War of Words

In a rip-snorting performance at Beaver Stadium Wednesday, Penn State's Joe Paterno blasted the local media for wanting to talk to his players, for not giving Michael Robinson enough suppport in the Heisman race and more. For the second time in four days, he pulled the plug on player access less than two hours before a scheduled event, saying "I could care less" what the press thinks.

Paterno was all over the place in his 45-minute Q&A session, saying 'I don't like the BCS; as far as I'm concerned you can take the BCS and shove it," complaining about having to send star linebacker Paul Posluszny and himself to ESPN's Home Depot Awards show Thursday, talking about his friendship with Florida State coach Bobby Bowden and much more.

For a man who earlier in the week said he wanted to keep the focus of his team's Orange Bowl battle off the two legendary coaches, Paterno sure spent a lot of time talking about himself and Bowden Wednesday. Near the end of the crazy press conference, he wasn't sure how to answer a question and told a reporter "you'll have to ask the players," which, given the fact that none have been available three weeks, drew a laugh from the crowd. Paterno closed with a half-hearted attempt at an apology for his earlier comments about the media, but stopped in mid-sentence and stomped off.

It was great theater. But don't take our word for it. Listen yourself in our FOS media files. The good stuff hits in No. 2.

Paterno 1.

Paterno 2.

Paterno 3.


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