Still Interested in PSU?

Louis is considered by many to be the best tight end prospect in Ohio this year. Are the Nittany Lions still one of his top teams?

Name: Louis Irizarry
Position: TE / OLB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
Bench Press: 275 pounds
School: Ursuline High, Youngstown, OH

Louis recently visited Notre Dame with his parents and cousin.

"It was for their spring game on the 27th (April)," Louis said.  "It was great, pretty impressive.  The coach (Willingham) was impressive, but it was a lousy day.  We didn't stay too long for the game because it was pooring, but it was a nice experience.

"I met the tight-end coach for a little bit, a couple of assistants here and there, but they just sent me right in to see [Coach Willingham].  The next day was the junior day but we couldn't stay for that."

Louis plans to return to South Bend for another unofficial visit.

"We're going to go back there to get the really detailed version of the tour.

"They kind of split me with Ohio State because honestly, I was pretty sure that I was going to Ohio State and I was going to commit.   But, I knew that I had to visit them.  You just can't rule them out that fast.  So, I went there and I didn't expect it to be as close as this.  I was really split.  There were many pros for each school and they were kind of even.

"I think I'm going to wait it out, wait for their seasons.  I think that's the best time to tell which one is going to use me better."

Louis indicated that he is pretty much down to Ohio State and Notre Dame.  Does that mean that he has ruled out Penn State?

"I would say they're my 3rd [favorite] just because they're close.  And, they're predicted to have a good season this year too.  That's even more reason to wait it out and watch them.

"School-wise, I would say right now that they are all equal.  Penn State has just as good of anything as Ohio State and Notre Dame.  But, when I was watching Penn State's practice, I wasn't really impressed as when I went to Ohio State.  There, I was like 'woah', it's a big difference you know?"

What was different?

"I thought the guys at Ohio State were bigger.  The talent level was different.  I kind of thought that as a team, Ohio State is going to be more successful.  That was just my opinion.  That's why I haven't totally said, ‘no, I'm not going to go there for sure'.  You never know, but I just kind of like Ohio State better than Penn State."

Louis is having trouble deciding between his two favorites.

"Academically, [Notre Dame] can't be beat, but at Ohio State it's better for football.  I'll get an education no matter what, but they (OSU) are going to make a national championship run pretty soon, as soon as I get in there.  The team's going to be great.  Notre Dame, I don't know if they're going to be rebuilding, but what if Ohio State doesn't use the tight-end too much.  There are too many things."

Florida has also entered the picture recently.

"The coach called me [Friday night].  They're going to come up this week sometime.  I was kind of excited.  Then again, they would have to impress me doubly because they're so far away."

4/16 LionNews article on Louis Irizarry

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