt must be licking their chops

shpsu: Does Premiere do packages for all of the BCS bowls and then adjust after the announcements of who is actually playing where?

nittlion: millen's time has to be running out

PlaybookMark: shpsu - yes

Ramblewood: Maybe Wanny just wants to squeeze Pitt for a raise!

shpsu: Thanks mark

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nittlion: i betcha pitt won't let wanny talk to detroit til after their bowl game

cdbpsu89: what bowl game?

nittlion: the one in 2009

Ramblewood: Did anyone see Scorpio's post on the "other" board that the staff feels they have 19 commits in the bag?

mendy4psu: Why these average coaches get recycled so much is beyond me

cdbpsu89: hahahhahahahahah

shpsu: If Millen is a moron what does that make Wanny? He seems really dumb to me. Did he actually graduate from college?

nittlion: detroit is the temple of the nfl apparently

cdbpsu89: good call nitt

PlaybookMark: The luster will wear off from Wanny's title rings - they will recruit for awhile, but I cannot follow a lot of his coaching decisions

PennStater: Mark the luster is off

PlaybookMark: Pitt Commit Joe Thomas is looking at OSU now

shpsu: That's my point Mark. Against WVU every time there was a decision to be made it seemed like he was asking his assistant what to do. I think he is just plain dumb.

78Lion: Is the anybody we want?

PlaybookMark: 78 - from Pitt?

78Lion: yep

PlaybookMark: A couple of their recruits called PSU - but the staff said "no thanks"

nittlion: trying to be as objective as possible, why would anyone go to Pitt if OSU/PSU, etc. offered? blows my mind.

PlaybookMark: PSU did not see a lot of "fits" in Western Pa this year

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mendy4psu: I guess Dickerson wasn't one of them

cdbpsu89: Where has Scrap been spending his time (other than Vegas)?

PlaybookMark: I don;t believe so

mendy4psu: Scrap is the man, can't believe we're getting a visit from Murray

Ramblewood: Scrap went to E. Fields' game recently.

nittlion: JoePa, Scrap and McQ...triple threat recruiting team

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PlaybookMark: Scrap has been spending part of his time recruiting underclassmen in Western PA

mendy4psu: That JoePa piece on Costas now was legendary

snakester: It seems like the remainder of our commits will be "big time". They are just holding out because they get so much attention from many schools. Taking it all in. Correct?

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PlaybookMark: snakester - yes typically

shpsu: Hope AJ Wallace comes to PSU. We could use another superior athlete at corner with nice size. The playing both sides of the ball thing might play well with him.

PlaybookMark: Eliades may not be as much of a longshot

cdbpsu89: Is anyone concerned that we come up way short with our 12-15 prized recruits?

mendy4psu: It sounded as if we were behind ND in one of his updates

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cdbpsu89: Lots of announcements in San Antonio doesn't give us much recovery time

mendy4psu: though there available schollies are getting thin

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nittlion: i was cd but things seem to be moving in the right direction with wallace, bani, bowman, etc.

PlaybookMark: mendy - Eliades has his final four - he hasn't visited ND and may not ! get to before his decision

mendy4psu: I hope you're right

cdbpsu89: How do you read that Mark?

PlaybookMark: cd - well it could be good in that they aren't as high or bad - he doesn't need a visit to pick ND - although I can't see anyone or parent making a big decision without a visit

cdbpsu89: Why would be decide before taking his visits if he hasn't already decided?

PlaybookMark: He said he wants to decide by Xmas, but likely could not visit ND before January

mendy4psu: The thing I like most about this year's recruiting is that we are NOT going head to head against many of our rivals

mendy4psu: Plus the fact that we're in good shape with a lot of these highly rated guys

cdbpsu89: It just seems like a backwards way of going through things

PlaybookMark: PSU is in good shape with a lot of solid guys, although I think they need to work Ohio more

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cdbpsu89: If he committed to us before Xmas and then took an official! to ND I would be worried about that

SKLion: hey all

mendy4psu: OSU owns Ohio right now

Ramblewood: Mark, it'll be interesting to see if our success this year translates into recruiting Ohio better next year. Right now it seems that the only other place Ohio kids go is Michigan.

PlaybookMark: Well Tressel has made it a point to protect Ohio and he has done a good job there

PlaybookMark: Cooper did not protect Ohio - hence Enis, Carter, Jurevicious...

mendy4psu: He's been very successful in Ohio for years, first at YSU and now at OSU

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mendy4psu: Why hasn't Cooper resurfaced for any jobs?

PlaybookMark: PSU is in good shape with Bani

PlaybookMark: Cooper is a color guy on ESPN+

mendy4psu: He doesn't want to coach again?

78Lion: Looks like one we will lose to OSU is McCarthy

cdbpsu89: Just read the Bani update...good news for us

psk114: Lets just say, it's really good, and dosent leave much to be debated!

Ramblewood: I don't know about McCarthy. He's getting the home-town love now. I wouldn't be surprised he stays in state.

78Lion: His quotes or opinions of the writer?

cdbpsu89: quotes

78Lion: :)

cdbpsu89: The sky is Blue and White today

Ramblewood: Also, the fact that Florida just offered and he immediately said they were under consideration. None of the--well, 'it's too late' stuff we often here.

Ramblewood: Whoops, hear.

cdbpsu89: Gotta wonder how Fridge feels about PSU raping and pillaging his back yard

mendy4psu: Any news on Hunter?

nittlion: cd...i would term it "eating his lunch"

Ramblewood: Yeah, Gene23 says . . . oh well, nevermind!

cdbpsu89: nitt---he hasn't missed many lunches

cdbpsu89: he reminds me of Rick Majerus

nittlion: majerus is kate moss compared to ralph

cdbpsu89: quad bypass will do that to you

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