Fight On State Fearless Forecast

Take the nearly two dozen prospects still being mentioned prominently as possible members of PSU's Class of 2006. Add in the five FOS staffers and contributors who follow recruiting most closely. Mix it all up — then throw in a graphics guy — and what do you get? Our First Annual FOS Fearless Forecast (FFF), that's what.

We asked Bob Lichtenfels, Rob Riva, Jamie Trescavage, Scott Cole and Steve Curry to put forth their BEST GUESSES about the ultimate schools of choice for everyone from Aaron Berry to Sam Young. After much teeth gnashing on the part of certain members of our crew, they all agreed to pitch in. Then graphics ace Scott Neal laid out all of the answers in a neat, easy-to-digest package at the link below.

Does Penn State really have a shot at Vidal Hazelton? Is Andrew Quarless the Nittany Lion lock everyone thinks? And what about all of those kids from Maryland?

Check out the FFF and form your own opinion. Speaking of opinions, please note that these predictions are exactly that — educated guesses (some more educated than others). Our people have been around this game long enough to know that any number of factors can cause a 17- or 18-year-old prospect to change his mind in a heartbeat, and are not dim enough to tackle a list of this size without realizing there will be a few off-target guesses.

But at the same time, they are confident enough in their opinions to present them in this format.

Also note that some of these picks require more than a simple logo to explain. If you have questions about anything regarding the FFF, post them on our TAP board and the guys will respond a quickly as possible.

Proceed to the FOS Fearless Forecast.

See the Penn State commitments here.


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