Has Graham Changed His Mind?

The future Wolverine gives the latest on his visit plans. Will he be tripping to Penn State? Graham also discusses working out with the trainer that will help him prepare for playing football at the next level.

Detroit Crockett linebacker Brandon Graham has frequently made his allegiance to Michigan clear in the months since his commitment, but that didn't stop some Maize and Blue fans from getting nervous when news broke that he would be visiting Happy Valley in a few weeks. The 6-2, 248-pounder has continued to field calls from interested coaches at schools like Penn State and USC, but in a conversation last night Graham made it clear that any attempts to sway him away from Ann Arbor are being made in vain.

"I'm not going anywhere now," Graham said regarding what visits he will take besides the one to Ann Arbor. "I talked to Coach Campbell today. Michigan will be my only visit and that's that. I already knew where I was going. I was just taking a visit just to go. I wasn't going to change my mind at all. I told Coach Vanderlinden that when he set it up."

Graham will make his official visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. After that, his schedule will be dedicated to school and to working out in preparation for the Army All-American game and his upcoming career at Michigan. Helping him with his conditioning process will be a name very familiar to Michigan fans. Former Wolverine fullback, Stan Edwards has previously trained a number of athletes that were/are headed for collegiate careers (including future Michigan hoopers Deshawn Sims and Alex Legion), some that were preparing for the NFL draft, and even an Olympic sprinter. Now Graham's name will be added to that list.

"Tonight was my first night," Graham said regarding training with Edwards. "He just wanted to see where I was at today. He had me run on the tread mill 10 minutes and then he had me do these explosion exercises on this machine I was on. I had to do three sets of 25. That really killed me right there (laughing)."

As is the case for many athletes at city schools, Graham hasn't been afforded the luxury of conditioning in a weight room with basic equipment. Prior to Crockett's move into a former middle school prior to this year, Graham and his teammates dressed for games in the basement hallway of a middle school adjacent to their prior location. Their weight room was a cramped classroom in that same basement where they were relegated using machines donated by coaches, parents, and friends of the program. Now with state of the art exercises and equipment available to him, Graham is looking to Edwards to help him make up for lost time.

"I got on the scale and I was 248," Graham said. "[Stan] told me not to worry about how I did or my weight right now. He said that I'll get in shape and get my weight down during the workouts. He was telling me that this would really help me get ready. I show up for the Army game January 1st, so I still have a little time to get ready for that. Then when I get back I'll keep going so I can get ready for Michigan. He told me Braylon was doing those same things everyday. He said he used to be ON him! Braylon still does a lot of the same exercises. That's why he is so explosive now. I'll go back the Monday after my Michigan visit. He's going to work me out every other day. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays."


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