Is the Price Right?

Since the start of the season, Sean Price has played the waiting game. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound running back from the Gilman School in Baltimore put up some very solid numbers against some very good competition, but has flown under the radar of many of the nation's recruiting services, as well as college coaches. To some extent, the waiting game is over, but to another extent the waiting game continues for Price.

Since the last update on Price a few weeks ago, he received written offers from Temple, Villanova, Connecticut, James Madison and Delaware to supplement is only previous offer from Duke. Is Price still hearing from Penn State?

"Penn State, it's been kind of quiet," Price said. "It's been a while [since I've heard from them], probably almost a month."

Price went on to say that although he does not have an offer from Penn State, the Nittany Lions remain one of his favorites, and that he will remain patient.

"I have a strong belief, if it's meant for me to go to a certain school, it will happen," Price said. "I don't get disappointed when the schools I am interested in don't contact me."

Currently, the Nittany Lions and Notre Dame are at the top of Price's list. He is also receiving interest from Virginia and Boston College. In addition, the coaches from James Madison and Richmond will be visiting the Gilman School today and into next week. Depending on where he gets offers from, Price is taking priority in evaluating the team chemistry of each school.

"Penn State and Notre Dame are my favorites," Price said. "To play college football in college is great, but it's even better to go to a place where you can build relationships. When I think about a school or possible school, I look at the chemistry of the team. I want to go to a program where I can help. I want to be a part of it. I really don't foresee myself being a superstar. I look for a team that is developing and has the players already there."

Price was being humble. By not planning to be a "superstar," Price means he won't be the guy who thinks the team revolves around him. Quite the contrary. Price is the consummate team player, and will look for a school that he fits in to be just that. He does, however, have all the tools, including humility, to excel in college and develop with a team.

"I really don't give out too many interviews just only about me," Price said. "The Gilman program itself, its so unified and built around team that I feel as though if I promoted myself, I would be taking away from the program. Without my team, without my line, without my coaching staff, I wouldn't be who I am. I think that to focus on myself and put myself in the lime light is placing me above my teammates. Everyone on the team is on the same level. Some guys get more noticed than others, but nobody is more valuable. The value of the players on the team are all the same. That's what is most important to me. I could care less if another guy from another team is a superstar and everyone wants to talk to that guy and put his face on the magazines. It's not about that."


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