Nittany Notes: Bowl Update

With Penn State arriving in Florida earlier this week, the Nittany Lions are now in the thick of preparations for the upcoming Orange Bowl against Florida State. Find out what they are up to and how their initial progress is going.

The team is running individual unit drills with some 7-on-7 sessions and full pad 11-on-11 sessions throughout the week at Florida Atlantic University. Like previous preparations this season, "The coaches are working to pace the practices and build upon the intensity of them as the game approaches," one observer shared.

Here is a look at the practice schedule Penn State is following this week:

Wednesday: Morning and afternoon sessions
Thursday: Morning and afternoon sessions
Friday: Morning session only
Saturday: Morning session only

Saturday, after the morning sessions, the team will move to Miami. Later that day the staff's families will arrive in Miami.

Saturday night the team will have a Christmas party with no practice on Sunday. The team may get Monday off as well.

As for practice, the team is running a variety of schemes around the four-wide set with some multiple-back sets in the mix. Everyone who is supposed to be in Florida made the trip.

Michael Robinson has looked "crisp" and has been "very energetic commanding the passing game." Derrick Williams is seeing reps, however, there has been no official indication yet that he will play on Jan. 3.

Jordan Norwood is sidelined with a minor injury, said to be a kidney bruise he sustained in drills, but is expected to recover and play.

Tony Hunt "is intense — moreso than he nomally is." He has been drilling with the offensive line on shift, pull and roll drills.

On the defensive side of the ball, Tamba Hali has been sidelined with a knee "tweak" which is said to be minor. He too is expected to start practicing later this week and play in the bowl.

Paul Posluszny has been "an animal" along with Alan Zemaitis, drilling guys and focusing on mistakes the starters are making. "The leadership this team has is an incredible edge," an observer shared.


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