Brackett Breaks Down His Visit

Future Nittany Lion quarterback gives the lowdown on what took place during his official visit to Penn State this weekend. Who was his host? What was the schedule of events? Did he get to see the Nittany Lions practice as they get ready for a BCS bowl? And what was up with the other recruits who made official visits over the weekend? Get the answers to those questions and more.

Happy Valley saw five recruits take official visits this weekend. One was current Penn State commitment, Brett Brackett, the 6-foot-6, 230-pound quarterback from Lawrence High School in Lawrenceville, N.J.

Brackett, who was hosted by wide receiver Mark Rubin, discussed his official visit to Penn State this past weekend.

The visit started off on Friday afternoon, as Brackett was able to catch the team practice for its bowl game. After practice, he met up with his host, Rubin, and went to dinner with the team. On Saturday, Brackett went to breakfast at the Corner Room after which he met with an academic advisor. Shortly after, Brackett was back at practice.

“Practice was crazy,” Brackett said. “They were bumping heads. They are definitely excited about what's coming up.”

After practice, Brackett met with the strength and conditioning staff, then watched some promotional Penn State videos. The afternoon was finished off with lunch at The Tavern with a department head for the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

“After that, we did a tour of the stuff I've seen a bunch of times,” Brackett laughed. “Then we went and did a little shopping. It was cold and I needed a sweatshirt.”

After buying some Penn State gear, it was time to meet the players and coaches face-to-face.

“Jay [Paterno] was sick so I met with Mike McQueary,” Brackett said. “We had a pretty good conversation about the offense. I learned a lot about the offense this weekend. It was nice to see that the offense has a lot of things I can relate to in my high school. Maybe it won't be as hard of a transition as I thought. It will be hard, though. I talked to Mike [Robinson] a little bit. When I was at practice, he pulled me over and talked to me.”

Robinson was able to talk to Brackett at the team's practice because Brackett was not only able to observe, but he was also actually on the field with the offense. He got to stand in the huddle to hear the plays being called. Before Robinson called each play, he took time to explain the various facets of the call.

“[Robinson] explained to me what the play was doing,” Brackett said. “He was explaining to me the reads. He said what he used to do wrong. It went above and beyond. He said 'I used to throw it here, because I thought the corner was coming here.' ”

Outside of the practice field, Brackett also had time to spend with other recruits taking an official to Happy Valley. Recruits also making the trek were fellow Garden State prospects Johnnie Troutman and Cedric Jefferies, as well as Maryland recruits A.J. Wallace and J.B. Walton.

“I talked to Jeffries, but everyone calls him 'J',” Brackett said. “With Troutman, my high school basketball team scrimmages Trout's high school team on Monday. I got everyone's numbers thought.”

As for Wallace and Walton, Brackett only spoke with them briefly.

“I didn't get to see [Wallace] much,” Brackett said. “I talked to him a couple of times. Once was when we were with his host, I think it was Deon Butler. I know Jeffries' host was [Jordan] Norwood. Walton was kind of quiet. I talked to his little brother a lot. We were watching clips of the Penn State reel, and his brother controlled the DVD. His family was very nice.”

Brackett said the highlight of the weekend was interacting with current Penn State players. Specifically, Brackett mentioned a panel discussion for recruits and their families to ask questions to current Penn State football players. This weekend, the panel of Nittany Lions consisted of Robinson, Derrick Williams and Matthew Rice.

“People asked the players about their favorite part of Penn State,” Brackett said. “They asked what turned them off from a program while they were being recruited. They asked what, in the end, made them decide on Penn State. Also, they asked about how hard it was it to work their way up the depth chart. [The players] didn't hold back anything; they said everything.”

Having committed to Penn State over six months ago, Brackett said he feels more than comfortable with his decision.

“I don't think I missed out on anything,” Brackett said. “I knew what I wanted to do. There's no reason to wait and play around with other schools and get special treatment. Committing early got all the interviews off my back. I don't like the attention, anyway. I didn't think I missed out on anything. I come to Penn State a lot, and I get treated well.”

One thing Brackett knows is that Penn State already feels like home.

“Every time I come back here, I want to come more and more,” Brackett said.


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